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    I'm 59 minutes into a 2-hour collection of Big Band songs. I have weird tastes in music.

      Why weird? Glen Miller wrote some of the best music ever.

    Dammit, my Avast AntiVirus is free trial is expiring soon. I can't ignore this. Didn't even realise that I was even on a trial, I guess I thought it was a 'free but you pay for the important stuff' type of dealy.

    There's a 50% off special, but I have no idea when it ends. I have to act fast.


      Wait, it is an unlimited trial. All I had to do was register with email address. Crisis averted.

        Send me your money to avoid such crisiseseses crises? Yes, crises. That's a weird looking word. I need sleep

      ... you could always install MSE (or just use Defender in win 8+)

    Bloodborne is depressing me with how terrible I am at it. It's going to be a long settling in period and lots of frustration to deal with methinks.

      There was definitely a significant adjustment period for me. Spent a lot more time / effort reflecting on the mechanics and my own inputs than I normally would with any game.

      Not to worry - I'm coming up to school you in one week! \o/

      This is funny because I'm terrible at it too

      Last edited 09/04/15 8:14 am

      Exactly how I felt with the Souls games, took me a good 20-25 hours of play time just to get to The Lost Bastille in Dark Souls II.

      Some of the stuff was OK to adjust to... style difference, I guess: Keeping distance, separating larger packs one by one, fight back quickly when struck to regain vital health, realize that their series of combo strikes are not always the same number of swings (you'll think they only have three moves in a combo and move in afte the third, only to discover that actually that particular combo can chain up to seven).

      The thing that's given me the most trouble is the difference in responsiveness. I am certain that compared to Dark Souls there is some kind of additional lag or non-responsiveness in certain commands. Someone mentioned something about not being action-cancelling or animation-cancelling or something? I dunno. I just know that sometimes the button I push doesn't do the thing I want it to when I want it to.

      Took me maybe four/five hours to progress reliably up to the first boss, unlock the shortcuts and beat the boss. Longest segment in the game for me, due to the long adjustment period to how the game functions mechanically.

      Once you get used to the pacing, it's amazing.

    Gah, The Witcher 3, why you announce DLC that'll have more content each than most full games? This is going to take over my life this year...and I'm looking forward more to Arkham Asylum D: stupid games being full of good

    Also missing my now defunct PS3. I have a hankering for Red Dead :( the cynic in me would say I'm a sucker for playing massive games and then complaining I have no time to do anything and everything. The cynic in me can sit on it

    Finally, free ESO weekend next weekend. T'will determine whether I get it on PS4 or not

    How's everyone anyway? Short week almost finished \o/

    Last edited 09/04/15 8:32 am

      Did anyone else get an email from TESO advising that they'd redeemed a code for the free weekend against their old account? I've had like three emails from them and while I wrote off the first couple as advertising fluff I'd ignore (seriously, I'm not interested), the third actually used language that made it look like I'd taken some action myself, redeeming a key. Makin' me think the account's compromised. :P

        I got that too. Looks like they might have flicked the 'reactivated' flag for everyone and that email got generated.

          That's my assumption. Gotta build a player base again and get some hype going ahead of the console releases

            What I don't get though - it's a "Welcome Back Weekend"
            Your account has been reactivated for the duration of our Welcome Back Weekend promotion. You’ll have access to play ESOTU from 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST) on April 16th until 15:00 GMT (10:00am EST) on April 20th*.

            So what happens after the weekend?
            Alarm bells ring, someone pulls an oversized toggle while yelling "SHUT IT DOWN. SHUT IT ALL DOWN" and the lights dim as everything powers down?

            It's a free to play game now. What is to be gained by saying there's a time limit - will you stop me playing the game for free after that point instead of playing it for free?

    Really hanging out for Monday when school goes back and I can spend a good 7-8 hours straight with Bloodborne.

    Called up Disney yesterday to see if they could give us some Avengers 2 merchandise for a competition and maybe some promo t-shirts for the staff. They said that they'd send us some stuff by the end of the week, but they didn't specify what they were sending us. Excited to see what we'll get, reckon we'll have a best costume competition, hopefully we'll get a decent amount of people cosplaying.

