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    With the free six month Presto trial we unlocked last week, Mrs Shane and I decided to invest in a Chromecast, and the cheapest way to get one was to sign up for a Stan 30 day trial.

    We haven't received the Chromecast yet, but we've already geeked out over the stuff available on Stan. The first thing we watched was Round The Twist (have you ever, ever felt like this...). We then spent forty minutes going through the lists of content, finding more and more stuff that we'd been meaning to check out, but haven't been able to find room in the budget to purchase (especially Australian and British TV which is EXPENSIVE to buy on DVD.)

    I set a reminder to cancel Stan before the end of the thirty day period. I have since cancelled that reminder, and started watching Better Call Saul.

    We've drunk from the streaming Koolaid. We get it now. It's exciting!

    Although we haven't looked at its catalogue yet, we'll probably be getting a Netflix account as well. Between that and Stan, we'll be able to see just about everything we want.

    In other news, I played through Chapter Three of Telltale's Game of Thrones. The decisions in this game are so hard. It's never clear which way things will go, which is kind of brilliant. They've really managed to sell the conflicting priorities dynamic for all of the characters. I'm not particularly attached to the people in the story, but the game design has sucked me in. My default position, attempting to play neutral, to keep everyone happy, PISSES EVERYONE OFF. I'm pretty sure that if I ever had to play the game of thrones, I would lose... badly.

    GAMES PLAYED THIS YEAR ([*] for finished, [+] for finished with)
    [*]Diablo III
    [*]The Last of Us
    [*]Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    [*]Infamous: Second Son
    [*]Infamous: First Light
    [*]Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    [*]Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice
    [*]Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords
    [*]Rogue Legacy
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 1
    [*]Thomas Was Alone
    [*]Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    [*]Kick and Fennick
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 1
    [*]Beyond Two Souls
    [*]Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
    [*]The Walking Dead: 400 Days
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 2
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 2
    [*]Game of Thrones #3
    (and below: not completed, but finished with)
    [+]Surgeon Simulator
    [+]Lords of the Fallen
    [+]Gravity Rush
    [+]Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey New and Tasty

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      Games played and finished this year: Dragon Age: Inquisition. In fact, it's pretty much all I played for a whole quarter of this year. D:

        I restarted it again as I didn't pay attention properly but so far have sunk 8 hours into it and feel like I've hardly gotten anywhere :( but that's a good thing :D I even saw a dragon and ran away with haste

          I've sunk a couple hundred hours into it and still don't feel like I'm done with it. I ran away from dragons for ages and once I just decided to see what would happen if I didn't run, and managed to kill it. So then I went on a dragon slaying rampage and killed all of them. And the trophy didn't unlock. Apparently it's a bit bugged. Apparently also it will unlock if you then kill another dragon on a different playthrough, but it didn't for me. I've killed most of them twice and it still hasn't unlocked.

      I picked up an Apple TV and started on Stan when it launched - started Netflix at launch too and I'm very happy with both, have no intention of trying Presto (unless they stream Game of Thrones).

      $22/month for what I've got out of the services so far is downright amazing, especially since all I've actually paid so far is $10 for my second month of Stan.

        Presto won't be streaming Game of Thrones (that's what Foxtel GO is for). I can pretty much guarantee that. It's where old Foxtel content goes to die.

        Last edited 30/03/15 9:18 am

          That's about what I figured. I had a look at the library (since Presto actually lets you do that BEFORE you sign up, unlike Netflix, Stan or Crunchyroll) and wasn't all that impressed.

          Still, maybe I should have jumped on the free 6 months deal just to see.

          Oh, what did you think of Better Call Saul, incidentally?

          Last edited 30/03/15 9:24 am

            I liked the first episode. More than I expected to, actually, given just how disappointed I was with the final season of Breaking Bad.

            Still enjoying it halfway through the second ep. It's too early to tell whether it's got legs enough to keep me interested. I'll stick with it until I get sick of it.

            PS: Presto seems to be quite good for kids' movies. They seem to have a bunch of Disney stuff, including the Ducktales movie! I think there will be enough to justify the free six months, but I don't plan on renewing beyond that.

            Last edited 30/03/15 9:27 am

              I was extremely skeptical that a Breaking Bad spinoff featuring Saul (even though the character is great) would be at all interesting. So far, I've been extremely engaged, it's really surpassed my mixed expectations - I say mixed because I thought it would probably be a complete flop, but if it was good, it would be really good.

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      Um. Destiny. Elite: Dangerous. That's ALL I'VE TOUCHED.

      I feel so so inadequate now.

        No need to feel ashamed about monogamy.

          I've realised how many other games I could have completed in the 530-something hours I've spent with Destiny too. :-o Still, value for money win...

      Hey Shane!

      I'm wondering what caused you to abandon LotF. I think I have a copy on Steam, but I haven't got around to installing/playing yet. I'm a fan of Souls-y games, but I don't have a PS4 and can't see myself getting one in the near future, so Bloodborne isn't much of an option for me at the moment.

