Super Smash Bros. And That One Song From Space Jam: The Album

This is the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

At first I thought it was a simple mash-up album: take music from Super Smash Bros. and music from the Space Jam soundtrack and mash them up together. Turns out it's much simpler than that. And stranger. It took me a while to work out exactly what was going on. I was scrolling through each track to see which Nintendo music had been paired up with 'I Believe I Can Fly'. That's when I slowly started to realise that this wasn't a Smash Bros./Space Jam mash-up album. This was a mash-up between Smash Bros. and one goddamn song from the Space Jam album.

One. Song.

Here's what this album is: it takes that one weird Space Jam song — only one — and imposes that one song onto a number of familiar songs from the Super Smash Bros. soundtrack.

Weirdest of all — it sort of works. "COME ON AND SLAM! WELCOME TO THE SLAM!"

Seriously, this is art.

You can check out the whole album here.


    I'm sorry, but "that one song from Space Jam" will always be the Monstars Anthem.

    My mates and I used to play that on repeat while doing dunks on an extremely low backyard basketball ring.

      This is the God Honest truth. That song was so incredibly hard for a 'children's' film. Busta's verse is pure fire

      I believe the correct answer is actually "Get Ready for This" by 2Unlimited

    Wow, I do not remember Bill Murray in Space Jam!

    Something must have gotten lost in translation somewhere.

      He's only in a couple of scenes. The joke is he comes out of nowhere as a substitute and isn't half bad.

    Ahhh space jam... still got it on VCR some where.

      VHS. VCR is the player.

        Ah. Thanks for that. I've been saying it wrong all these years...

          Sorry! Nothing personal I'm just the kind of person who gets annoyed by people saying ATM machine and Pin number. Blame my mother for my nit-pickiness.

            Word up! I hate it when people pronounce NES as 'nes' as if it's a word and not an abbreviation

    Can't beat Triple-Q's mashup of the smash bros. album. Nothing but Smash Bros. and Gangnam Style.

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