Someone Beat Pillars Of Eternity In Under 40 Minutes

Thanks to a combination of glitches, sequence breaking, and some seriously skilled clicking, speedrunner Jiseed has turned Obsidian's epic new RPG into a 40-minute cakewalk.

In this speedrun, which appears to be the current world record for Pillars of Eternity, Jiseed takes advantage of a few different game-breaking glitches to bypass chunks of the game that might otherwise take hours to complete. As pointed out by Redditor TheOnion over on the r/speedrun subreddit (one of my favourites), when Jiseed kills off his character early in the game and then goes through a screen transition, it's automatically replaced by a level-7 Cipher, immediately giving him a giant leg up for the rest of the run. (Jiseed discovered this glitch last week.)

Then, Jiseed uses a major sequence break (around 17:10) to bypass all of Act Two, saving at least a few hours. You can see it all above. Really impressive stuff here. I love watching talented speedrunners figure out how to pick games apart.


    Jiseed kills off his character early in the game and then goes through a screen transition, it’s automatically replaced by a level-7 Cipher

    I guess this is what Obi-Wan meant when he said "If you strike me down I shall become more powerful then you can possibly imagine"

      You know, if you can't possibly imagine a level 8 Cipher.

    But why would you want to?
    The story, the characters, the amazing artwork that the game has, not to mention I just love the style and flair the game has. All wasted on speed runs.
    Go play a racing game or something; go as fast as you like.

      Usually the people who do the speed runs have finished the full game in detail (multiple times) and know every bit of the story (hence the reason they can skip through it so quickly)

      They then start speedrunning the game as a new challenge to see how quickly they can finish it.

      tl;dr: they have played the game way more then you have so stop complaining that they aren't playing it right.

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