    An insane week coming up. Not only do I have to prepare and launch a Kickstarter campaign by the 14th, but on the night of Saturday 11th, I'll be at the Aurealis Award ceremony, where I've been nominated for an award, and on the 16th, I'm flying out to the Gold Coast to exhibit at Supanova.

    Any one of these would normally be enough to wring me out emotionally, but I actually feel almost okay. I think the convergence of all three at once has created a Three-Stooges-Syndrome situation.

    My main hope for the new Deus Ex is that it's as intelligently written as the previous one. Fuck there was some smart SF stuff in that one which is rarely seen in games.

      All the action in the trailer was cool and all, but the story, setting, and flexibility of approach was what made HR an excellent game.

      I need to get back into that. The confusion of leveling left me feeling like I was stuck where I didn't want to be

    Tried DS2-SotFS on PC this morning. First fifteen minutes were spent figuring out why my controller wouldn't work. Unplugged flight stick, no go. Unplugged the tartarus as well... There we go. Rushed through the opening area, got to the second area in FoFG. New enemy composition is interesting, but returning durability bug is annoying. Got both a broadsword and a morning star down to "weapon at risk" status getting to the bonfire with old-lady-lifegems - had to run past the last set of enemies, too, lest I actually break my morning star. Not sure if it's the same bug as the old version exacerbated by higher enemy counts, or if it's actually worse.

    Then I get to work to the face of 3500 server error emails and counting. It's going to be one of those days, eh?

    So I played a little of the F2P Pokemon Rumble game last night. Pretty fun distraction. These are the sort of games that really work with a F2P model because even if I'd paid for it I probably wouldn't play for longer than 10mins at a time anyway.

    Also apparently there's a $30 microtransaction limit. Spending $30 unlocks 'full game' mode that reduces the in-game cooldown periods which I think is a pretty good practice (especially because these games would probably skew to the younger spend-happy crowd)

      Oh I've been meaning to try that one out. Did you ever get Pokemon Shuffle?

        I was playing and talking about it during our Brisbane trip! :P

    "American RPGs are based on conquest or saving the world for justice or peace," says Meli. "European RPGs, even if they draw upon Greek or Nordic mythologies, are often based on Christian philosophies and focus on prophecies of a chosen one. Japanese RPGs are based on the Hiroshima trauma. The hero tries to avoid a big explosion."

    That is a really, really astute analysis. interesting article too

      If you watch any anime, the reality of Hiroshima's cultural impact (and in fact, as far back as the Meiji restoration - kicked off when US ironclads parked themselves in a harbor and, from a position of nigh-invincibility, effortlessly shelled the technologically-inferior Japanese into opening up trade) is pretty unsettling.

      There are countless anime series about super-powered aliens with overwhelming force engaging in a conflict with Japan as ground zero and the low-tech Japanese/Humans ostensibly the 'losers', eking out a post-war cease-fire survival under the watchful eye of their former aggressors.

      The most fucked-up thing I remember seeing in the Hiroshima memorial when we were there the other week was the focus placed by residents on the government's change to their wording about the incident. They claimed responsibility for taking 'wrong action' by getting involved in the war, which allowed them to take responsibility for medical expenses for the victims.

      But what struck me was these guys were saying it was their fault they got bombed. They are the only nation in the world to suffer the as-yet unprosecuted war crime of having a weapon of mass destruction used on civilian targets, and they're declaring it's their own fault.

      Yes, it's to enable the bureaucracy to support the victims, but on principle... 'Fucked up' doesn't even begin to cover it.

        The atom bombs are never going to be prosecuted as war crimes. Aint gonna happen. For starters, the concept of a WMD wasn't a thing at the time.

          I know. I'm just bitter about America's bullshit. You know for sure if Iraq (or in the not too distant future, Iran) had managed to detonate a WMD on a major American city, killing two thirds of its population, they'd have tried someone for war crimes and never ever see - let alone admit - the hypocrisy in it.

            I don't think you can apply stuff from 1945 as a comparison to what would happen with the detonation of a nuclear weapon today.

              Yep, this. I have it on good authority that not one iPad was destroyed in the Hiroshima attack. NOT ONE.

              Well, they're certainly more lethal today, but I dunno... I'm pretty sure the reactions then would be about the same then as today. One rule for America, another rule for everyone else. Saber-rattling and calls for vengeance instead of shocked submission and dignified, guilt-ridden dedication to non-violent pursuit of peace. The myth of American exceptionalism (especially exceptionalism as exemption) makes me very grumpy.

