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    International Tabletop Day is this weekend. Do people want to do things? I think people should do things.

    I was thinking of spending most of the day at The Games Capital but there's also a nerd bar holding an event and another one in a library. Canberrans should join me.

    Non-Canberrans should go to the website that I linked and see if there are any events they want to go to. Or just have some sort of meat thing where board games are played. I don't know. I'm not your mother.

    I swear my flatmate was tweaking and trying to optimise FF13 on PC for 4 hours earlier in the day.

      You can change all the settings you want but it won't fix that game.

        I don't know about that. There's an "off" setting, right?

    Hey Easter TAY, how's it going? I've really been getting into Bloodborne, but after a while it has become a bit samey. After quite a few hours I'm finally in an area that isn't just graveyards and gray in general.

    Public HoliTAY! \o/
    Going to see Geelong vs Hawthorn today, hope the cats win! :)

      Yay for HoliTAY! Boo for the cats though! I dun really care for AFL, but the Hawks would be my team if I was a follower! :p

      Well, they were good in the first quarter, and that's all that matters, right?

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was gilgamesh, yeah that looks nice lets go with that. Spoiler tags due to length.

    Ive had a 5 day weekend and ill explain it all! Or just the good bits whatevs

    Thursday I had a job interview in the fancy section of the peninsula, Red Hill East, for a position as Apprentice Chef. I think the interview went well as I have a trial on Tuesday. After that Cathryn was at work so I played 4 hours of Dying light and I'm working my way to the end.

    Friday Cathryn, Moni and I were invited to my parent for Good Friday dinner, so I baked some choc & cherry cookies instead of buying eggs. When we got to my parent Shadow and Moni went crazy playing with each other outside while we had a lovely roast. We didn't end up leaving till 11:30 that night and we stopped in at a maccas for nuggets because nuggets.

    Saturday Cathryn had work so I spent the entire time she was gone playing Dying Light and preparing dinner which was Angus burgers with homemade chilli onion jam. We ended up watching the Season Finale of The Walking Dead which Cathryn half slept through, we then watched Eat and Little Nicky before going to bed.

    Sunday We woke up to Cathryn's dad being here to fix a few things around the house, Cathryn was suprised because I had gotten up early and wrote "happy easter" in eggs on the table. We had left over burgers so we had those for lunch, and for dinner we had butter chicken. I also got 2 hours of dying light playtime in and we binge watched about 10 eps of Pretty Little Liars.

    A Monday question after playing Dying Light and getting good at its freerunning what other game or series do you think would improve if it added freerunning, I'm thinking if Drake hit the pavement more he could be great!

      Every game. All games. All the time. I remember after sliding into cover and free-running around Brink, going back to any other shooter made the movement feel shitty.

      It's a terrible thing to have such range of movement that becomes just... the default, and to have it taken away from you by moving to less-awesome games.

    Morning all, how is your Easter long weekend going? Easter show tomorrow for me and Sam :D

      It's boring, like every weekend.

        Awww man!! I spent most of mine playing Borderlands The Pre Sequel!

    I'm just blasting through my second playthrough of Bloodborne. I've already reached the red moon, I've even taken out the Darkbeast Paarl at a lower lever and approached Djura without him attacking me.

    But I do have to say that the PvP is weak for this game. There's really no benefit to invading really (aside from using it to learn the layout if you're desperate) and everybody just runs back to the lantern and spams their blood vials.

    Wife and I mainlined all of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix in 2 days.

    Whole family is crook so Netflix has been given a serious work out the last 4 days.

      Hope you guys feel better. I mainlined Friday Night Lights season one on Netflix. So good.

        Will have to check it out... So much stuff I've never heard of on Netflix so recommendations are welcome while Netflix figures out what we like to watch

          The Killing is a pretty excellent TV series. There's four seasons, but Netflix has two. (Luckily these two represent a whole case!) Freaks and Geeks is one of the greatest shows ever made. It's a who's who of famous Hollywood actors now, too. Goes without saying that Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are pretty great. Pretty real great. Mad Men! First six seasons on Netflix! Complete series of Lost! *flails arms*

    My pantry has not been emptied of sweets since last halloween. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter- I always partake in the seasonal sales, before and afterward, to indulge my appetite. I mean, I've never thought that I've been *too* greedy with my purchases and such, but then..

    But then I found chocolate under my pillow this morning, guys. I've been sleeping with chocolate under my bed.

    I'm a monster. A horribly satisfied monster.

      Wait, you can do that?
      *stashes chocolate under pillow*

    @powalen and I are G rank hunting later on! Anyone interested?

