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    So, it's taken me a while to really get into Bloodborne. Going through Central Yarnham, Old Yarnham, and figuring out the locked-door maze of the Cathedral Ward was very... 'by the numbers'. You really only have one path to go along, so you follow it. There's rarely ever any danger, because if you need to pause or take a break, you just walk backwards a little to a spot you've already cleared, and you're golden. But after making my way up to the healing ward/workshop/and unlocking what looks like two side-hubs, all without finding a single damn lantern and carrying a LOT of souls echoes around to make entering every new area a nerve-wracking 'does this open up a boss fight?' experience (which incidentally is what happened with the Cleric Beast - thank god I one-shot him), I'm starting to feel the magic.

      I was actually impressed by all the branching paths in Central Yarnham. There's a huge amount of stuff in there that took a couple of extra hours to clear out entirely. It seems linear at first, but there are actually quite a few options to turn off the 'default' path and go exploring.

      In terms of the lack of lanterns, I'm finding that it's much more common to unlock shortcuts than new lanterns. I'm more than totally okay with this! :)

      I'm not feeling Chalice Dungeons yet, though. Admittedly, I've only done one so far (the one you unlock by progressing in Old Yarnham), but it seemed really quite basic in terms of structure and difficulty.

        Yeah, Chalice Dungeons are a bit of a mystery to me... I've completely cleared out my first one now, and I did it as early as I could manage thanks to people saying 'don't leave it too late because you'll overpower everything'. I left it too late. Procedurally-generated doesn't have the same flair and sense of place as the rest, it's true, and I don't know how many of the enemies will actually make an appearance in the world proper, but I've had some good times discovering them. My first encounter with one of those long-fingered, sack-wielding one-shotters was in the chalice dungeon, and those weird building-height, luminescent, fireball-spewing centipedes.

        Central Yarnham's a decent zone, and I totally got lost there trying to figure out where I hadn't explored yet, but once you figure it out, it's really just one route with some shortcuts in it. I guess that's all you can really say about any map, really... but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it until I stumbled into the woods, encountered the witch, then turned back and chose the other path and encountered... uh. OK, I chickened out at some giant blue basin, which could either be a safe point, or something really horrible. At that point I was carrying some 60,000 souls echoes and decided not to chance it.

        The main benefits to chalice dungeons:
        1) Different boss fights (some of which I have not found elsewhere in the game)
        2) Chance of rare weapon/armour drops in the bonus areas.

          They're a nice little side pool to splash around in when you want a break from the main path. I've hit a bit of a wall with my 2-3 boss for the first chalice variety, maybe it'll click when I go back to it now that I've smashed a bunch of main path since last attempt.

    @shane I sent you an email but not sure if you got it.

      If it's the one I replied to when I saw this post, then I got it. Otherwise... I don't think I did.


    It's still a month away, but I'm around (along with @trjn and @freya) for the megagame on the 9th of May, at this stage flying in on the 8th. We should do a thing, probably on the Friday night? Suggestions?

      Where will you be staying?

      I could do with a night out.

        I don't know where @redartifice is staying but the Megagame is out near Nepean or something, and my uni stuff is at USyd. So *I* would love to do something in the city if that's convenient (but obviously depends on where everyone else is).

          If you're hanging around the Uni, then food in Newtown is always good.

          If you're hanging around the Uni, then food in Newtown is always good. And Gelato at Cow&Moon at Enmore.

        The megagame is out at Narellan, but that doesn't lock me into staying there.

    I just made nachos, you know what goes great with nachos? TAYlist requests.

      Nachos hey...?


      James Taylor - Mexico
      (Anybody, but Patsy Cline or Frank Sinatra come to mind) - South of the Border
      Grateful Dead - Mexicali Blues
      Jimmy Buffet - Margaritaville
      Herb Alpert - Little Spanish Flea (Shut up, I know Spain isn't Mexico)
      The Champs - Tequila

      Should have known better - Sufjan Stevens

      Or something by Iron and Wine

      SexyBack - Justin Timberlake
      S&M - Rihanna
      Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado

      I really wanna do a sex themed playlist some time...