              Last edited 09/04/15 2:50 pm

                We know more about Nuclear weapons and science now than we did then. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were seen as shortening the war and saving allied lives. I'm actually pretty sure that if Obama had his way the American nuclear stockpile would be almost zero.

                Besides, why nuke an entire city in 2015 when you can just use a drone strike. Much neater.

                  Well... we do need to save some nukes for asteroids. ...And aliens/kaiju/trans-dimensional horrors.

        It actually goes back even further than that. Right back to the Sengoku period - Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi who succeeded him were so successful in conquering their neighbours because they used flintlock rifles and cannons they purchased from foreign traders. They also were progressives and most of the Christian daimyou allied with them as well. That whole foreign focus was deeply frightening to the mode conservative factions who allied behind Tokugawa Ieyasu, who subsequently established the Tokugawa shogunate and turned the country isolationist. So the fear of outside influence on the country goes back to at least the 16th century.

        But it is really important when thinking about any pop culture product out of Japan to remember that they're pretty much a post-Apocalyptic society.

        That whole statement in Hiroshima really got to me as well. It's like they've been told so often that they had it coming that they've accepted the idea that they deserved it. Their conduct in WW2 was deplorable, but even so it's hard to agree that nuking civilian targets rather than military ones was necessary or justifiable. Especially when the real reason for using it was so the US could show off how big their dick was to the Soviets.

      I'd argue that almost every JRPG is about saving the world for justice and/or peace as well.

        Yet they all end with killing god for some reason.

        Last edited 10/04/15 1:06 am

    Okay, so I have all the info I need now.

    Belgian beer cafe requires the group spends at least $2500 on food and drink. There is no booking fee or hire fee. It may already be booked out, I need to check.
    With 45 people that equals $55.50 per person.

    Golden Monkey requires the group spends $2000 on food and drink. No booking or hire fee. With 45 people that equals $44.45 per person.

    Backlot has a $745 hire fee, but that books out the entire venue for us for 3 hours. They offer catering which includes platter and canapes and the platter range from $88 to $150 for 20 pieces of food. Drinks cost roughly $8-10 for alcoholic drinks and $3.50 to $5.00 for non-alcoholic ones.

    Does this help?
    Backlot's menu

    Tier One - $88.00 per platter (20 pieces)
    Mushroom arancini served with aioli
    Bruschetta with roast peppers with marinated feta & thyme
    Sautéed silverbeet and haloumi filo parcel
    Chicken and leek pies
    Sausage rolls with a tomato and capsicum chutney
    Mini pizzas

    Tier Two - $100.00 per platter (20 pieces)
    Sautéed silverbeet and haloumi filo parcel
    Shepherds pie with capsicum chutney
    Charred garlic and herb calamari with ginger & lime aioli
    Corn cake with sautéed mushroom sour cream and chives
    Spiced eggplant and chicken skewers with mint yogurt
    Cinnamon French toast brioche with crispy pancetta crème fraiche almonds and
    Garlic butter king prawns
    Rare peppered beef with caramelised onion & beetroot horseradish on croute

    Tier Three - $120.00 per platter (20 pieces)
    Duck pancake with cucumber garlic chive & a ginger dressing
    Marinated goats cheese walnut & caramelised onion tart with kale and truffle oil
    Lime cured scallops with pickled ginger purple carrot & Sheso
    Rosemary lamb skewers
    Smoked trout with salmon roe radish & cane pepper fraiche on quinoa & potato latke

    Tier Four - Mini Dish $150.00 per platter (20 pieces)
    Pulled pork sliders with potato wedges
    Spicy chicken ribs & herb polenta chip cones
    Snapper fillets on velvet mash with a butter leek & caper sauce
    Garlic beef lettuce cups with purple carrot cucumber coriander & sweet chili lime
    Kransky in warm buns with home made chutney dijon mustard & a light sprout salad

    Tier Five - Petite Sweets $110.00 per platter (20 pieces)
    Cinnamon apple crumble
    Mini lemon meringue
    Berry trifle
    Chocolate coated profiteroles with crème patisserie
    Cream brûlée

    Last edited 09/04/15 4:55 pm

      I still like the idea if the Backlot, seems a bit more free to various shenanigans.. But at the end of the day I'll go wherever all the lovely people want to be

        Yeah, I'm of this mind.

