Square Enix Will Hold E3 Press Conference On June 16

Briefly: Square Enix has confirmed it will be holding an E3 press conference on June 16, which (hopefully!) suggests the publisher has lots to show off in Los Angeles. We're sure to hear more about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided around then.


    I'm guessing they're gonna discuss the duscae survey they sent out to people who played the demo. I'm hoping they make the combat more interesting, I pretty much just held square to win.

    Forget "interesting," I just want them to make it work! The battle system in that demo is a mess. And I'm concerned they won't have enough time to fix it. Needs a complete overhaul from what I can see. I never got to take the survey. Where can I get it?

    My guess, EA's going to shut them down even though they don't own Square.

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