      I'm curious about why you consider it "finished with"... is there something you found lacking? Too cookie-cutter/clone-y to prioritise and make time for?

        It doesn't compare well at all with Souls games. I found it intensely boring, game mechanics were clunky, boss battles were frustrating more than fun and relied on mobs of enemies to offset the bad battle design, combat was irritating, and the whole experience just made me realise that the success of the Souls games is more of a lightning-in-a-bottle phenomenon than it's being given credit for.

        My problem isn't, I don't think, that it was a derivative game. Shadow of Mordor is a derivative game, and I thought it was great. It's that it's a very poor imitation of everything it sets out to emulate, and brings very little of its own innovation to the party to offset that.

        If I had nothing else to play, I could probably have forced myself to keep going. But I put it down for something else (I think Telltale had released a new chapter of something), and realised afterwards that I didn't miss it at all.

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    I still haven't played any more Bloodborne. (Or Pillars.) But I have seen a bit of Mr. Strange playing it. He's defeated two bosses, and is loving it.
    Instead, I have played a bit of Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It's actually super enjoyable!

      I love Final Fantasy Record Keeper sooooo much. I haven't played a Final Fantasy game since 13, so when I first heard about it, I had to give it a go.

        Oh man, you should absolutely give FFXIII-2 a go. I loved that game!

          Don't have a working console to play it on, unfortunately. I wouldn't mind if they issued a remastered trilogy edition for PS4. I'd play it then.

            I'd almost certainly play it a third time if that happened!

    Hey guys, how were your weekends?

    Saturday I took my son to Toyworld, where we picked up a Mega Bloks Need For Speed Porsche GT3 kit (over 630 pieces) for half price (40 bucks), then we went and watched Shaun The Sheep: The Movie. Went home, started building the Porsche, watched Big Hero 6 (finally) and then went and watched Chappie. Really good day. Sunday finished building the Porsche and went to the in-laws for tea. So a pretty good weekend.

    In other news, still no Bloodborne :'(

      Mine says:

      Mon 30 Mar 2015 06:13
      With Australia Post for delivery today

      Hope yours is the same, man. Good luck.

        Mine says:

        Mon 23 Mar 2015 17:22
        Shipping information approved by Australia Post

        Glad yours is finally on the way to you, hope you enjoy it man.


          Don't worry you and @shane will soon be busting out your threaded cane (best weapon!) and hunting some beasts!


              Works even better with a blunderbuss as well: AND STAY OUT!

        FYSHWICK ACT? Sounds like a law. "You are charged for offences under section 12 of the Fyshwick act"

          It's one of two red-light districts (or the nearest local approximation of same) here in Canberra, so you may not be too far off there.

            Have they even given the slightest thought to colourblind horny people? Red/Green colourblindness is the most common after all, they'd just see a grey light!

              No. Because they don't want those people procreating.

      How was Shaun the Sheep: The Movie? I admit I have more than a passing admiration of Aardvark Animation stuff and I even watched the Tiny Timmy kid cartoon when I had to look after my half-sister. I just love the claymation style so much.

    TEST 1, 2. TEST 1, 2.

    Will this be moderated for 10 hours...? Watch this space!

    I played Bloodborne a bit, then played it some more, and more, and more.

    I'm really liking it so far, particularly the fact that pretty much anything can kill you if you get complacent. Finally found a shortcut to the first boss, so I'll be happier dying against it now that I don't have to run the gauntlet of several tough enemies just to get back up there.

    Also went swimming at Manly beach - it was Jerusalem.

    Bravely default is strangely addictive, and charmingly chibi :-)

    I just did Netflix's "Personalise" thing and rated a bunch of stuff. It then said it would give me some suggestions in 15 seconds. "Top picks for Strange" then appeared...and a few of the first suggestions were things I'd just rated 1 star. Good job Netflix! :P

      It clearly thinks you should give those shows a second chance.

      My wife likes horror/thrillers and it suggested American Psycho for her, which we bought cheap on blu-ray a few months back and discovered was 90% astonishingly terrible so that was mildly amusing.

        Whoa, really, you didn't enjoy American Psycho? I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before.

          It's one of those movies that places like 4chan and reddit like to hype up but I'm convinced most people who profess to like the movie probably just saw the business card or raincoat scenes on youtube. Its one of the movies I really wanted to like because it started out strong then it just kind of got lost in itself. There were some fantastic scenes that ramped up the tension but I think it ultimately suffered for thinking it was a lot more clever than it really was.

            I can understand where you're coming from, yeah. You should try to get a copy of the book to read, if you can, because there's a lot more nuances in it that are very clever and interesting. Although it is a BANNED BOOK (ooooOOooOOoOOOooo) so it might be hard to find.

            For real. The year of someone's lord, two thousand and fifteen and BOOKS are still banned, wtf.

              I think I will do that.

              I will say for what the movie was, Bale's performance was pretty excellent.

