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    How was everyones weekends?
    I went to see my parents, grandparents and brothers.
    I also bought $600 of wine.
    time to start drinking while I play games.

      I think I mostly slept on Friday. Saturday I played Game of Thrones and GTAV. I keep trying to jump into GTA Online but while I hate playing with other people (because of griefers), playing without them feels pretty sterile and pointless. Sunday I went to my wife's aunt's place for "lunch" and we wound up staying til about 10:30pm, meaning we sat in one room talking and picking at antipasto for 11 hours. I was designated driver (again), and there is nothing more boring than sitting around while other people get drunk. My wife also decided to marathon the Saw movies (across Stan and Netflix since Stan is missing VI and Netflix is missing the first one) since she thought she'd only seen up to IV, but it turns out we'd already seen all six. I guess they're fun to watch but none of them really stand up to the brilliance of the original.
      Yesterday I finished Game of Thrones and jumped back into Destiny for the first time in two weeks. Whether I play this week will heavily depend on what the Nightfall is when the weekly reset happens tonight.

        I completely understand the Designated driver thing, I did that on saturday while my Boyfriend and my Brother both Tasted. But I still bought some wine so I cant complain

      That's either a LOT of bottles of plonk, or a dozen of something swish ;)

    Hola Tayberinos

    Long weekend!

    Friday I played Betrayal at House on the Hill with some of you lot. Worth it just to hear @rize spit the dummy at the end over the Haunt. Betrayal is a weird game.

    Saturday hosted board games at mine, played a couple new ones including christening my copy of Dead of Winter. It's really fucking good. Played one of the basic scenarios (survive 5 rounds) and played with the betrayer variant where you deal in less cards, so there's much more chance of there being a betrayer working against the group. Someone did rumble who our traitor was and attempted to exile and expose them, but he failed to convince the rest of us. Didn't matter, we won anyway, and all without any survivors dying!

    Sunday I went to the rentals with my grandfather, played with the puppy, have large egg on my forehead from being headbutted by said puppy. She's really intelligent, which is a two edged sword. Apparently she's discovered that she can escape to the golf course, so mum and dad are confining her until dad can work out a gate solution for the property so she can roam free again. I did teach her to catch golf balls while I was there.

    Also introduced dad to Netflix. He's sponging off my account atm, but I think he'll be hooked soon enough.

    Monday drove back home, netflixed myself and played some Pillars. It's really great guys, really great.

    A Tuesday Morning Question: Tay has been isolated in a winter town following the Zombie Apocalypse. Who do we keep in the colony, who do we send scavenging for supplies, and who do we vote to exile?

      Exiling people is stupid, you keep the undesirables penned up and feed them slop made from the expired vegetables so we have a reasonably steady supply of meat.

      @transientmind stays behind in the town to begin work on repopulating the human race. #MostInterestingManInTheApocalypse

      I think we'd break off into two tribes almost immediately after the first argument.

      Those who like Pineapple on their pizza and those who are wrong.

        *eyenarrows* Monsters. That's even worse than Kermitron's suggestion.

          Well, I think we all know which camp you're in.

            The one where I repopulate society, yes, to ensure the spread of my - *cough-hack-sneeze* ahem - superior genetics.

            But ALSO the pineapple-on-pizza haters.
            (Edit: Come to think of it, the pineapple-on-pizza-hating and superior genetics may be related. Better study this in more depth.)

            Last edited 07/04/15 11:34 am

      I vote we decide what to do by playing this conveniently placed board game about our predicament. :P

      I would most likely be exiled for being too cruel on the remaining humans in the colony, then I would be some emotionally cold solo bandit in armour hunting down other bandits that prey on the weak.

      Why do we have to exile people?
      If we had to exile people, I'd probably volunteer.
      I think I could cope on my own fairly well.

        Because they're betrayers and/or too many mouths to feed

      Don't exile me! I can stay in the colony and be useful! I'll be... uh... the teacher of the next generation of children. I can just sit around in the teacher's lounge until then.

      I wish Dead of Winter didn't have a zombie theme. It feels so unnecessary. Replace them with wolves or something and it'd still work mechanically but feel thematic as well.

        You could tweak it a bit to fit, absolutely

        I'm not big into zombies, but I figured if I am gonna buy one Zombie themed game this is the one. Pretty happy with the purchase


    Been playing Freedom Wars, pretty fun.

    Stopped playing Cyanide's Game of Thrones last night because I died twice & it isn't good enormous to try harder. I'll get back to it...