      Last edited 08/04/15 1:21 pm

      Sing it Again - Broadway Sounds

      Was the first song I thought of when I thought about the nachos, it's a nice little party beat.

      Oooo song, something something, erm

      Love Shack - The B52s

      4 in the Morning - Gwen Stefani

        Not sure if trolling, but I actually like the songs you're choosing! :p

          Me too. They're secret shames. Haha!

      Baba Yetu - Christopher Tin and Soweto Gospel Choir

      Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

      In honour of my going to see them play live in a couple of weeks time, my submission is:
      Frenzal Rhomb - Metrognome

    Man, Bloodborne is a pretty cool guy but some stuff is really annoying me. Like 40s - a minute load times, every time you die. And the camera sticking to your butt when you lock on, especially with big enemies, so you can't see the environment or judge range properly.
    And for a game that revolves around dodging, the dodge sure needs to be a little more responsive.

      I've found dodging to be pretty decent, but sometimes it doesn't react when I press the button (perhaps input delay, perhaps still performing other animations?). Dodging towards and slightly to the side of enemies while locked on seems to work best for me.

        I think there is slight input delay on all actions, or maybe it just takes a split second for the animations to kick into gear.
        Mildly aggravating on a fast paced game.

          That's weird because the other Souls games never had that problem. Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with the lack of animation cancelling?

            Yeah, maybe that/what Beavwa said.
            Also I think it is because dodge activates on button release not press since run is on the same button. Which was probably the same in Souls so dunno why it is throwing me off here.

        It appears to have input queueing, so while an animation is playing your button press determines what happens next once that animation finishes. Took a while to reprogram my brain to get used to it since monster hunter just has input windows that open once an animation finishes.

      I'd heard everyone talking about the load times while we were in Japan, and when I first fired the thing up there was a several-gig patch, so I was really hoping that was the load-time patch they promised. Now I'm really hoping it wasn't. Because if that's the 'fixed' load times, I hate to think what it originally would've been.

      (Edit: That said, I'm pretty that wasn't it, and I'm sure Mark's on top of it and we'll get a dedicated article on Kotaku about the load-time patch.)

      Last edited 08/04/15 12:53 pm

        No, they haven't changed in patches. But I've said several times that they don't seem that bad to me. I could be wrong, but they seem of a similar length to previous Souls games... only there's no random lore or tips to keep you entertained.

    I'm a Monster Hunter now! :D

    I've killed a few Jaggi and am up to the Level 2 quests now.

    How do I git gud?

      By not being a nub.


      I have never hunted a monster.

      Hunt more monsters.
      Prance in front of a monster after you take it down.

        So that's what I'm doing wrong. I just get straight to cutting usually.


          ...Fine, you can carve. But the moment you're finished carving, PRANCE!

      From my limited understanding of the game; you kill things and then wear the things you killed?

    I completed my Hazard Perception Test! I have P Plates now! (About two years after I should have got them, because I'm a shit like that.)

    It doesn't mean I in any way have the confidence to drive solo, but it's a nice thing to have, like a bit of mayonnaise to have on your burger or a communications degree.

      Actually, a lot of employers require you to have a licence.

        And here I thought you were going to say a communications degree =P

          Communications degree > no degree

          Actually, a lot more companies could use someone with a comms degree, the amount of atrocious copy I read...

          No one needs one of them.

          *looks at communications degree sadly*

            Still better than mine. Fine Arts majoring in Creative and Professional Writing. So very useful for my career. :P

              Bachelor of Communications (Creative Writing) - apparently it's actually worth a hair less than an Arts degree with the same majors.

              I'd imagine that comes very handy in being a dungeon master =P An essential skillset if I've ever heard one!

          And here I thought you were going to say mayonnaise...

      Only reason I got my P plates was because I wasn't allowed to have an 18th birthday party if I didn't. I wanted my Xbox LAN, dammit. I've not had similar motivation since, so I still have my red P's, nine years later. :P

      Good on you mate, I'll need to do my own come July, so I can move on to P2s and not have to deal with those stupid plastic squares.

