Reminder: You Have One Day To Get PT Before It Disappears Forever

Reminder: You Have One Day to Get PT Before It Disappears Forever

The Silent Hills game that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro were working on won't be happening. And, come tomorrow, Konami's pulling PT — the super-scary demo used to hype the game — from the PlayStation Store. So, if you want to experience the only playable slice of Silent Hills ever released, you better grab it soon.

In the months since PT was released, wild conspiracies and fan theories sprung up about the weirdness in the playable teaser and what it might portend for the full game. Now, it seems like all that speculation will go unanswered. It's not even clear if already-downloaded versions of PT will still be playable once Konami stops distributing it. When asked if that would be the case, a Konami representative replied that the company "has no comment on that". If you have it on your PS4 hard drive but have been waiting to get around to it, you probably want to do that before tomorrow.


    This is the biggest loss for games in recent memory for me.

    It's not even clear if already-downloaded versions of PT will still be playable once Konami stops distributing it.
    What the hell? Why would this be the case? Does PT have an online element, or do PSN titles have some sort of DRM similar to Microsoft's original plans for XB1 games?
    I don't understand the logic behind stopping people who already have it from playing it. Pulling it from the store is one thing; it's a demo for a product that no longer exists. I get that. But wiping it out of gaming altogether Is just stupid.
    I'd better get cracking, just in case.

      Depends really... but some demos have had expiry dates in the past, or even some have limited the amount of times you can play it... (not just on PSN, all platforms)

      The other aspect is that Konami might not want to pay for the bandwidth on storing the demo on the servers and/or any future downloads the demo gets, so it could be pulled entirely from the PSN network. So if it's not on a console, you could be out of luck also...

        Yeah, I get the reasoning behind pulling it from the PSN. There's an entire aspect of the business at play there which we, as consumers, really don't know much about.
        I just don't get why it hurts Konami or their revenue to restrict people who already have it on their consoles from being able to play it.

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