    Threw Resident Evil 6 back in, had lots of fun doing flying kicks. Fought a sexy tyrant, it was ew.
    The zombies are so easy to dodge, I just wander right past them.

      Where are you up to in Game of Thrones? There's only one part I found particularly challenging (while playing as Mors) and I was able to get around it by going back to Castle Black and buying a ton of potions and wildfyre to put on my sword for extra damage.

      One thing I really found annoying about the game is there's tons of good weapons and armour available to buy that costs hundreds of dragons, whereas even if you loot like a pro and sell everything you pick up, you might get half of what you need to buy one decent set of armor. There is a part where you can gamble and work up your money (while playing as Aleister) but it seemed like more bother than it was worth.

        Yeah, I left the castle as Mors with the woman & a guy with a cudgel. This one random dude just nailed us. I wasn't expecting to die on one guy after taking on groups of 4 or more.

        I'm not sure I understand the combat.

          Ah, doesn't ring a bell. I had trouble in a fight with two archers and two swordsman, I think after a stealth section after escaping Mole Town. But yeah, put wildfire on your swords whenever you have a tough fight, try and abuse stunning attacks wherever you can.

            Yea, I tinkering I ie in the same fight. Reloaded & won for no God reason.

            I'll go shopping before I head out by time, thanks.

              Gonna just leave that autocorrect magic there for posterity & hope yous an get the gist of it.

    I finished Foundation's Edge, @Shane

    Pretty fun book, again, I don't agree much with his idea of our evolution but it's a Damn interesting read regardless.

      I wasn't crazy about those books, to be honest. I thought they were okay, and had some interesting ideas in them, but they seem to exist primarily to retrofit all his different books together into one universe.

        I get the impression that the retrofit was there to keep him interested in a story he wanted to be done with.

        I dig the stuff like the explanation of how the pilots awareness works while jacked into the ship's computer.

        I get a lot out of concept apparently.

    With the help of multiplayer, I've finally finished Borderlands 2 \o/... and there's now a Vault Hunter mode which makes enemies harder /o\. I've been playing Commando, and bloody hell my turret cleans up with the mini rocket launcher, absolutely love using it. Large fight about to come up? Okay *throws turret* get 'em!

    Looks like the Unrest in Idrinor rules are getting sent out soon. The facebook post confused me, wasn't sure if they were posting everything or emailing or what. Turns out that they're going to post everything to people and I've asked for a copy to be emailed just in case. Looks like there are 30 pages of rules for the game and then another six pages of personal briefing (at least in my case). I guess some light reading is necessary.

    Hi everyone! Had a pretty relaxed long weekend - flew back home to spend it with the folks. Helped them move in their new dining suite, and cart off their old one. Sorted through a bunch of books I'd taken back there over the past few years and decided which were worth keeping. Mostly just relaxed and caught up on reading, something I'd not had the time to do in months.

    I also introduced them to Netflix... still debating whether it was a good idea or not. I can see not a lot getting done in that household for the next few weeks. :P That said, I'm amazed how stable it is on their crappy connection. It may take an age to load anything, but once it starts it's pretty stable. And this is on a connection that failed to load the online checkin page for my flight home.

    Jim Sterling has released his follow up to the Skate Man Intense Rescue debacle:

    Holy. Shit.

      Original article:

      I saw that earlier this morning. "Holy. Shit." is right. The only thing more batshit insane than the dev is Youtube's policy. So comprehensively broken.

      Hahaha, those last two minutes or so. Fire up!

    Reading Shane's 'UnDad', just saw some of the cameos.
    @Beeawwb certainly is unmistakable. :)

      Those sideburns are now immortalised in art.

        Those sideburns are immortalised on my face. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!

      One of my favourite cameo moments is when HighPerformance dismisses the horrific disembowelling of TransientMind as "pedestrian." But no one outside of TAY will ever know that.

        I missed this part!!!!!! I will look closer :p

          It's right at the start of chapter two. Around page 55 or so of the PDF.

          Edit: I tell a lie. It's p52.

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    Woo scored high in the game (test) on
    That's good right? New high score and stuff \o/
    *books doctors appointment*

      *hugs* Go see a doctor, bud. You've got this! :)

      I think last time I tried a test like that I got "Severe", that was years ago I think if I tried that again now I'd get "Extreme" or something

      I battled depression for approx half my life and had no idea what life could be without it. Now that I'm out of that, even the simplest things give me pleasure, like just a simple walk, enjoying the beach and the wind on my face. Life is too short to be feeling like crap all the time. I'm so glad I dealt with it and mate, if you have even the slightest feeling you might be feeling depressed or battling anything mentally like constant negative thoughts and doubts, you should see someone. I did and life is now awesome!