    @piat @gutsoup @beavwa

    If we can't get a party of 4 I'm happy to just do normal hunting too. It's fun murdering Low/High Rank stuff :P so anyone can play!

      Sorry, some personal shit went down this weekend so haven't been feeling gamey

      Oops missed it, I was farming, trying to get Ex Auroros set, really close now.

    Because your microwave is probably full of bread...

    My birthday is coming up in a month (lucky 21), and family plans are already being made, but no plans to spend time with friends (that's you guys). So, I might come down that weekend (May 8th through 10th) and we can do an Adelaide Meat or something, how's that sound?

    @ash @banderdash @benny @jacksonwryan @jocon @redartifice @wilbur

      Cool, we're gonna be in Adelaide then, it'll be perfect because my friends 40th is on the 11th.

      I dont know if i can reply to this or if itll get moderated for 12 odd hours...

    Monday Night Q:

    What is for dinner?

    I'm cooking a very simple risotto with bacon and peas. At the same time, I have a pot of quinces simmering away and slowly turning pink. They smell so good.

      Sounds awesome. Except for the part where you said the 'P' word. :P

      I'm having leftover Chargha Chicken from last night. There's just me and the little guy here tonight so it came in handy to have leftovers available. Plus it's so damn tasty! We'll definitely be ordering from that Pakistani BBQ place again soon.

        Well, I said pink, but it's whatever you call this colour

          I was talking about peas. The only good thing about peas is that they're green.

            AH! :)

            Well, there was also some spinach and sundried tomato if that helps ;)

      You would be proud, CookingMama. Last night I had chips and lollies for dinner. I even opened the packets myself.

      ...Okay fine, I'm just kidding.
      Someone else opened the packets for me.

        Yeah, kind of realised when you guys left last night that I hadn't organised anything for dinner.

        Worst. Host. Ever.

          AND we had to go get your lunch!

            Well I know who I'm not inviting around for board games next time...

      Whatever Jetstar deign to feed us.
      Expecting the toilet waste thrown in a bucket before being thrown in our face.

        Hey now, I'm sure they follow the Bristol scale with their meals.
        1 - 4 are meals, 5 - 7 are beverages.

      I had a Lean Cuisine microwave meal. Why yes, I am a pathetic bachelor. :P

      I'm having Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni!

      Almost the same thing! But mushrooms instead of peas. We do have a risotto with peas, I think with ricotta too. And possibly mint. It's great.

      Something light.
      I had Ribs, a Burger, and chips for lunch at The Lion Hotel.

      Last edited 06/04/15 6:21 pm

      Tonight it's left-over roast lamb with lemon, feta, and spinach rice. Sorta Greek-ish I guess.

      Steak n chips n stuff!

        I haven't cooked a steak dinner in a while. Might have to do something about that this week.

      I just looked at my wife who is currently "DONT TOUCH ME I'VE NEARLY MASTERED COOKING IN FANTASY LIFE GO AWAY" so it's probably pesto pasta with a touch of baby spinach leaves.

      Which I'm cooking. Obviously.

      Marinaded Chicken (Lemon and... Oregano?) with a kale and chickpea (and onions, and some other stuff presumably) thingy.

      Zinger Stacker combo from KFC. It was going to be leftover pizza but things moved up a notch when mum visited and asked where out of anywhere in Hobart I'd like to go for tea :P

      Homemade pizza...

      A sick household isn't exactly ideal for trying out new wholesome food.

      We got a Bellini as a joint birthday gift so might give it a shot this week to make some risotto... Anyone have recipe ideas for a Bellini?

        You mean the thing that's not a thermomix?

          That's the one!

          I was kinda on the fence about all-in-one prep and cooking machines but then got one as a gift so probably need to spend some time with it to see what it's capabilities are.

          I'm still not 100% convinced it'll be easier/faster/more convenient then normal cooking... but that's probably because I haven't used it yet.

            I actually went to a thermomix demo and I wasn't convinced - certainly not for the $2k price! But the bellini and the aldi "thermochef" are both a bit more affordable, so I'm interested to see how you go!

            I'm sure it came with a cookbook, so have a crack at the recipes in that first to get a feel for how it works, and then you can probably adapt most thermomix recipes to your machine (and the cult of thermomix has plenty of blogs dedicated to "thermie" recipes).

            But considering you've all been a bit sick, how about some vegie packed soup?

              The thermomix is very, very good. But very, very expensive.
              Has been a wonder for us, just expanding the range of things we can make based on teh food intolerance we have. It would get used for dinner at least every 2nd night, even if it is just doing the rice in the steamer.