        Do P2s not have to have the plates in your state? I went to P2 last July and just moved not green Ps from red ones, and I'm now restricted to 100km/h instead of 90. I won't be able to go not an unrestricted license and lose the plates completely for another 15 months. :(

          Plates for Ls and P1s only in SA, Ls limited to 80 km/h, P1s to 100 km/h, unsure for speed limit on P2s (probably 100, or as signed)

          Last edited 08/04/15 3:44 pm

            Ah. In NSW it's:

            Learners: Driver knowledge test - L plates and require fully licensed supervisor, restricted to 90km/h (recently increased from 80km/h).
            P1: Driving test - Red P-plates, no supervision required, restricted to 90km/h.
            P2: Hazard perception test - Green P plates, restricted to 100km/h.
            Unrestricted (silver): combination knowledge and hazard percetion test, no speed restriction (other than posted limited).
            Unrestricted (gold): hold a silver for at least 5 years - no fundamental difference to silver but you can renew for 5 year periods instead of 1 or 3, works out slightly cheaper in the long term.

              As of march if you're renewing your gold licence you can go for a 10yr one! (I renewed mine a week before I knew this info!)


                Aw dammit. I think I got mine in Feb or something.

            I don't think there's a speed limit for Ls in WA. I think the state wants L-platers to have freeway experience. Green Ps also require plates.

              L platers used to be restricted to 80 in NSW but they increased it to 90 as they want young drivers to be supervised when going that fast for the first time. I really think that needs to be upped to 100 but eh, what do I know.

              Speed limit is 100km for L platers (and you're not allowed to drive in Kingspark, for some weird reason...). Also you're not allowed to drive between midnight and 6am, I believe...

              No restrictions for P platers in WA though, other than having about half the demerits a full licence has.

    Slow arvo is slow, so

    Ask Me Anything!

      If you could choose without penalty or fear of retaliation, who would you kill in all of the RPGs that you're currently playing/GMing (this includes the GM or NPCs)?

      Last edited 08/04/15 3:22 pm

        Bob's character Viktor, only because the reaction would be hilarious and I'm not convinced he'd stay dead.

      - Do you believe in Aliens?
      - How will you react when cats rise up to be the dominant species?
      - Most painful memory?
      - Happiest childhood memory?
      - Shoot, shag, marry: 3 TAYbies of your choice.
      - What is your dream job?
      - on a scale of Sphynx cat to Wooly Mammoth, how hairy are you?
      - If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

        - I think on the odds that Aliens exist, but I don't think theyve visited and my belief in them doesn't matter either way
        - Die from hayfever
        - Probably my Grandmother's death
        - Hard to tell, childhood was generally very happy
        - Shoot: I dunno Shag: transientmind #mostinterestingmanontay Marry: I dunno, cookingmama if I got access to the food?
        - Dream Job: I'm happiest when I'm challenged. Probably something a bit more social than now, but no role I aspire to.
        - I dunno what that's like as a scale, but not super hairy but not hairless. Moderately?
        - Something with a bit of pomp and ceremony. If I wasn't a staunch supporter of a Republic, the Royal Scepter?

      A few questions that I need to know:

      How you could ever hurt me so?
      I need to know what I've done wrong and how long it's been going on.
      Was it that I never paid enough attention?
      Or did I not give enough affection?
      Not only will your answers keep me sane but I'll know never to make the same mistake again.
      You can tell me to my face or even on the phone. You can write it in a letter, either way, I have to know.
      Did I never treat you right?
      Did I always start the fight?
      Either way, I'm going out of my mind, all the answers to my questions I have to find.

        1. You know what you did
        2. You still now, and it's been far too long
        3. Nope, you're frankly a little obsessed
        4. see 3
        5. This is a statement, not a question
        6. See 5
        7. You treated me OK, I guess?
        8. Yes
        9. see 5

      Why RazArtifice?
      Favourite Cosplay?
      RPGaems, Tabletop Gaems, Console Gaems or PC Gaems?

        Well, it has been Redartifice, but I changed it after PAX because Raz, which is also my favourite cosplay that I've done (short list.)
        Probably Tabletop (due to the ease with which I can cajole people into actually playing them), then RPGaems, then Console, then PC

      1. Opinions on burritos?
      2. Red Rock Deli or Kettle?

      3. If you could be any animal, I would be:
      A) a carpenter ant
      B) a nurse shark
      C) a lawyer bird.

      4. Do you prefer the smell of:
      A) gasoline
      B) french fries
      C) bank customers

      5. Any movies that scared you as a child?
      6. Why have you tricked us in to thinking you were a PC gamer all this time?