        Of course, i'm still battling with real life issues which is taking me in the direction of court to fight for access to my son but without recovering from depression, I would most likely be curled up in a ball somewhere and have given up by now.

        Thanks man, this definitely gives me hope! Yeah I got a bad feeling something is not right... Felt very angry and frustrated lately for no reason I can think of... Everything seems like an effort and I feel very flat... Not fair for the people around me because I've been very secluded and snappy... Anyway, yeah I'm going to talk to a professional about my options... Thanks again

      Bleugh. :-/ Sympathies. Been there. Made it back with help.

      *thinking positive thoughts in your direction*

      Hey man, I've been there, a few years ago now. Doctor is a good idea. *big hugs*

    Lovely long weekend. Blues lost, Rebels won, Victory won. Didn't go riding. Felt guilty. Got over it by eating a custard tart. Missus was mainlining A Place To Call Home on DVD.

    So... I played this Elite: Dangerous game... I didn't make it to Mu Cephei in the end as the last few jumps were too big even for my very long range Asp but I did get 8000ly from Sol. Came all the way home, and cashed in 10 meeeeelion credits of exploration data. And now I'm Novice, Merchant, Ranger. :)

      2.4k of from Sol at the moment, taking my time... How do you settle on a star to aim for? Just use the galaxy map or real charts from NASA? Made it past the Cassiopeia system (forgot the number... V11 something something) very spectacular

        VY 1-1 Cassiopeia? Planetary nebula? I saw you there. :) I'll probably wander through there too.

        I scroll a few hundred LY in the general direction I'm going, and then look around for any obvious "different" systems - a small nebula, systems named HIP-something or HR-something or just named. That's usually a lot easier to remember and type than most of the system names! Write it on my pad so I can type it in if I log out. I did have a list of landmarks of interest, which I then searched and crossed out things that weren't yet in the ingame universe. Stuff like the 20 largest known stars. Then I have a list of waypoints and away I go...

        One thing that would help greatly is to have maybe 20 "favourite" systems and a go-back for the last 5 routes created. It's a bit annoying when I have a route, detour off it to refuel because I've had 6 T Tauris in a row and then have to recreate the route...

          Yeah that's the one! Very pretty system... Thanks for the pointers, makes a lot of sense... Do you also scan every system you get to that appears to have any planets that are metal rich or better? I'm currently doing that but that makes progress veeeeeeery slow :-P

            I'll always scan stars within 20,000ls, and usually scan gas giants within 2000ls. I don't tend to bother with rocks, gas giant moons or ice planets unless they're within scanning range while I'm refueling, but I'll almost always go look at worlds - the terraforming bonus is 30,000cr so a system with 4 or 5 worlds, a water world and a terraformable can easily net 100,000cr. But yes, it slows you down a lot.

            Then again, it's probably only 1:8 or 1:10 of systems that are worth looking at, so scan the star and move on. :)

            Also, my trip to Nearly Mu Cephei netted 10 MILLION credits. That's not hyperbole, it was 10.3 million. A trip to the core scanning a reasonable number of worlds should easily get you 30-40. One of the grand tours I saw posted, out down Sagittarius Arm, in to the Core and Great Annihilator and then back to human space the guy netted 137 million and went from Pathfinder straight to Elite. :)

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    I watched some Netflix over the weekend on top of some time playing games and found myself face to face with Zoolander, a movie I missed in high school when it was popular and people quoted it incessantly. Those same people now seem to make up most of the population of reddit since I'd say roughly a quarter of the memes seem to originate there such as "_____ is so hot right now" and "what is this, a _____ for ANTS?".

    In the 90s I developed an dislike of Ben Stiller after one too many cringeworthy performances as an awkward male lead in a romcom. There's Something About Mary was decent for the time, but Meet the Parents was painful to watch and the fact it spawned multiple sequels killed any interest I had in seeing Stiller perform. I think I began to tolerate him after his performance as the villain in Dodgeball, possibly because I found our hero (Vince Vaughan) slightly more repulsive.

    On top of that, I really dislike Will Ferrel. I never appreciated his performances or found him amusing. He was a big, stupid-faced lunk that interloped into otherwise enjoyable movies and TV shows and ruined them (my wife has a similar problem with Burt Reynolds, which really upset her in saint's Row III).

