Square Changes Final Fantasy Character To Show Less Butt

Square Changes Final Fantasy Character To Show Less Butt

Mobius Final Fantasy, an upcoming 3D mobile game that for now has only been announced in Japan, has some ridiculous outfits even by Final Fantasy standards, but at least one of them was a bit too ridiculous for Square Enix.

Above (via Hachima) is Wal, the hero of Mobius (formerly named Mevius), whose butt and side-abs have been covered up because I dunno maybe it gets cold fighting goblins and behemoths all day? In a presentation for the game on Friday, the designers talked about how Wal (whose name can be changed by players) was a little too sexy, which might come as sad news for anyone who likes their RPGs to be full of male eye-candy.

Don't worry — homeboy still looks ridiculous. Just maybe not as ridiculous.

Square Changes Final Fantasy Character To Show Less Butt

You can watch the whole presentation, which is in Japanese but includes some gameplay footage from Mobius, below:


    Jeez, I wonder how they'd feel about Conan the Barbarian.

    I guess they probably thought it was a good idea to keep players from forgetting important skiing gameplay instructions.
    Stupid sexy Flanders Wal...

    Well the first design totally looks like a direct representation of Amano's art.

    Not a single problem with the first design. I have no issue with female warriors running around in basically nothing and that opinion remains with men. I only hope they don't try to make it a costume dlc down the track.

    Yeahhh, objectify that digital man, mm mmm.

    But seriously, his design is gross either way.

    I like it a lot more. I always hate seeing characters dressed weirdly like that. It makes me feel cold just looking at them.

    Annnnnd what do the female character models look like, hmmmmmm

      Hey if people want to get up in arms about them censoring the male dude - have at it, they've got my support - I wont be playing the game regardless it doesn't interest me.

    Mevius? Damnit I was one letter off being in a Final Fantasy game.

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