Remember This?

Sorry about yesterday everyone. Let's all just pretend that never happened. Time to play Remember This for real!

[I think I must have uploaded the wrong pic — apologies!]

Good luck with today's effort.


    Infinity blade

    It sort of looks like something out of those crappy 90's live action adventure games like Harvester and The 7th Guest, probably isn't though.

    Prima Rage

    EDIT: Or Primal Rage. Prima Rage has less dinosaurs and more grumpy school children.

    Last edited 24/04/15 2:09 pm

    it's obviously the video tape from the board game Nightmare.

    "If you do not answer me you will be BANISHED..... to the black hole"

    Castles ? or Castles 2 ?

      I loved those games....le sigh, thanks for the nostalgia trip man.

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