    On top of me disliking both of the leads in the movie, Zoolander is approximately 45 years old at this point and unlikely to be culturally relevant. I tried to watch it once before, about 5 years ago, and gave up during the gasoline fight. I assumed it would never surface again... until yesterday.

    Anyway, I kind of thought it was pretty ok.

    Maybe for my next trick I might enjoy The Big Lebowski.

      Shit movie, at least I can't stand it. One of the very few movies that I turned off without finishing.
      The disc was having skipping issues but there was nothing in the film that made it worth putting up with.

        I'd definitely had my fill by the fifteen minute mark, I don't know if it got better or I just became numbed to it. Either way the over the top stupidity became kind of charming.

        You monster!

        Sounds like you need a non skipping disc, you'll change your mind :P

          Unlikely but I might be willing to try
          Stupidity for the sake of stupidity, or laughing because somebody is stupid is a style of humour that annoys me greatly. If you want to get into true absurdity then that's fine. But just look at this person being stupid, can't stand it

        Zoolander... more like Poolander! It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but having Will Ferrel automatically dumps it in the "shit I'll likely never watch again" pile.

      I enjoyed Zoolander as dumb fun.
      I didn't finish watching Big Lebowski. Can't understand why so many people rave about it - it's boring and unfunny.

        Well....ugh....*goes red faced with strain*.... Don't... Say... It....... AAAUUURRRRGGGGGHHHHHHTHATSJUSTLIKEYOUROPINIONMANaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!

        I think it's a stoner thing. I find many non-stoners are of the same opinion. Not to say that non-stoners can't/won't enjoy it, but in my experience, it's always the stoners that rave about it! ;)

          I'm a non-stoner, I do enjoy "stoner" comedies though, like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Harold and Kumar etc etc, but I DID NOT like Zoolander, I watched about 10 minutes of it on TV once before switching it off because I just couldn't take anymore of it.

            mm my comment was more aimed at the big lebowski

      How relevant, I rewatched Zoolander on the weekend after I found out the 'but why male models?' line was unscripted and Stiller simply forgot his lines. It wasn't quite as good as I remembered it, but I still thought it was fairly good. I felt Stiller portrayed his role quite well. I appreciated the ridiculousness of the concept. It's a pretty short movie, (only 80 minutes) so it felt a bit rushed at times.

        the 'but why male models?' line was unscripted and Stiller simply forgot his lines
        Oh my god, that's amazing.

        I think what made it work for me was some of the cameos I didn't get up to before, like David Bowie and David Duchovny. I love how Duchovny was a "deep throat" kind of character, which is a tongue-in-cheek joke people might miss today. Bowie on the other hand appeared out of nowhere, taking the most ridiculous scene in the movie completely around the bend to the point it made sense again.

    Monster Huntererers
    I just made a new set of armor EX Auroros, comes with Destroyer, Edge Lore & protection (I love divine blessing so much, saved me an uncountable number of times). I'm still using a glaive so edge lore is super helpful, I'm wondering what else to put on it, I've got 14 to 15 slots (depending on a talisman swap). Probably going with Blight Proof, fire res & dragon res, that way I'll keep all my resistances positive with no standout weakness to any elements. I'm wondering what skills you guys find useful or might recommend for a Blademaster, I can drop the elemental boosts and free up about 10 slots (again dependent on which talisman I go for). @greenius @beavwa @piat @powalen any thoughts? My last set the Grand Yaksha one had Guts and Divine Blessing, I'm gonna miss guts.

    Last edited 07/04/15 1:07 pm

      Handicraft if you need it, I wouldn't gem for resistance, just eat for it as you need it, maybe go attack up or crit up or a defensive

        hmm, not sure, I think with Edge Lore I shouldn't need handicraft, it would be nice to have purple sharpness again though. Not sure if I should go defensive or offensive with my gems, leaning towards defense because some of these Apex dudes are crazy.

      Earplugs (particularly HG) are always handy, as is tremor resist, if you have spare slots.

        Insect Glaivers get low-level Earplugs for free if you can keep the white+yellow buff up!

      That's a little beyond my knowledge, sorry. Sounds like something I should be asking you.

        No worries, for a change I'm leading the charge in something :).

      It's hard to say because it depends on what you like and your play style. I'm also not too sure on how IG works.

