Skilled Dishonored Player Is A Relentless Murder Machine

Skilled Dishonored Player Is A Relentless Murder Machine

There are few things in video games as hypnotic as watching a very good Dishonored player go about their business.

In this clip, StealthGamerBR laughs at the notion of completing this mission the quiet/peaceful way, flying through the level like some white-hot invisible knife tornado. It's a sight to behold.


    I never finished it. I'll have to rectify this

      Same, it has the floaty effect I get from Bioshock games....

    This video sort of sums up why the game didn't really grab me, perhaps.

    I'm a Thief fan, and I love the "normal person"-ness of the Garrett player character.

    I felt that in Dishonored, you just had to be violent to play the game. Which was a bit of a let down (just as it was in Bioshock for me), to come at it, hoping for Thief-like elements, but to be faced mostly with an enemy-killing game.

    Is there a video of someone doing cool things in this game that aren't violent?

    The "teleport" thing just seems kind of silly (whereas I really liked Rope arrows in Thief, because they feel more grounded and limited).

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      Had to be violent? I finished the game and got the achievement for not killing anyone. The game allows you to play in your own style.

    There's a talk with Doug Church and Warren Spector from GDC 2002, where they talk about the differences between Deus Ex and Thief. (I recommend a watch, it's rather invigorating).

    "The Doug and Warren Show" (GDC 2002)

    One standout thing for me, was that in Deus Ex, if you started a new game with your character that you just completed the game with, you'd be totally overpowered and stomp through the game.

    In Thief, if you started a new game with the character you just completed the game with, you'd basically have no advantage.

    The "skill" or "power" of the character in Thief == the skill and power of the player themselves.

    Whereas in Deus Ex, or Dishonored, it seems like the "skill" or "power" of the player is largely predicated on the powerups and abilities that you have as a game character. Obviously the two had Harvey Smith in common, and I mean to play both games more, and admire both!

    But I think there's something that - for me as a player at least - repels me about all the kind of "magical abilities" of the player character from Dishonored, most of which seem to just allow for acrobatic killing.

    Pfft! This guy has nothing on a skilled ghost player. Killing is just lazy-pants.

    I watched this while listening to to Motorcycle Emptiness to see if it matched up.
    It sort of did.

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