        1. yes. Well in favour
        2. Red Rock
        3. Bird
        4. I don't think bank customers have a uniform smell, so probably gasoline
        5. Mr Boogedy scared the shit out of both me and my brother
        6. I reject the premise of your question

    So who has money on me royally screwing up installing this new motherboard and breaking everything?

    Taking bets now.

      One hundred Itchy and Scratchy dollars.


      Motherboards are pretty easy to install, so I give you an 85% chance of screwing it up.

    Posted this elsewhere, so feel free to ignore if you've read already!
    So I walk back in from lunch today, to a bunch of my colleagues staring at me.... Ok.. only mildly concerned.. I am a bit of a freak.. people often stare.. nothing new.
    Colleague addresses me directly "Apparently your name has been flying around through the customers chain of command, and made its way to the top".....
    Ok... now I'm scared...
    "The user was so happy with your services, they've told everyone!"
    *DIES OF EMBARRASSMENT* also secretly *FIGJAM* :0
    All I did was get her to press 1 button!!! Sure pressing that button brought their entire phone and computer systems back online (which had been down for over a day).. but it was just 1 button!

    You! TAY! Why you being so slow?!


        I talked about Deus Ex until people didn't want to talk about Deus Ex any more. AND THEN I TALKED ABOUT IT SOME MORE.

        What more do you want? I'm only one man! :'(


          Actually, nah, you pull yer weight :)

            Not like there's much weight to 'im, that boy is nothing but skin and bones! :O

              Ere, e's nowt but a twig! 'ow a boy like that gets imself a jorb as conversational lubricant I'll ne'er know!

              I think our accents just went weird...

    Between Firefox crashing/locking up every few seconds (not even an exaggeration, it did it in the middle of typing this post), Skype continuing to be a piece of shit that won't deliver messages to people I'm otherwise able to talk to just fine, and the cold making my hands too numbto be able to function correctly, I'm just about ready to hulk rage out and destroy something.

    Monster Hunter was probably a terrible idea also.

      How do you manage to have so many problems with Firefox? It's always been super stable for me with the only problem it keeps trying to be Chrome which if I wanted Chrome I'd use Chrome.

        I don't know, every time it upgrades it seems to just crap itself.


    Super brief boss discussion because that's all I'm really thinking about right now! (Early to mid-game boss names here)
    I just took down one of the optional bosses after leaving him alone for about two weeks, the dreaded Darkbeast Paarl. Blaghs is pretty much right in that you can stunlock him at half health, but it really did take some practice actually getting to that point. He and the Blood-Starved Beast are the only two I've really struggled with though. Cleric, Amelia, Three Amigos, Witches all went down on the first try, Rom and One Reborn were two tries. We don't talk about Father Ganon. Feelin' smug! But I've enjoyed all the boss fights so far.

    I did actually die right as I killed Rom though, and the PS4 now auto takes a screenshot every time you get a trophy, so that trophy pops up and the screenshot is just a YOU DIED message fading in while my body disappears. Got to keep the blood echoes though!

    Regarding progress (spoilers for lateish? game?)
    I'm a bit stuck on where to go next in that I have a lot of options and none are particularly inviting. I've got the two nightmares in the Lecture Building that don't sound fun but also seem like the required path forward and there's still some optional places. So instead I accepted the summons to Cainhurst Castle, got really excited because it was snowing, then died 20 times to eldritch spider things. So instead instead I went to the Upper Cathedral where one of those jerkbags that eat your Insight was waiting.

    So now I'm just crying or something. Seems like the average enemies are harder than the bosses here.

      Fun fact
      I finished the school nightmare path before I finished the forbidden forest. I also discovered recently about this whole darkbeast thing since I never died appropriately to open that.
      I also died as I beat Rom, but I never got the echoes for it

        I had to go back for the echoes, technically. They were very hard to find in the void.

          How many did I lose?

            About 25k...

              Eh, could have been worse. Not the most I've lost.