      Based on my play style, Sharpness + 1 (which is a MUST HAVE for all Blademasters), HG Earplugs (which is kind of useless for IG since you get Earplugs for free), Critical Eye, Attack Up, Evade and Evade Distance are all good for me.

      Edge Lore doesn't give you Sharpness +1, it just "Prevents your attacks from being deflected and halves the rate at which Sharpness decreases" so you're probably thinking of Edgemaster ("Greatly increases Attack, and raises your weapon's Sharpness.")

      At the moment I'm using the Seregios set which gives Edge Lore, Bleed Immunity and Constitution + 2 which works wonders for me with the Seregios Axe. The SA play style involves lots of evades and there's a stamina based infinite combo, so it all works in my favour. I've got enough slots to gem in either Critical Eye + 3, Attack Up XL, Evade + 3 or HG Earplugs but I mostly find myself using Evade + 3 or Attack Up XL.

        Nah I just meant with Edge Lore my blade stays sharp for ages so going from white to purple with sharpness +1 might not be that advantageous. Wondering if I should get a few different abilities or just put loads of gems into one to get Attack up L or something. I'm very indecisive :).

          Sharpness levels give you a pretty decent attack multiplier!

          I guess you might lose sharpness levels quicker though since you're using IG. SA attacks pretty slowly and has a high attack value so it makes a difference (I think :P)

            hmm, good to know, maybe I'll go with Blight Proof, and sharpness and probably have enough slots left to improve my terrible dragon resistance. The glaives seem really different, some lose sharpness really fast and have small sections for each color while others will have one really big color and the rest are small, I think blunt glaives like the slime ones have larger sections of lower sharpness (like green) where sharp ones seem to have smaller but more sections.

      I am now a Monster Hunterer too! I've completed three quests and have only eaten one meal so far #shreddingseason

        Nice, this is my first MH, I got pretty sucked in. Let me know if you need a hand once you venture online.


    Capcom have just released details of The Great Ace Attorney limited editions.

    I don't speak Japanese, and my 3DS is the wrong region for that cartridge, but I still really want to get one of these...

      I'm sure they'll localise it. eShop-only though most likely.


        They'll localise it. I'm at least 60% sure on that. It'll probably be another e-shop release, though...

      I really hope they localise it and also release it physically. I still haven't bought AA5 because I'm still mad that they didn't make a physical version (muh collection!)

        You're missing out, man. Regardless of its format, it's a fantastic game.

    Read that article on the Youtube guy discontinuing Nintendo coverage- Am I the only one who thinks that the "nintendo partners" program is kinda bullshit? Nintendo shouldn't own IP on lets plays etc

      From what little I understand, Let's Plays toe the line of fair use by claiming them to be 'criticism' - is that right?

      I've never really understood how putting the entirety of a game on youtube could be okay. I'm actually surprised that developers/publishers don't own the IP on them...

        If it was a static medium I'd agree with you, but for a medium that prides itself on interactivity I think assuming that your game is "spoiled" because people can watch it is a bit rubbish.

          There's more than interactivity at stake. Puzzle games can certainly be spoiled, or even puzzles in games from other genres. Stories can be spoiled, which could be serious for games for which the story is the main drawcard (thinking here about Quantic Dream titles, Telltale Games, probably some RPGs too).

          But what I think is going on with Nintendo is that they want a totally family-friendly image for all their kid-centred games (like Mario Party), and want to be able to control the Youtube sector to prevent older people from swearing and getting otherwise too competitive 'on air'

          That said, it doesn't really matter what the argument is (although I think all of the above would be sufficient). Legal rights are legal rights.

          Last edited 07/04/15 3:50 pm

            I think Nintendo are way, way too overprotective of their brand.

            The thing is, from my layman's reading of copyright law (without actually BEING a lawyer), I don't think they're actually exercising their legal rights. I think they're overstepping what their rights are.

            'Fair use' and the legal discussion around it on university sites can actually be a fascinating read. It doesn't end at just parody or education, but allows for transformative works. And it's very, very easy to see that an interactive game used as the basis for static viewing of a personality's commentary could be ruled entirely transformative. The rights-holders would argue that their product is the part that's central to the work, but that is disproved by the difference in youtube personalities and their popularity being relatively consistent and distinguishable from one another, regardless of content used. If people were only watching 'Let's Plays' for the content being shown and not the personality of the youtuber, then there wouldn't be such obvious and measurable differences between the personalities like PewDiePie and AngryJoe. People who watch an AngryJoe video aren't watching it for the game, they're watching it for him reacting to the game, in much the same way as people listen to radio personalities chopping it up over the morning news, or creating a gameshow around it, like Good News Week.