              Depending on what you need the thermochef might be ok. The main differences is the motor which has a couple of impacts. The thermomix has a reluctance motor which should last longer so be less prone to breakdown. The fact the Bellini only has a 12 month warranty would be a bit of a concern. The thermomix also can do things in reverse which is good if you are doing chunky things or risotto as otherwise the rice and stuff gets chopped up as it stirs.
              It also means that the thermomix is quieter, but still extremely loud at high speed.

              Those are the main differences, so depending on what you want it for and how important those things are, the cheaper one might suit you better.

        I've been hankering for a good pizza recently. Had pizza at trivia but as @beavwa will be able to confirm, they are a long way from good pizza.

          But half the price of anything else on the menu and not twice as terrible...

          Make it yourself an option? Always tastes better and doesn't have to cost heaps.

          I've used some dough recipes that don't need any proving time - you do need to prep your toppings first and work quick once it's rolled out. I was a bit lazy once and had a 'pizza' come out looking like a foccacia because the yeast had enough time on the bench to really get going.

          Also it's fun for the kid to help do all the toppings... or just play with the spare dough to keep them busy while you get it ready... added bonus, doesn't really matter if they eat a bit!

            Just finding the time to do it. The little one is still to small to be able to have pizza properly and Mrs Tigs has trouble with lots of the stuff (gluten from the base, fat from the ham, fructose from the tomato paste) so makes it hard. Might organise it for the next time I'm cooking on my own

      I'm nt sure what Mrs Tigs has organised. We have done lamb two nights in a row (roast on Sunday, grilled backstrap last night) so it won't be red meat.
      So most likely a chicken stirfry of some descript

      Are you secretly following me in Instagram? I literally just last week out a post up about a massive Quince I bought, not knowing they existed lol.

    Hi everyone, how are you all doing?
    Had a good easter weekend, played a bit of Bloodborne, those snatchers are terrifying, I need to master bashing them so I can be less afraid when I find one, The gaol area is littered with them D:
    Also been playing more monster hunter, there's always another carrot dangling just out of reach that I MUST HAVE!
    I was also rather surprised to receive my digital copy of Undad on Easter Sunday, it was a good read and very worthwhile supporting it, thanks @shane.
    Now to bash more monster face.

      Thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

        Have I received a copy?! =O

          I hope so, man. Let me know if you didn't get an email on Sunday about Undad.

            I've got it! I'm going to whip out the iPad a little later today so I can read it ^-^

      The grabby dudes with the sacks?
      I've found the R2 attack with the Threaded Cane's whip mode to be a solid way of dealing with them. Retreat from attacks, then use the range on the whip to get in an attack or two before bailing again. Also helps that the whip can attack around certain scenery elements...

        I'm using the cleaver, I try to dodge and get an R2 in from behind and a visceral, doesn't always go the way I planned, they counter so fast. They just seem to deal insane amounts of damage, like more than any of the bosses I've fought so far.

        Haha, one charged Kirk hammer to the face flattens them, then I jump around and do another to their back followed up with a visceral, down they go, works really well, just took out about 15 of them with 100% success.

      Ludwig's Sword in Big Dick Mode sorts them out no problem.

      I still haven't figured out the timing for staggering them.

        Kirkhammer absolutely destroys them, I figured them out and went on a massacre because they drop twin blood shard thingies :)

    Just got back from a work colleague's birthday dinner where the conversation inevitably turned to super hero movies. Was going to re-watch all the MCU films one after the other about 10 days (as there's 10 films) before the Avengers 2 release, but all that talk got me so excited for it, so I'ma start now.

    First up, Iron Man.

      Oh, by the way, have any of you guys seen the "leaked" footage of the new Deadpool movie?

      Apparently it's due out next year, can't wait, it looks so good.

        I'm just stoked it's gonna be R rated! Means it has potential to be as awesome as it should be! Would be so terrible if they had to dumb it down for kids!

          Disclaimer: R in the USA ratings system. Not the Australian R18+.

            Meaning that here it'll more than likely be MA15+.

              Yeah, although some R-USA end up as M15+ here. That said, MA15+ seems appropriate for a Deadpool movie. :)

            ahh i wasn't sure if it was aus or not. I suspected as much, but still, them getting an R still means it has potential! More so than if it was just rated M or PG!