                I think I lost ~80k once...

                  I lost 72k to the Shadows because I could not find my echoes in the arena. I ran around it six times while they chased me, desperately searching. :/

      From memory:
      After Rom, you go through Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. You've done the Darkbeast Paarl - have you progressed far enough through the Unseen Village to take on the One Reborn yet? I took out One Reborn before heading into the Nightmare Lecture Building, then did the Nightmare Frontier, then did the Nightmare of Mensis.

      Nightmare of Mensis culminates in a boss battle that allows you access to the final boss battle. Perhaps do Nightmare Frontier and Cainhurst Castle first.

      Speaking of which - how do you get to Cainhurst? I have absolutely no idea haha. Before I fight the final boss etc.

        For Cainhurst, you need a Summons item which you get from the clinic you started the game in, but you have to go a real roundabout way to get there (I'm not sure if you want that explained so I'll leave that out for now). The item description tells you what to do next.

        I have killed One Reborn, definitely looking to do as much optional stuff/bosses as I can before finishing because I rarely bother continuing with these games after doing the final boss!

          Found Cainhurst. At the boss of that place now. Apparently two other optional areas to check out: Upper Cathedral Ward, and Temple of Despair.

    I watched this movie called "Boys" the other day.
    Kicked me right in the emotions it did.
    Basically it's about a young guy coming to terms with who he is, as he starts falling in love with another guy.

    I know it's probably not up most of your alleys, but it was nice finding a movie that I could connect to for a change...
    (it's always, "boy meets girl, boy falls in love, yadda yadda", which is fine, I understand that that's the norm, and they're still enjoyable to watch)

    Pretty solid film overall, made me feel like trash, but good film.

    Now Netflix keeps recommending other homosexual movies to me, which is fine, but I'm finding it ineresting that they're all foreign films.

      I know from watching late night SBS all the time when I was your age that there's a lot of European films with boy meets boy stuff. :D

      I'm fairly confident there's some good anime in that vein too (I remember my brother recommending some at uni), but there's a lot of trash, which is really aimed more at teenage girls than it is at gay dudes.

      Last edited 08/04/15 8:05 pm

        Yeah, I'm not venturing into the anime side of homosexuality... :O

        I don't go out of my way to watch movies like this either. I just saw it there on Netflix and had heard of it, so decided to give it a go.

        Just found it interesting that I could only find foreign films about this subject mainly.

          Yeah, don't venture in to that side of anime. The rubbish is REALLY rubbish.

      Weekend is pretty excellent. It's from the director who went on to do Looking on HBO.

        I made Ben watch it and he loved it. It's a good movie. *decisive nod*

          Hmm, I might give it a go...
          Never heard of it before, but it has the DC stamp of approval!

          Still need to check out this Looking show too :P

            And don't forget the US version of Queer As Folk. For years that was the only 'drama' show I considered worth watching on TV every week.

    Dammit, Foxtel. I have work to get done but you chose right now to air your very first episode of Big Giant Swords?! :P

    Yes! Frenzied Brach felled twice, got my Demolition CBlade!

    Wish I could balance out my stats better. One less Stun for one more Psychic and I'd be set.

      Played any Guild quests yet?

        A couple, when I was trying to unlock something or other to get a creature I didn't have to get a part I needed to upgrade so I could get past something or other I was stuck on. But then I realised that would take way too long and gave up, and went back to slamming my head against the wall until it broke.

        Thankfully it was the wall that gave way first.

      I read that as 'Yes! Frenchied that Brax fella twice."

      Yep, that's all I contributed to this discussion.

      Last edited 09/04/15 3:04 am

    Blergh. Silverlight? Really Netflix? Really?

      One advantage my Windows 8.1 PC has - Netflix app. Gets equal use between the PC, tablet, phone and XBone.

        I just downloaded that. Silverlight kept crashing or refusing to load. The app runs perfectly (as perfect as it can with my internet).

    Hi everyone it's me. That person who posted on TAY and sometime does when I'm not spending time potato.

    I am doing a quick shameless promotion because I am going to be at Supanova this weekend at Melbourne doing an Artist Alley table. I will be located at "Lost Pocket" with some really talented artists who do things with art I don't do. I'll be selling some cute magical girl themed tights and some laser cut accessories.