            It's also even more clear-cut than traditional sampling and covers, in that it's not just a painting incorporating work of another painting, or a song sampling or covering another song, it's an entirely different medium. Games and videos are entirely different, played/viewed for different purposes with different effects.

            And the shitty thing about this program Ninty and YouTube have set up is that rather than test the limits of what rights Nintendo actually has over let's plays (and by extension, what ANY rights-holder has over them), YouTube is simply saying that it's their house, their rules, and siding with the rights-holders in setting up a program that prevents the laws from ever actually being tested in court, so that we can KNOW what the rights are and how far they extend.
            Possibly because that's something that could potentially backfire hugely for rights-holders or YouTube - everyone's scared of how much work could be involved either way.

            Last edited 07/04/15 6:49 pm

      I suppose the issue that arises is the same one where people were getting into trouble on Twitch because they were listening to music that the copyright bots detected and shut down. Copyright law is entirely nebulous and it seems to be massively in support of the original owners, regardless of whether it is a reproduction, reimagining, or used as a very, very minor component as part of a different product.

      Further to what Shane said, there's a reason why you can't post up an entire movie on YouTube and monetise it. Let's Plays, in my mind, are in a similar shade because the commentary from the player doesn't even have to be related to the game itself. The game is merely a vehicle through which viewers engage with the YouTuber, however that is a case where I believe copyright law rules in favour of the original owner. As none of these DMCAs have gone to court, no one is entirely sure of the legality of what YouTubers do.

      It's extremely bullshit, and potentially dangerous. Nintendo shouldn't be able to control the message and the flow of information so tightly.

    Obligatory weekly TAY post so that I have a link in my profile to this week's TAY; carry on!

    Monitor at work has gone caput... Bunch of lovely coloured vertical stripes across the entire screen even with display cable unplugged.

    Attempting to describe it to the service desk: it looks like a 5 year old vomited up a rainbow paddle pop.

    Long weekend felt exceedingly long.

    Got to add another note to the "going through life completely out of order" list, having realised I'd finally got around to hitting the point of "angsty teen". That was fun.

    For some reason I decided to finally start listening to Zeitgeist. Things on the soundcloud didn't seem to entirely be in order, so I worked my way through season 1 then all the specials then almost all of season 4 (got two eps left now). Listening to the start of ep 5 and thinking "wait, that sounds like he's talking about me...", then "I vaguely feel like I remember this", to "WOO I MADE IT ONTO ZEITGEIST" :P It's pretty great though, wish I got onto it sooner.

    Also it's been great having it there to listen to while playing games. Went through a whole load of Monster Hunter, I managed to break through to 9-star missions so I could take on the Brute Tigrex and get my Arachnoscale upgraded, so now have a kickarse charge blade that spends most of its time on white sharpness. Discovered that there was an even easier way to charge up the phials (holding A seems to kind of charge up static), so that's changed my fighting pattern a bit.

    Elite, I finally hit Allied with the Empire. So I parked my Sidewinder and built up a new one for exploration, and headed out into the deep dark yonder. It's... alright I guess. The main goal was to just get my name on a few systems before the flood of Steam users lay claim to even more stuff, I was lucky enough to find a few unclaimed systems not too far from home. I think I only made it a thousand lightyears or so away, but I think that's enough for me. I've turned around and started to head back (though not directly, gonna detour my way home) so hopefully I can deliver the data back to the Alliance before the community goal finishes this week. Get a nice kickstart to my rep with them, so I can get closer to triple-Allied.

    Got interrupted late on Saturday night by a phonecall from Pillowmaker. Well, not from her but a friend of hers who had taken her phone. That was a nice, lengthy, awkward phonecall. Mainly because they had all been drinking on that end and I could barely tell which voices were background and which ones wre actually talking to me. I'm racist like that. "They all sound the same to me".

    The woodfire oven got a workout again on Sunday, the cousins came over for Easter dinner since their parents have gone off somewhere. That was nice. We did a dessert pizza with nutella, strawberries, blueberries, almonds and marshmallows. Using these gigantic marshmallows that I think came from Costco or something, they're almost the size of my fist. Totally unwieldy to be roasted in a fire, unless you have like a triple-pronged skewer or something to do it with.

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    I just found out that one of my boss' kids is starting to get into Pokemon.

    Play it cool, Pow. Play it cool.

