Remember This?

Goddammit, I thought I might have at least gotten a day out of yesterday's Remember This, but I guess Psychonauts is way too familiar for some of you. Congrats to Decoy! You're on a roll buddy.

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    Quest for glory 5

      What are you talking about? There was no QFG5. There were only four QFG games. There was that one game that I think had QFG5 written on the box but it was definitely not QFG5... *ahem*

    Max Payne?

      Its Max Payne! i knew this from the start. That floor and blood effect is something i wouldnt forget/ pity i got here late :(

      Last edited 30/04/15 1:24 pm

        Ah Max Payne. So many good memories.

          I think I might need to play through MP2 again...

            Thats one franchise that hasn't dropped the ball. Every game has been great fun!

        no wonder I thought 'Mafia' - some similar blood splats but I forgot the Mafia ones were more likely to be on carpet than tile for the promo shots :p

        i remember Max Payne being one of the early games I broke in some spots (most notably before the final showdown where it's possible to snipe the villain in a scripted bit that stops the game from progressing :p)

      Knew it the minute I saw it. Well done!

    I'm going to say Toy soldiers, because that's the first thing I though of when I saw the thumbnail.

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    Biker Mice from Mars! :D

      I feared you wouldn't answer because you already talked to the winner :P

        put this before my reply of course! :D

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