              Where M is approx = PG13 in the USA. ;)

                M is 15 isn't it? Not much better than PG, but thankfully that's not the starting point, so fingers crossed it'll be as awesome as it SHOULD be! ;)

                  Yeah, sorry what I was meaning is that our M15+ is roughly equivalent to the USA PG13. If Deadpool was being made to fit a PG13 audience (e.g. Die Hard 4, which doesn't exist) we'd end up with crap. Much better to shoot for a USA-R which could either become AU-M15 or (more likely) AU-MA15.

        I could not have been happier with any Deadpool footage ever. Ryan Reynolds is one of my crushes and totally perfect for the role and always has been. What they did to him in Origins was a travesty. Someone actually linked me to more deadpool footage, too... just a quick in-costume gag.

    Just over a week until Mortal Kombat X. Excite!!

    I have my job trial today

    I regret eating Chilli Con Carne for dinner last night my stomachs already on edge

      Good luck! :)

      Maybe you'll get to make tzatziki... or sorbet? Calm the belly?

        I doubt it im working with the sous chef most likely making sauces and plating up

          Don't mind me - I have zero idea on how a commercial kitchen works!

          If it was me I'd get fired in 20 minutes after they saw me eating all the food as I was prepping it...

      lol i had spinach and ricotta cannelloni last night. I was a bit worried about today myself! Turns out I was right to worry! Thankfully it didn't set in til it was almost home time though, cos it was NASTY!

    Hi all!

    Bloodborne adventures. Am finding it easier to progress through the game (so far) than any early-stage Souls game. I don't know whether that's because there's a friendlier difficulty curve, or because I've finally gotten the hang of one of these games.

    I've taken out four bosses now: Cleric Beast, Father Gascoigne, Vicar Amelia, and Blood Thirsty Beast. The boss battles are excellent fun, though three of them (all bar the good Fr.) have been rather similar to each other.

    I've also stumbled into a few events completely by accident. I died against Vicar Amelia, and respawned in the graveyard where I fought Father Gascoigne. Believing the area to be empty, I took the chance to start going through my inventory. Then: GUNSHOT. I exited out of the menu just in time to take a slash-slash-slash from a hostile hunter, who was engaged in pitched battle with Eileen The Crow. I was instantly collateral damage. Respawned in the same place and dodged immediately out of the way. They both died this time around: Eileen first, and then I avenged her.

    Taking some decent steps towards the all-weapons achievement. I just took down the gatling gun sniper in Old Yarnham last night (He killed me effortlessly the first time, so I resorted to a cheesy tactic: I climbed up the ladder, and this time, he hadn't noticed me. Gunshot, gunshot, gunshot, and he fell off the roof.)

    Am finding that the most interesting fights take place against other hunters. Have accidentally stumbled across a few of them so far, and they are much tougher fights than most boss battles.

    Have also unlocked my first Chalice Dungeon and have beaten the first floor of it. Onward and downward.

    Great game. Will continue playing.

      I'm a little behind you.

      I was complaining about Father Gatorade over the weekend, having spent a few days on him with the kirkhammer. @alexpants was over on Sunday and gave it a whirl. He immediately switched back to the hunter axe and proceeded to defeat Father Gaston on his second attempt (the first I'm pretty sure was just him getting used to my character build). Kirkhammer is now in storage and hunter axe has been levelled up.

      I accidentally sped run through Old Yharnam to the Blood-Thirsty Beast and died. I then spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to repeat the speed run route (and failing) before trying to go the normal way (and also failing). Good little area to farm though.

        Shortcut info.
        Down in the streets of Old Yarnham, there's a werewolf who bursts through a door and attacks you. If you head up into that building, there's a staircase that takes you right back to an unlockable shortcut at the start of Old Yarnham... meaning that if/when you die, there's only three or four enemies between you and the boss.

          Will search for it next time I play! Thanks for the tip!

      I think the hunters are this game's version of the Black Knights. Some I've struggled with, others I've dispatched fairly easily.
      I also lost Eileen when I went back there to see why the lantern didn't work. I assume that means there's story stuff I won't see in this playthrough now for that NPC. Gear isn't half bad though.

        I'm playing through with minimal input from internet help. It's the first Souls-type game I'll have explored on my own without seeking assistance from guides. I looked up Eileen after she died, though, and there are apparently [cntd on next spoiler tag just in case you don't want to know]

        a bunch of events featuring her. Each successful one nets you a bunch of fresh gear, and at the end of her storyline you get her badge, which gets you access to her equipment. If you kill her or if she dies early, you get the badge early.

        I'm okay with how that happened in my playthrough.