    I'm also selling a Discworld themed item that I'm donating all the profits towards an orangutan charity. (which you can check out here )

    I hope people will come visit me and look at my accessories potato.

      What kind of potato?

        A budget potato

        Last edited 08/04/15 10:01 pm

      I would like one of those thingoes, can I mail order one? Or can one of you fine taybies grab me one?

        I can make one to mail to you but I will be heading to AVcon in July if you regularly go to those thingos. Message me on the tweeters and I can make some up anyway.

      Hey, it's that person!
      (Pssst, guys, who is this again?)

    Pretty slim pickin's for the PS+ games this month, only one PS4 game (Tower Of Guns).

    Also Dishonored for the PS3 and Killzone: Mercenary and Monsterbag for the Vita.

    Last edited 08/04/15 11:05 pm

      I got them all because free.
      Might play them at some point as well.

        This is what I do every time. If I ever take a sharp blow to the head and find myself buying a Vita for some reason, I should have a pretty good library.

          Hey wait a minute.
          I have a vita they are a lot of fun.
          I don't even need to buy games for it due to PS+

            Heh. It's not so much a dig at vita-owners as the fact that it'd be a poor investment for someone like me because I'd never use it. I've run into this issue before with the PSP and DS (original).

              Ahh I see.
              I use mine more on long trips same goes with the 3DS.
              Any time we take the train into the city I take both.
              Same when I got to Sydney.
              Also the off screen play with the PS4 is alright.

    Just showed my wife that test footage of the Deadpool movie, she was thoroughly unimpressed.

    *prepares divorce papers*

      No no, this is salvageable... it'll be hard work, expensive, and require a lot of patience. But if you can push through buying and setting up easy-reading format for the entire collection of Deadpool comics series and cross-series cameos, and have the patience to wait while she reads them, eventually she should understand.

      I know it's a little one-sided with you having to do all the heavy lifting while she just gets the joy of reading awesomesauce, but sometimes relationships are a little unfair.
      You can do this. I have faith in you.

    Continuing with the MCU

    Next up Iron Man 2.

      I might do this also before Age of Ultron.
      Just not going to rewatch S1 of Agents of Shield. Because that would take way too much time.

        I really have to get around to watching that, keep meaning to buy Season 1, but it's like $50-$60.

        That's an excellent plan! I should do the same. AND watch Agents of Shield. I sort of lost interest by like... the second or third episode.

    THE STRANGE (@strange?) THE SERIES


    The party defeated Tom Mallard, also known as Tokmal, the Master!

    - @beeawwb used his power of sculpture to reassemble a statue... then curbstomped a nasty beastie
    - @trjn explored the merits of rabbit-based projectiles
    - @gingerchris86 unleashed the POWER OF HIS MIND on a bunch of dudes

    cc @blaghman @freezespreston @quiz_b

    With Tokmal defeated (but escaped) and the Gospel of Lotan secured, the party has completed their mission from the estate. This therefore wraps up the first episode of The Strange: The Series, and next time will be a new adventure, in 4 weeks. What I'll do then is open up 6 slots for participants (I know @negativezero is keen to play, and @sernobulus was originally going to play this series but had work) and we'll reassemble a team for the next mission. I'll let you all know closer to the time, and if there's anyone else who is interested in participating let me know, they'll be loosely serialised. Thanks to all of you for playing in episode 1, hope you enjoyed it!

      With what went down today I don't think I can commit to playing :(

      Viktor will decide if he stay with Estate after return to Earth or go use newly returned wang for next months.

      In a month's time hey... hmmm very well! I wish to register my interest! Who do I kill to win a spot?

    1% of players already have the Bloodborne platinum... The hell?

      They're honestly not that challenging. Most of it is from exploring. Only real time consuming challenge is completing the game 3 times.

        I'm probably just antsy as I only got to start playing last night.

          You get about half the trophy's from progression to the ending.

      Can finish it in a coupla hours, it's a noob game for scrubs.

    So, I finished my second playthrough of Bloodborne and got the ending I wanted.

    Now I don't know what to do with my life...

      Get the third ending and round out the trophy list. *nod*

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