    Apparetnly it's due out next week, 3 FROM Software games in 3 weeks :O

    Spent all weekend playing GTA V. Finally finished the main story and abused the stock market to get over a billion dollars on each character. Apparently it's possible to abuse the system better to the tune of 2.1 billion but I'm perfectly happy just being able to buy all of the properties this time instead of last time where I was only able to buy most of them.

    I wish the car garages worked more like the Marina/Helipad/Hangar. I mean, the system is right there - pick your vehicle from a list. But because over the course of the story I stole and modified several pretty nice vehicles, I don't want to throw them out just to make room for the super-vehicles you can buy. The garages already support special vehicles (such as the ones you win in stock car races) so I'm unclear why you need to have space in a garage to buy vehicles. That suggests to me those vehicles can be lost, too, which would suck balls.

    Anyway, I was in such a rush to finish the story that I neglected nearly all of the side content, which I expect to keep me occupied over the Easter long weekend. I'm going to try to avoid playing it extensively during the week because I completely ignored Destiny this week (thanks to the stupid Summoning Pits weekly/nightfall with arc burn because it's a huge pain in the arse and I couldn't be bothered) and there's also a few shows my wife and I are eager to watch together. Hell, we've already done a catch-up of Better Call Saul thanks to falling behind, and now we've fallen behind again!

      I've put GTA V aside for the moment. Just done the sub heist. With SA I found myself binge playing it. GTA V, I love it just the same but only in small quantities. It's hard to explain why.

      Destiny, I finally beat Crota on hard mode for the first time in however many failed tries thanks to glitches. It's unbelievable how many glitches can ruin the Crota fight. Anyway, I now have the Crota hand cannon, auto rifle and pulse rifle, each with a different burn. The one I really wanted though is the scout rifle D: also, all my characters are now level 32 :D I just don't have any raid helmets across any of them. All my Destiny focus is now on upgrading every single piece of legendary and exotic gear that I have

        It took me a lot longer to get through GTA V on 360 because I had to share with my wife, but since we now have multiple TVs/Xboxes I've been binging on GTA while she's been watching Hemlock Grove non-stop since we got Netflix. I guess I did that because I wasn't doing anything else.

        I can't be bothered doing Crota HM. I've had friends pull me through the abyss and bridge so I have multiple abyss defiants and oversoul edicts, and my Titan finally hit 32 (3 pieces of raid gear + exotic helmets), but since the main difficulty of Crota HM is that the enemies are overlevelled I'll come back when there's more expansions out and I'm level 36 or something. I guess I'd like the Deathsinger/Crota guns but I can live without. Like you said, the glitches make it a real struggle sometimes, so I have enough trouble clearing Crota on normal and a limited amount of patiences.

          Well we have both TVs in my room now on account of the gf breaking her ankle and being unable to traverse stairs so she can watch Netflix (great stuff) and I can play Dragon Age, Destiny or GTA V on my headphones. The weekend was filled with Orange is the New Black, That 70s Show, Power Rangers, Captain America and Men In Black all while I strengthened the inquisition. The only downside is two tvs next to each other really heats up a small room quickly

          I'll definitely be limiting Destiny to Tuesday nights and the weekend if someone's wanting to raid until House of Wolves is out and then see what they put on the roadmap after that. Hopefully ditching the last gen consoles. 20 million PS4s and however many Xbones should be enough of a consumer base for them to do that

            Our loungeroom is given over to gaming so we have a little more space to work with. Since we typically play together I usually just have my sound turned way down and enjoy the ambient noise/music from my wife's TV. Even if she doesn't feel like playing since I've heard all the dialogue a hundred times I can clear bounties etc. while watching something on the other TV. If we play together we can usually still stream something on youtube and have the PC monitor between the two TVs.

            I think the speculation/leaked information indicated that after HoW is "comet" which will be next-gen only and bring a number of upgrades and new content. Speculation is that it will be a free title update for current gun but old-genners will have to upgrade for a fee (and have a current gen console) if they don't want to get stuck on Destiny v1, which as I understand it barely functions in some respects.

        The Crota raid definitely has a lot of glitches but many of them can be avoided (Ok, more like mitigated) by making the swordbearer launch the raid on his own and then the other five players join him in game. This will ensure he is the host and reduce the glitches.

    Well, Pillars Of Eternity is pretty damned cool. The difficulty takes a bit to get used to and there's a few places where it feels rather uneven (as in level 2 enemies with level 5s in an area where I was level 3) but overall the game is pretty damned great,

    If there's one problem I have with it, its the lack of logical auto-attack. When you switch to a character to use a spell or ability, they often just stand there doing nothing afterwards just taking a beating so you really have to be on the ball making sure everyone is actually doing stuff.

      Is Auto Pause on spell completion a feasible option for you? Too much auto-pause can get annoying, which is why I ask.

        I've got a lot of autopause already, it's probably a lot more sensible in the long term to train myself to use the command chaining thing. One of the tooltips mentioned you can chain commands using shift so I could shift click the spell then shift click attack to resume attacking and then hope the upcoming patch addresses the issue.