    Last edited 07/04/15 3:32 pm

      "Web Support Technician wants to battle" (No idea if that's what you do at work, just guessed) :P

      Last edited 07/04/15 3:34 pm

      Batboy has been watching Pokemon Black & White. Did you know that Team Rocket try to *steal* Pikachu!? :O

        I love how competent Team Rocket are in Black and White! :D

      Hey Boss, can you send your son into my office so we can play some pocket monsters?

        Thanks for ruining the name "pocket monsters" for me.

        Last edited 07/04/15 4:22 pm

          You're welcome

          The thing about is it just asks for it
          No, No Boss you have the wrong idea. I don't want to play with your son's pocket monster, I just want to see what he has and how it compares to mine

          Last edited 07/04/15 4:51 pm

    Just bought a packet of 100s and 1000s biscuits. All is right with the world right now

      Remember back in the day when they used to have ones with Chocolate icing as well as pink? Good times man.. good times!

    I seem to be on a romance kick at the moment. Mr. Strange is away which means I have trouble sleeping so I stay up forever watching stuff. Watched Crazy Stupid Love and No Strings Attached on Netflix last night which were surprisingly okay in my sleep-deprived state, and finished off Dragon Age:Inquisition again, with the Cullen romance which was immensely satisfying and almost perfect. So much romance! What is wrong with me?!

    Last edited 07/04/15 6:16 pm

      Someone tip off Mr Strange that he needs to come back with chocolate and roses

        And then I would think he was having an affair because the only time he's ever bought me flowers was when our son asked him to. :P

      Cullen is the canon romance in my mind. That, and siding with the mages. Everything else is 'whatever'.

        There was just so much to the relationship beyond the obligatory three steps of the romance cutscenes. So many different and interesting conversations.
        Plus, all that sneaking off for a kiss. That look on his face as he walks away is so perfect I may have done that part over and over again. :P

        Dude, you haven't lived until you've romanced Dorian. :P

          Him, Josephine, Bull, Sera... they're all thought experiments. 'What ifs'. They might be cute or adorable or thought-provoking, but they're not canon. Just like siding with the templars. SO SAYETH THE FANBOY.
          *nods firmly*

            So pretty, so wrong. :P

            Well not about the mage stuff. You're correct there.

          He's next on my list. Still haven't met up with him on my boy playthrough.

      Friends with Benefits is a much better movie than No Strings Attached. Mostly because Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have so much charisma. :)

        Ah, did you see I'd put the wrong title originally? I have actually seen Friends With Benefits before, watched it on an international flight once. Yes, the chemistry between them was great. I kind of have a thing for Ashton Kutcher though. I'm also kind of ashamed of it. :P

          No, but I had to check when posting my message because the titles are so similar and they came out at the same time.

      I recommend Safety Not Guaranteed! IT'S ON NETFLIX AND EVERYTHING!

        I totally forgot that was a thing. Never got around to seeing it.

          I finally watched it a couple of months back and it's way better than you'd think.

        Eww. He's definitely no Malcolm! Maybe I'll go watch Malcolm's original season....

          You said you'd do that many moons ago! :'(

          I think Malcolm is dating someone from this current season? Weird!

          EDIT: His original season was really good :D (better than his second!)

          Last edited 07/04/15 7:00 pm

            I keep forgetting to acquire it.

              This is where @blaghman would say something about old lady brain memory! :D :P

              (please don't hurt me!)

                Don't worry, she forgets that you've insulted her fairly quickly.

    Hey everyone.
    Every karaoke place in Melbourne doesn't accommodate over 30 people. I have tried. As we have been getting a bit bigger, I will be looking into function spaces rather than karaoke places.
    I found this one:
    But at this point in time, it's just on the list of possibilities.
    Are people happy with this? just upvote if you are

    Last edited 07/04/15 8:31 pm

      That looks good. I think a function room or something is probably a good idea. Those that are interested can always go to a karaoke place after.

        The cinema can allow for karaoke as it has xbox and ps3 access.

    Whoop, fourth boss down in Bloodborne, it was the Dark Beast Paarl, I know I should have taken him on at a higher level but I really wanted Djura's weapons and didn't want to kill him. One of my mates gave me little tip that made the fight a cakewalk (he'd killed me 4 times with little effort prior to that)
    Question, Does anyone use the Stake Driver, Rifle Spear or Tonitrus? I just got them all in quick succession and am wondering if any stand out over the others.
    Tip in spoiler in case you don't wanna know.
    he told me to keep going with Eileen the Crow's quest and get Henryk's armor, it has great bolt resistance. Paarl's damage was halved wearing it so it was much easier

    Last edited 07/04/15 7:53 pm

      Third boss only? I think you've skipped a few! :P

        just edited, he was the fourth sorry. I know I jumped ahead as soon as I could cause I wanted to make friends with Djura. Will be heading over to give the Vicar a crack soon.