        Sit down meals are great, but for a big group I think platters are a better idea. Plus, some of them sound amazing.

      I think the best idea would to try and bring the per-person costs down as much as possible. That means either loading up on as many people as we can cram into the place or leaning towards a setup like the Backlot offers.

      It's a lot easier to get people to agree to something where they put down $20 upfront and buy drinks than are told they have to spend $50 on food and drink.

      To help bring the costs down, are there any venues that let you bring your own drinks? A couple of cases of beer/cider, some bottles of spirits and a good amount of soft drink could dramatically drop the price.

      After all, what we really need is a space where people can do whatever they please. If that space happens to have something set up so people can play Mario Kart or Singstar, all the better.

      Backlot seems like the best option but it'd be good to see if there are similar (ie, non-restaurant/bar) options.

      I'm sure I could come at all of those options, they all sound good. If we got a big enough group together, I'm sure we'd hit $2500, but what's the penalty if we don't?

        I have no idea. I guess we end up having to pay the $2500 anyway

        If I remember correctly, it's like setting a prepaid cap of $2500 that can be used to cover the costs for food and drinks for your party, either way the cost will be $2500 at the end of the night, even if we buy only $1700 worth of food/drink total.

        Last edited 09/04/15 3:58 pm

          Maybe a cap in the same way that telcos tried to use it. It's a minimum spend, so the bill will be at least $2500.

          The problem with it is that if the group goes under the minimum spend, someone's going to be on the hook for the difference. You can get around that by having people chip in a set amount initially or feel pressured to spend a certain amount (which will almost definitely result in an overspend because there will almost always be people in the group willing to spend more than the average).

          An upfront cost to book and get stuff, like Backlot offers, means that everyone can chip in a nominal amount to cover their costs and then not have to worry about the rest. There's no stress if it's all sorted out beforehand.

          With a group the size of ours, both models should work fine but I much prefer the latter option.

            The former we did in the first PAX meat in the Rainbow Karaoke Bar where we had that minimum spend that we arranged for people to chip in, and the latter was last year's PAX meat in Galactic Circus where we paid a set package per person cost with a small cost in addition for just hiring the room out. I do agree we should do that latter option you mentioned.

      Assuming I'm able to come (I'm hoping to buy a 3 day pass in the next few weeks and arrange accommodation in the next couple of months) I'm quite happy spending $50-$100 on food and drinks at the Belgian Beer Cafe.

      But if everyone else would prefer one of the other venues I'll be happy to go wherever.

        Looks like we may be leaning towards Backlot. It'll probably be cheapest at this stage

          That's fine, majority rules, as long as there's food and beer I'll be happy.

      I'm easy. I don't drink, but I'm sure I can rack up a hefty food bill if that's the way we go :P

      Also, Scree, you're a legend for being organised about this stuff. Kudos.

        Well, would you like to purchase a platter to your self? =P
        I'm leaning more towards Backlot and people seem to agree. I highly doubt Belgian beer cafe would be available.

        I'm thinking this is the last year I do this though, I get too stressed out

        Last edited 09/04/15 9:29 pm

      I think the issue with the backlot is the 3 hour time limit and then we are out on the street. At least with somewhere like a pub or bar once the time is up then you just filter into the major area, or if they open up the function room other people start mingling in with us

        I'm asking if we can have it longer. That's just what that amount pays for.

    Why do cats love laps so much?
    Max has pretty much made mine her second bed...

    Bored, don't wanna do uni work...
    You guys can AMA if you want (since apparently it's coming back in).

      Do lions drive jaguars?

        I don't... Understand...
        If you're asking if I like jaguar cars, then not really.
        I drive a Toyota. Far prefer a more practical car than a luxury car.

          It's more what does a liondrive.

            Hey, I made the name a while ago when I was young (cause it sounded cool).
            Doesn't mean anything, I just wanted the word "lion" in the name, and hate using numbers, hyphens, or underscores.
            Thought liondrive sounded cool :P

            I guess, if a lion was going to drive anything though, it would be one of those safari jeeps.

              I thought it meant you had the drive of a proud lion.
              stalking throgh life, seeing what you want & taking it!