      Yeah that's one of my little annoyances however I've just gotten into the habit (after getting smashed in a few fights) to pause after a few turns pass and check all my characters. I have noticed that the issue you raised in regards to a character stopping attacks only happens with a few abilities. Most notably the magical tome blast thing that wizards use per encounter; all my other characters (i.e. rangers fighters etc) go back to auto attacking soon after casting an ability.

        Yeah, it's weird like that, it seems to be mostly spell related which is why I suspect it's more of a bug than something intentional so I'm hoping that the patch they're supposed to be pushing out in the next few days will address it

    Hello everyone!
    I haven't really done anything.
    I'm sorry.

      You are forgiven, child.

        Ooh-oo child / Things are gonna get easier...

          Ooh-oo child, things will get brighter...
          Aaand it's stuck... Dammit :P

            SOME day, yeah. We'll get it together and we'll get it all done...

            (I love being me)

            It's a good thing I only know the first stanza!


      "Haven't really done anything" implies you did something, just nothing significant.

      Put it in perspective, how much cellular mitosis and metabolising of food-contained energy did you get up to? I'll bet there was a lot of that just to stay alive so it's not like you achieved nothing! You probably even grew hair and shed skin so you were really quite busy when you think about it

        No time for breathing, though. Not with all that going on.

          People breathe? Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that other people can do that, I'm used to doing without oxygen for months at a time, bloody hayfever & deviated septum...

        I remain in a perfect stasis devoid of cell activity when I'm not doing anything interesting. All or nothing, that's my motto.

          That sounds relaxing, I'd be kind of tempted to skip a century or two and become a 20th century historian. Hell, by that time the occulus rift might even have been released!

        Well, i did some work on Numbers pattern, cut some tree limbs and sewed some sequins.

        Oh and watched lots of netflix. The hiroshima doco was very interesting.

          How's Techy's costume going?

            His shoes are mostly painted. Morph suit is mostly painted too. The metallic blue parts are about 80% done. Armour, lighting, hand canon and neck piece are still in the planning stages.

    Good morning TAYs. I think I have a candy hangover? We went to the Confectionery Warehouse last night and spent like fifty bucks and oh man. It was super great but tonight I am getting back into running on a regular basis.

    And I have not played any new games in awhile, but I've finished nine books so far this year, and of those:
    Two I really really loved.
    One I was disappointed by.
    One I haaaaaaated and had to force myself to finish and it was bad.

      What was the really crap one & why did you force yourself to finish it if it was so bad? Sheer bloody minded stubbornness or was it a case of an okay story in a really crap game?

        My assumption is that it was The Lesser Evil, and there was some sort of friendbligation in effect.

        It was 'The Girl on the Train' and everyone (well, a bunch of people) were talking about how it was a really good thriller, and I was in the mindset that it might be a decent paperback thrill, you know, like silly but a good read, but it was not. It was poorly written and the characters were all assholes and I did not care what happened to any of them and just ugh.

        I finished it because I'm stubborn? Like, I wanted to know the answer, but just, ugh. It only took a weekend to read, so it's not so bad. I'm going to donate it to the library though - there was like 200 holds on that title!

          Oh I completely misread it as game which is why I feel like a moron now, I shouldn't read TAY as I'm getting ready to go to the gym, leads to poor comprehension.

          I used to finish most of the books I bought since I didn't buy many and usually completed them out of bloody minded stubbornness if I didn't like them. These days I just think that if I don't like something in any medium then it's not worth my time and leave it be to move on to more interesting things like watching that patch of paint dry


      I've been reading the first Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser book by Fritz Leiber, pretty good classic fantasy. Also picked up Neal Stephenson's collected short works for ten bucks so have begun dipping into that

    Missed 2 trains while guy behind the counter failed to top up my myki several times.
    Missing one of the refund transactions from my bank account.
    Missed catching shiny ho-oh when it dropped during the train trip (after ~1200 resets)

    Week, you're not off to a good start.

      I think I understood about half of those words but the general impression is negative so that sounds bad.

      I can't imagine trying anything 1200 times. That's dedication, man. Sorry it didn't go well.

      Should I upvote because I agree it's crap, or downvote because it sucks?
      My brain hurts.

      Those Myki auto stations are sooooo slow too :/

      It's okay; your week will get better.

    Morning all! Spent a lot of my weekend playing Bloodborne. Two bosses down.
    And what I assume are the end bosses for the Church and Hemwick Charnel have shortcuts unlocked. Kinda haven't faced either, as the run through Hemwick is netting about 20k echoes, so I figured I'd stay and farm a little. Trying to determine why my counter-shots aren't consistently stunning any more - it's really disconcerting. Maybe the enemies in Hemwick are just tougher to stun...

