Stan Lee Teaches The Art Of The Cameo

While some of us aren't too keen on seeing comic book legend Stan Lee's name in front of things, there's something about the idea of a Stan Lee Cameo School that just makes sense.

In this Audi-sponsored short, directed and co-starring incredibly lucky comic book fan Kevin Smith, we see Stan the Man in his element, imparting questionable wisdom to the masses. Notable cameos include Mr Lou "$US20 for an autograph" Ferrigno, a chocolate-covered pretzel and an Audi.


    Love me some kevin smith. :)

    Oh and jason mewes. Love me some jason mewes. Hey kevin and jason. Please release a jason mewes autobiograhpy. :)

    Last edited 29/04/15 6:29 pm

      Basketball Diaries is what you want if you are after junkie stories.

      Isn't that basically what Jay and Silent Bob Get Old is?

        Yeah but i want a timeline bookform. Not all over the place stories if that makes sense.

    Nice Mallrats reference with Michael Rooker and the chocolate pretzels!

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