Take A Look At Daredevil's Red Costume From The Upcoming Netflix Show

Take a Look at Daredevil's Red Costume from Tomorrow's Netflix Show

Matt Murdock's latest on-screen adaptation will feature Daredevil's most iconic costume.

Last night, it looked like fans might have accidentally gotten a glimpse of what Daredevil's red superhero costume will look like in the upcoming Netflix show. A report by ScreenCrush dug up the image below.

Take a Look at Daredevil's Red Costume from Tomorrow's Netflix Show

Now here's the official teaser, via Twitter:

So, it looks like the Daredevil Netflix show will largely feature a look based of the Frank Miller/John Romita Jr Man Without Fear series before transitioning the character to a red superhero uniform.


    The trailer on Netflix looked SOOOO cheesy and the dialogue made me cringe.

      I watched the first 15 mins and it was super cheesy and very lame. Could get better I guess

      It's pretty good, actually. I was doubtful, but they've done a good job. Some of the acting isn't great, but the action is really good for a TV series and I've really enjoyed the first 2episodes that I've seen so far.

      It's definitely better than Arrow or Gotham.

        It's not hard to be better than Gotham...I'm a massive Batman fan but found it painful to watch and boring as sin.

        Daredevil on the other hand is great!

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