    Hola Tayberinos

    Busy weekend! Friday got in 90 minutes of PILLARS then went with a friend to see Inherent Vice, which is really, really good. Don't go in expecting to understand it, but as a dark side noir take on the hippie free love era it's great. Also very funny

    Saturday went and gave plasma in the city, then made the mistake of walking into a board game store and oh whoops Dead of Winter how did that happen. Looks great. Played some more PILLARS sat arvo then got invited out to a work dinner by a mate to an Argentinian restaurant. So good, so much protein.

    Yesterday Netflixed for a bit, then worked out finally what I'm wearing to a Disney themed engagement party in a few weeks- I will fight for the User! Ebay is a wonderful thing. Then Pub.

    A Monday Morning Question: Tron may fight for the User, but what do you fight for? Justice? Truth? A Hard Boiled Egg?

      Family, I suppose. Can't imagine going to the mat for too many other things.

      Edit: Some more context. Fighting for the honour I aim for by doing what I believe is the right thing to do for everybody. The honour of treating everyone as an equal regardless of where they live or came from, so long as they do the same to others around them. Some would see me as a hero, some would see me as a monster, but I stick to my code of the Tech Knight regardless :)

      Last edited 30/03/15 10:04 am

      Ooooh I want to see Inherent Vice so badly. I like Thomas Pynchon, as much as one can, but I haven't read the book, so I'm looking forward to going in blind.

      I fight for the right to party. Orrrrr for a gin and tonic and a good book.

        Without spoiling anything, it's like The Long Goodbye if Marlowe was stoned the whole time and dealing with his ex. in the best possible way.

        I've not read any Pynchon, though I did buy Mason and Dixon the other week for my pile of reading shame

          Oh I love The Long Goodbye! You are singing my song, friend. On that note, have you seen the trailer for Man From Reno? Definitely has that vibe.

            I have not yet, but I will google it when I get home.

            I love a good film noir. LA Confidential is the bee's pyjamas.

      Edit: And the last custard donut. I will always fight for that.

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    Hey guys, just found out that this is a thing.

      Holy crap. My first ever computer was the 128k, with tape player

      So many hours spent playing Gauntlet, Rainbow Islands, Boulderdash, Dizzy and many others I cannot now remember. My dad always got the Spectrum magazine as well. I never read it (I was 4/5 at the time), but the tapes with the cheat codes at the end where a godsend :D

      I did pick up a collection of Spectrum games with about 3000 on a cd a few years back. Safe to say, some things are best left to memory, but Rainbow Islands is still great fun to play

      Last edited 30/03/15 10:04 am

    A question for the Bloodborners out there, have you been levelling up your character a lot and if so what stats have you been increasing? I ask because I feel I am levelling a hell of a lot more than I did in Dark Souls, mainly due to the fact that I seem to accumulate a crap load of blood soul shard thingies and I have no idea what else to do with them.
    Actually that leads me to another question, does it seem easier to acquire more wealth faster in this game?

      I feel like I'm levelling a bit slower than DS2, but faster than DaS. Level 25, focusing on spreading between Vit, End and Skill for my cane (which is at +5 iirc - been getting a bunch of blood shards dropping, so figured I may as well), and it seems to be doing pretty well.
      But yea, it's ridiculously easy to get echoes in some places - my current boss run has me getting to the boss gate and turning around because I don't want to lose the 20k-odd I'd just accumulated on the run there. No way I'm risking that - it's like 3 levels or a bunch of supplies.

      I'm level 39 and have spread it pretty evenly between Endurance, Strength and Vitality.

      I pushed a few into the gun one and arcane but only so I could use the gun spear dealy.

        My Cleaver is also at +5, just need to find a few more twin blood whatsits to get it to 6.

      I've been bumping up my vitality and endurance every now and then, but then a whole bunch into skill(? - whatever the non-strength combat stat is).

    X-Com: The Board Game is a total jerk and a hell of a lot of fun to play.

    We even won, without any form of cheating what so ever. Nosiree.

    EDIT: Tabletop Simulator has very much become a "try before you buy" system for me. I'll be picking up a copy of X-Com when I get the chance (and Dead of Winter when I find somewhere with it in stock...)

    Last edited 30/03/15 10:05 am

      Thanks for teaching Anton and I Sentinels by the way, we really liked that game. I need to play more of it :)

        No problem. I love the game, so if you guys ever feel like playing it again, let me know!

        EDIT: Thanks for having myself and @alexpants over on Saturday night as well. Was super fun being a jerk in Resistance and getting away with it and finally getting to play 7 Wonders (Hi @trjn!).

        Last edited 30/03/15 10:22 am

          Oh man, that last game was perfect! such an amazing turn of events!

          Also, not a problem, I'm enjoying having people over more often now :)

      As a audio spectator and non-participant in said game, with an unbiased view, I can verify that this was indeed the case and is not a paid endorsement of any sort of Cakesmith, Rize and Blaghman's tremendous abilities to virtually roll die.

      I really should get Tabletop Simulator as the list of perks get better and better the more I hear of it.

        It's not perfect by any means, so many bugs in Tabletop Sim because PHYSICS!, but it's just such a fun thing to do (at 9pm on a Sunday night...)