        Last edited 07/04/15 7:55 pm

      I hit him at higher level, but I use the Axe, and the latter half of the fight was a cakewalk. He'd try to charge up, and I'd whack him until he fell over, losing his charge. He'd hop up, swing a coupla times, then hop away and try to charge up, where I'd run up to him, and hit him until he fell over, losing his charge. It was slightly disappointing.

        I had a really hard time knocking him down, I think my weapons weren't strong enough yet, I just hung out under him, didn't really need to dodge the electric attacks cause my resistance nerfed his damage so much. I was satisfied anyway because he'd beaten me a couple of times already

      I use Tonitrus, Ludwig's Sword and Rifle.

      Tonitrus at +6 takes most things down with one or two hits but it's trick form depletes it's condition pretty quickly. I've had to repair it more than any other weapon in the game so far.

      I'm up to ol' Wet Spider, she's giving me all kinds of grief...

        aaah, I was wondering if there was a drawback to trick mode, I checked it out in the hunter's dream and thought why would you bother using it not in trick mode. Thanks for the tip :).

      I'm still using my starting weapon: Hunter's Axe. It's +4 atm, and deals more damage than any other weapon I've picked up so far.

        Yeah I mainly use my starter the saw cleaver, got it up to +6, I've been alternating between that and the Kirkhammer, the kirkhammer has great stopping power and makes a lot of things flinch but it's pretty slow, it does a little more damage than my cleaver so I bring it out for tougher slower dudes like most of the cathedral enemies and snatchers..

        Last edited 07/04/15 9:14 pm

      I must have missed something... Haven't heard of that boss but I've taken down ... 12? bosses so far... I lost count a while ago.

        Has a snatcher (the dudes with the sack) killed you? I intentionally went to a later area specifically for that boss.

        Last edited 07/04/15 9:16 pm

          Maybe only in dream / catacomb. Not sure if I've been killed by one in a normal level. I'm pretty cautious between bosses.

            Yeah I got killed by one on purpose. trying to dodge around spoiling too much for you but they do something.

              Cool, thanks for the tip. Find one, let it kill me. From memory, the earliest one to encounter is down to the right from the church?

              Interesting that I've missed content due to *not dying*

                I heard that too, but it seems to be more random than that.

                I went down to the right from the church, and found no one there except ordinary enemies all the way to a locked door.

                  Did you go over the top or down the side? He's somewhat skippable.

                  Also, I still remember the *first* one I encountered was actually in the woods, but you can't go there until after the vicar. The comments above about skipping ahead made me think of this one as a possible pre-vicar encounter

                  @beawva, I've done both. I've combed that area pretty thoroughly.

                  Re: 2nd comment

                  Oh... well, if Vicar Amelia needs to still be alive, I won't be seeing them. I killed her before the BSB.>

                  Last edited 08/04/15 9:53 am

                  @gutsoup Ohhhh... Appearing after the BSB makes sense. My first encounter was just a new area so I didn't make the connection.

                Once you kill the Blood starved beast they start showing up, I haven't killed the vicar, so not sure if that changes anything. The area is accessible at a later point anyway you haven't missed anything. The only difference (that I'm aware of) is that if you go to the new area and kill it's boss (have also read just encountering him triggers the same thing) you can then talk to Djura, the guy on the tower with the gattling gun in old Yharnam and be friends instead of fighting him. The only benefit this gives you is a gesture and some dialogue with Djura, you get his weapons either way. I find a snatcher every time from the Cathedral ward lamp straight out the front door, kill old mate behind the wagon, turn right and he is where there used to be a couple of crows in the corner, I know they appear all over but that's the only one I've seen. Sorry for any confusion :P
                cc @shane

                  I'll have a look there. Thanks, man.

                  Edit: oh yep, there he is. I was looking in the wrong place.

                  Last edited 08/04/15 11:26 pm

    Yo @phlanispo,

    You gotta join Twitter or send me an email if there's a prob with Zeitgeist downloads. I can't reply to you otherwise!

    Love the ever present over sharing man child,


      Is there a way to download a whole season at once? Or do you just have to do all the tracks individually?

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