          Yeah, I think the subsequent playthroughs will be when I do storylines 'properly' - just going through my first one blind and whatever happens, happens.

        Yeah, I've been missing a few of the side storylines. Might have to do another playthrough when I've finished this one.

      I'm gonna try save the crow woman, not sure if there are any benefits (I found her somewhere and she warned me of the impending battle in Gascone's area and to saty away). I'm now attempting to make friends with Djura (gattling gun sniper). I know it only gets me a gesture but in such a hostile land I'll take all the friends I can get, gotta take down Paarl to do it though

    OK, think I got this shiny hunting thing sorted.

    Lead: Golduck:
    Yawn, Soak, Simple Beam, Confide - Removes ability, changes type to water, debuff s.attack

    Second: Absol:
    False Swipe, Knock Off, Thunder Wave, Snarl - Removes item and HP, applies paralysis, debuff attack

    Long runners: (2x) Linoone (Pickup ability, holding Leppa berry):
    Sand Attack, Bestow, Trick, Switcheroo - debuff accuracy, gives leppa berry, gets one back each time it's used, give another one.
    Spam Premier balls once Linoone is in place.

    So my previous strat gave me about 30 attempts at a sleeping target, which at around 7% per attempt worked out to just under 90% chance of capture. It failed.
    This approach - should give about 500 attempts at a paralysed target without any PP restore, can be stretched to 999 if I restore more PP on the linoone moves as the battle wears on. This is a 4.992% chance per attempt.
    500 attempts is about a 99.999999999992% chance of capture. Should work out better this time.

    This approach should work for every legendary as well once I'm set up for it.

      The cool thing about that Linoone is that it'll heal it's own PP if the battle drags on as well. Not that you really need it with three item-switch moves :P

      For just general catching I usually use a high-level Damp Parasect with Spore/False Swipe/Thief/Sweet Scent. Works pretty well!

        Oooh, no, don't want it to heal its own PP since that'd use up the berry, then it can no longer use those 3 moves to put the berry back on the target (pickup doesn't restore a berry you use on yourself). I'd be using items in my inventory to restore PP before any move gets to 0.

        Everything up until now I've been using my L100 Aegislash to do the false swiping duties, and then bringing in a single tank that can put the target to sleep for the main capture approach. Worked fine with a spiritomb against all the psychic types before this.

          (pickup doesn't restore a berry you use on yourself)

          Ah, didn't know that! That makes sense then.

    The first time I played Telltale's The Walking Dead I said to myself "oh my god, a Game of Thrones game in this format would be so amazing". I later played Cyanide Studio's 2012 RPG and while I had some initial difficulties, I really enjoyed the game and how it tied in with the universe. I still longed for a Telltale Game of Thrones however, and was elated when it was announced that yes, a Telltale Game of Thrones was indeed coming.

    So, this weekend after picking up Telltale's Game of Thrones at a modest discount on Steam, I sat down and played the three currently available episodes over two days.

    It is everything I hoped for. It is so wonderfully and faithfully everything a fan of the show would expect. There are a few flaws but none that are important enough to gripe about. I am very much looking forward to the second half.

    Now to check out this Borderlands game everyone seems to think is Telltale's best to date.

    Checking in after a long Easter break, how is everyone? My Easter was mostly comprised of food, food, and more food. Also some Cards Against Humanity which was good and some 40K which, despite getting my arse handed to me, was also good.

    While the Easter Bunny didn't bring me any chocolate, it did bring me a gift in the form of @shane's Undad. It was really good and I loved the different art styles for each chapter. Shane you picked some really good artists to share the story with. Also loved the fact that I recognised the few people that got their likeness in the book. I won't spoil it for anyone but they're pretty great. :D

      Thanks, man! I'm really happy that you guys seem to be enjoying Undad! Thanks for the comments about the art, too - I wasn't sure that a new style in each issue would be a good choice. Most series steadfastly resist that approach. But I'm really pleased to have done it this way, and the artists I worked with were very talented.

      Just wait, though. The artwork for the second miniseries is off the charts amazing. I haven't finalised the team yet, but I've got at least five artists that I really want to work with (I have to whittle that down to three, though)

      BTW I think the likenesses almost all worked well. @freezespreston is the only one I think got shortchanged by the whole thing (happy birthday, Freeze /o\)... but I'll be making it up to him by making him a major character in Issue 5.

        I was very happy / impressed with my likeness, as was Mrs B-ob. I haven't had a chance to fully read the whole book as I just had time to download it last night before bed, but I'll be reading it properly and reviewing when I get home this evening. :)

          Awesome. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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