          That much I know too with the bugs, but it's just the thought of trying board games out before getting your own physical copy would really help you out in putting together a good collection.

            It's also great because I play a lot of games with @rize but he lives in the ass end of nowhere because he's a massive jerk.

            And playing Sentinels with @f4ction and @sernobulus.

            I guess it's ok playing games with @blaghman as well...

              Many thanks to Loops' friend for introducing me (and thus, most of Kotaku, seemingly) to the wonderful world of Sentinels.

              Tabletop Sim is so gud and a 'game' I don't regret. Though I consider it less a game and more an app.

                Tabletop Sim is so gud and a 'game' I don't regret. Though I consider it less a game and more an app.

                That's a pretty good way to look at it.

                I'm hoping my Shattered Timelines arrives soon. Then I will have all of the cards (minus the promos...which I'm considering hunting on ebay etc)

                Last edited 30/03/15 10:29 am

                  Educate me about this tabletop simulator- it's a board game sim thing?


                  It's basically a sandbox. There are preset games like chess etc, but it has Steam Workshop so people have basically created everything in it:


                  Controls take a little bit of getting used to, but once you get your head around it, it's a lot of fun.


                  Yes. #Helping #HashTagsForHarli

                  (It's a PHYSICS based board game/tabletop systemy... thing. Has Steam Workshop support, and there's a whole bunch of games there to play and be terrible at. Works well for some, less well for others.)

                  Edit: Dammit Cake! *Shakes fist angrily*

                  Last edited 30/03/15 11:18 am

                  @blaghman Suck it, nerd!

                  @redartifice It's only $15 normally, can get down to $7ish during sales. Do recommend. The subreddit is pretty handy as well -

              I really should join more often... But I would feel bad barging in when I notice you guys playing :P
              Plus I feel like I asked so many bloody questions during dead of winter I was probably annoying everyone XD

                I'll add you to the list of people to yell at when we're playing.

                And feel free to barge in. It's generally a case of more the merrier!

                  I'll keep that in mind, I just don't like being "that guy" :-P
                  You know, the guy that slows the entire game down with constant questions after barging in to play... Something something over thinking something confidence something :-P

                  @pixel_the_ferret_viking Eh, everyone takes time to learn things. It took Rize, Blaghs and I 3 hours to go through the tutorial for X-Com last night. It's meant to take about 45mins...

      The games world in Adelaide has a bunch of copies. Do you want me to grab it and send it next time I'm in the city?

      Failing that, give them a call and they may send it direct. It's Games World Adelaide Arcade

      EDIT That's copies of Dead of Winter, not XCOM. Though I have seen a copy of that in the wild

      Last edited 30/03/15 10:12 am

        Ooo, thanks for the heaps up!

        Looks like they do online orders...maybe...some kind of weird form thing...

        Anyway, I'll be searching my local stores again this weekend to see if they've got any more Dead of Winter in stock so I'll let you know!

          I think in the main they operate independently, so you may be better off giving them a call direct.

          I did all the cardboard punch outs yesterday on mine, it looks really fucking cool.


            Yeah, I'm super keen to play it. It works ok on Tabletop Sim, but I imagine it would just be so much better in person.

    Blehdbarn (progress comment, no major content)
    Seems a little weird that 4 of the 5 bosses I've downed so far are dead ends. So I'm a little ... stuck. Got one path that seemed to just end at a big boss arena without a boss (just a glowy thing that insta kills me), and apart from that, might go back and see if I've stumbled across some sort of password.
    Failing those two options, I may be at a bit of a loss where to go next.
    Not sure if I keep doing things out of order and whether that's affected anything

      So, you've beaten the Cleric Beast, Father Billybob, Altar lady Stupidface, Poisonous Beastykins, and the combined might of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, right? Someinstructions in the next comment.

      Cathedral Ward, second exit on the left in the big circular, err, square, when you come up from the bonfire, you'll need a password, but you already have it.

        That's what I thought (had previously explored to there and was going back as the next thing to try) but hadn't seen enough explicitly said at whatever point I gained that to tell me that I gained it.
        Was it the random ground message that said "you need this thing" that, in fact, gave me the thing? Or some cut scene?

          I think it was killing Vicar Amelia, and the cutscene that followed, but I'm really not sure, since I did all the stuff you have before I gave in and asked Saturday what to do.

            So I would have bumbled my way there eventually. Heh.

        You should also try standing still while one of those bag fullahs takes a swing at you.

    Howdy folks! How is all the things? I spent pretty much all weekend playing pillars & Bloodborne. Loving Pillars so much, so many memories of playing BG & IWD. Also I am enjoying Bloodborne, not loving it though due to the absurd loading times. Hoping they patch it soon or else I probably will quit.

    Morning TAYbies!

    It's my birthday today! Already got some sweet loot from the wifey including:
    Mario Party 10 (So much fun! MInigames!!)
    Crysis Maximum Edition (PC)
    Trials Fusion (PC)
    Harry Potter 4-6 on Bluray
    Dancing Groot Pop figure!
    EVGA GTX 980 CLASSIFIED!! (Really, Really fast graphics card)

    Apparently more to come! Not sure what i did to deserve all this. :S

    Weekend was much fun. Breakfast at a cool place called Elk Espresso on the GC, shopping for new specs/sunnies, more of Heroes season 1 on Netflix. (The only really good season)
    Playing some games and saw an amazing Easter production. :)

    How's was everyone else's weekend?

      Happy birthday, my friend!

        Thanks, :)

        How was your weekend?

          Pillars of Eternity stole it from me. Where did it go? :D

    @dc @redartifice @strange (yes strange I know you haven't had a chance to play =P)

    Pillars RANT!

    What're your team compositions?!? I'm not going to risk any spoilers so no names; however I'm currently running a priest, fighter, paladin, chanter, wizard and ranger. And can I just say to date the two most useful classes out of everyone in my party is without doubt my fighter and priest?! Everyone else just seems to do a whole lot of nothing =,=

    Just made my way to defiance bay and I haven't left for the last 6 hours >.< Dammit sidequests! =P

      I'm on Act III, I change my party depending on who's better suited to the story. (Side quests in the region, background and all that.) Absolutely loving the game. Probably enjoying it more than Dragon Age: Inquisition and I just loved that so damn much. The scope and scale is really impressive and Obsidian's world building is excellent. I spend ages exploring all the towns and the cities. My favourite place so far is the Celestial Stone inn. So pretty.

        Lol damn DC you're moving quickly =P I haven't even cleared Act 1 yet >.

          I'm known for my quickness. :P

            Since you seem to be far enough along, you'd be able to answer the question I'm curious about:

            When you have a stronghold defence mission, do companions you have stationed there count towards the forces you have in the fight if you auto-resolve it or can you manually resolve it with just companions rather than travelling there? If so, it seems like the easiest & cheapest way to win those fights would be to just hire a shitload of NPCs & store them in the stronghold just in case since you don't have to pay wages for them.

              Not certain. I thought that auto-resolve meant the NPCs you hired, but... only have had like three encounters and manually resolved all of them. :)

      I'm still two fighters, a wizard and a monk (walk into a bar)

      I'm currently

      standing in front of Raedric- tried to fight him once and got slaughtered which is about when I stopped on Saturday. Will pick it back up tonight

        Ohhh, that fight was awesome. Everyone in my party (except my monk who died instantly) pulled their weight in that fight. Such an epic fight.

          I got slaughtered, I think I need a better handle on my wizard's skills

            What build are you currently using red? I'm currently level 5 and from everything I'm seeing they've nerfed Wizards this game compared to the older games. I've kind of noticed my character is more useful laying down debuffs than actually putting out any meaningful damage. All my heaviest hitting spells actually have friendly fire included so it requires a lot of planning and positioning to pull them off properly and I only bother with that for boss fights.

            P.S. My tactic for the guy you're fighting below (doubt you can use it cos you dont have the right build) -

            This is my go to kamikaze tactic whenever I come across a fight that's too hard; I have my priest use a level 1 and level 2 DR boost and a regeneration spell following by my two wizards cooking everything between 4 flamethrower spells; it destroyed Raedric's guards and him and brought them down to 2-3 remaining enemies and only one of my party members died.

            Also for people having trouble with any fight I cannot recommend eating food and drink before a fight enough; it makes a huge difference! At this point I'm stockpiling all my food and drink for tough unavoidable fights =P

              I admit I've been focusing more on the story and the lore than the combat mechanics, I'll have a look through my build tonight and see if I can do better :) worse comes to worse I'll go recruit some mooks

                Have you gone exploring in all the regions between the towns and stuff (i.e. the forests)? There's a few side quests you can do to boost your party level to make some fights easier. If you do decide to recruit adventurers I honestly cannot emphasize the usefulness of a priest class in your party; I'd go as far as to say that is the only class absolutely needed in combat! 9/10 if my priest dies my party is shortly to follow D=

        Edit: Spoilered

        You're trying to fight Rhaedric with a 4 man team?? How in the world did you make it through the castle???

        Last edited 30/03/15 10:55 am

          Bluffed my way through, dressed as priests

            Bah subterfuge! I made a small fortune killing everyone and everything in that castle!! Including those stupid priest robes =P I did end up using all my campfires though >.< I should note it was also good practice because the enemies I fought on the way to Raedric got me used to the bodyguards he has when you decide to fight him; his priests and rangers are the most dangerous and should be nuked ASAP; try and immobilize or knockout the paladins and deal with them last.

              If a game gives me an option to talk my way through something, I take it.

      (Even though I wasn't invited into this conversation ... =P)

      So far I've got a Cipher (Me), Monk (Custom Adventurer), Fighter, Wizard, Chanter and Priest. I found everyone is kinda useful except the Monk whom just instantly dies when a fight starts. Although most fights start with my Cipher casting an AoE which basically kills all the week enemies.

      As far as progress goes I am still around beginning-ish of Act I and just got my stronghold.

      Last edited 30/03/15 10:34 am

        When I found the stronghold I ended up wandering into the Endless paths of Nua and trying to kill the Spider boss on the first floor and getting my ass handed to me. I was like WTF GAME?! how am I supposed to kill that thing?! Then I looked up a guide and found out Maerwald was actually at the entrance to the floor =P How did you find the fight with Maerwald? Stupid A-Hole kept healing himself like crazy while I tried to kill him [email protected]

          Honestly? I smashed that Spider Queen, probably helped that I did a tonne of exploring before fighting it. Also yeah, Maerwald wasn't strong he just would never freaking die. I swear he was on near death for 90% of the fight.

            Yeah I hadn't done too much exploring or too many of the sidequests from Gilded Vale yet so I was only Level 2? Maybe Level 3 when I had to take on Maerwald and the Spider Queen; I was also running a team of 1 Fighter, 1 Chanter, 2 Wizards (as my character is a wizard) and 1 Priest so I had no tanks whatsoever to block her little minions and my toons got smashed D=

      I've got my pale elf ranger archer, Fighter E, Wizard A (or as he should be known, Wizard Unconscious), Priest D, Custom Paladin/Barbarian (I had to make the latter after misunderstanding just how long a "turn" really was for the adventure quests), Chanter K & Ranger S. Oh and I just picked up Druid H but haven't even had him in the party yet.

      Ranger S is actually a bit inconvenient since she's more or less the same build as my main character leaving me with only one front line fighter so I'm relying too heavily on the animal companions who tend to be glass cannons only without the cannon part. I'm thinking I might have to temporarily make the Chanter into a front line fighter until I can get my paladin back since I'd built a lot of my tactics around her or find another melee companion but then I'm not sure what that'll do to the party balance since I need both the priest & mage for their respective magical abilities.

        Chanter K is best used as a ranged character; dude hits like a truck with any guns you give him and given his songs allow you to summon creatures you can use them to take some of the tanking on. Haven't found Druid H yet but I did get Paladin P who's part tank part cannon rounding out my team quite nicely =]

    Weekend was mostly Bloodborne, and definitely not cheating at XCom the board game.

    Bloodborne I've knocked over five bosses, two of whom I was lazy and summoned in help (Saturday for one of them, and a random for the other). Currently at a brick wall composed of a coupla different places that completely wreck my face. Good fun.

    On Friday I decided that since Fitbit had a badge for walking up 100 flights of stairs, I needed to get said badge, and that I'd do it on Sunday. So after waking up at 5AM on Saturday after a Bloodborne related dream (just typed that as disease, which is a bit of a slip) I got into it, and got the badge, which included jogging and wheezing my way up the stairs in my house about 75 times, and a bunch of other more casual walking.

    On Sunday I decided to try the first stage of the couch to 5k program, and it was remarkably easy, so I can only believe that I've become everything I ever hated, and now I'm talking about it online, which only proves my point. *Eats another Lindt ball*

      Good luck with couch to 5k, my friend!

        It's not going to happen, but I was curious.

        Convinced myself last night that I'd get up and go for a wheezing stumble before the world was awake so there was nobody to judge me. *Cue me waking up at 9:11AM, and having a breakfast of half a packet of chips, and some Lindt balls*

      So you're saying there's a way for me to play XCOM without buying a copy for myself? Do tell.

    So my weekend consisted of Saturday regret (of the hangover variety) and Sunday shenanigans (of the tabletop RPG variety). Friday was a big night with work colleagues that went all over the places in the city and Valley. The Valley seemed unusually dead for a Friday night which was weird. Also I did the drunken stagger home to where I live because I didn't want to pay for a taxi. I remember stumbling into at least one bush and I think a lamp post. Still was a good night though. The less said about the hangover the better.

    I can tell the tale of Sunday RPG if need be but it would likely be pretty long as we played for 10 hours straight. Suffice to say that 40K Deathwatch is pretty great and I am the Marinest Marine who ever Marined. Rammed a shuttle into a fortified base at speed and we assaulted a traitor tank by falling on it without jump packs. :P

    I think I'm on the end boss of Type-0.

    It's been a fun ride, I recommend.

    Unlocked the airship, was kinda hard at my level but I didn't want to grind no more. It's a fun airship.

    I might even jump straight back into new game+, there was a few areas I found that were way too high level & apparently there's extra story content & missions to do. Keeeeen.

    Got over the shit graphics & camera pretty quick. The only other complaint I have is a bloated, underdeveloped cast.

    The main narrative is great though, mature for an ff.


      Oh yeah, good news for me:
      Remote Play works like a dream because it's an old psp game.

      & it's an "easy" platinum. Most trophies are for playing & exploring. None if those "beat the hardest mission on the hardest difficulty" types or "waste your life away grinding for no good reason".
      The hardest seems to be catch 300 chocobos.
      probably caught about 30

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