              Also, a demon under the sheets! ;-)

      What is the capital of Assyria?

        You guys suck at this game, and I hate you all.

        No clue, in other words.
        A, cause it's a noun.

          Just having a bit of fun. Seriously though.

          What is your favourite animated movie of all time?
          If you were a superhero and you could choose your superpower, what would it be?
          What was the first video game you remember playing?
          Shoot, shag, marry three TAYbies? and
          Why do you love Black Swan so much?

            Favourite animated movie changes depending on mood.
            It varies between either Beauty and the Beast, or Bambi.
            Runners up go to Anastasia or Hercules.

            I'd like to be able to commune with animals.
            I wouldn't be so much a superhero, I just think it'd be a cool super power :)
            That, or flight, for its usefulness.

            First video game I remember playing was Spyro the Dragon. It was set up on one of those demo stands at my local Dick Smith.
            I was so good at the game that the man who was playing before me (who stopped to see if I could get passed where he was stuck) convinced my mum to get the game, and a PS1 for me for Christmas :)
            (it was Christmas, btw)

            Shoot: @transientmind.
            Hear me out, because I have reasoning!
            Not to KILL, just a flesh wound of his choosing. I think he'd be a sport about it, I hear women love scars, and it'd give him another interesting story to tell.
            "And I got this scar here *points to scar* in a game of shoot, shag, marry"
            Shag: @dkzeitgeist (no eye contact)
            Marry: @jimu (obviously)

            I love the tone of Black Swan, and the whole aspect of chasing perfection.
            It oddly comforts me, in a weird, disturbing way.
            I think it's some of the best acting I've seen, and I think it's a truly fantastic movie.
            More people should see it.
            It would be my number 1 movie technically, but Scott Pilgrim and Kill Bill have more heart, which is why they just pip it.

              Reasoning seems sound to me. :)

                You know I love 'ya :*
                I just think, outta everyone here, you'd be the most sporting about being shot is all...
                And it WOULD be an interesting story! :D

              I might be an embarrassment out in the club, but I'm a dependable, life-long partner.


    I love Netflix. With all my heart. And I love Suits. I really love Suits.

    Shovel Knight is coming to Xbox. I hear things about this game. Good things.

      Kotaku has been very intermittently responsive for me this afternoon. Haven't visited since about 6am though, so can't say how long it's been this way

        It's been really weird for me all day. I've had about 3 different types of error pages come up.

      The first few seasons of Suits were pretty great, but it started getting a bit tired at season 4 I thought :(

        Aww damn that's not too reassuring. I'm only up to episode 4 season I may come round to your way of thinking yet.

      Yeah, the website's been overloading for most of the day. Could have been DDos attacks or maybe Mar Serrels spilt his chai latte on a web server.

    TAYlist for the 9th of April 2015 TAYlist - the TAY Playlist, sponsored by Kotaku's login breaking, preventing me from fetching requests

    Daryl Braithwaite - The Horses
    Starship - Sara
    Jack Johnson - Sitting Waiting Wishing
    Ian Moss - Telephone Booth
    madonna - Living For Love
    Joy Enriquez - Tell Me How You Feel
    Stephanie McIntosh - Tightrope
    New Radicals - You Get What You Give
    Newton Faulkner - Dream Catch Me
    Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F
    Company Of Strangers - Sweet Love
    Big Pig - Breakaway
    OMI - Cheerleader
    Something with Numbers - We'll Fight
    Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca
    Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind

      No "Stars are Blind"...

        Kotaku's login breaking, preventing me from fetching requests

        Did you even read the spoiler? You too, @phlanispo.

          I did, but I thought you would've remembered two people requesting it :'(

            I don't remember anything, ever; what is memory? Is it a snack food?

      Shouldn't be surprised you didn't have a CD of Baba Yetu.

        I've got Calling All Dawns, don't worry. I played it on your behalf.

    The bosses in Borderlands PreSequel are annoying. Geared towards parties and very hard to solo.

      I've found that with all Borderlands games, I die A LOT when I play solo.

        Yeah, the only character I rarely died in solo with is Kreig mostly because his skill increased survivability and had no cooldown if you used it low health.

    Ok, I'm pretty sure my computer is a vampire. Firefox will only run properly once the sun goes down, otherwise it's a crashy freezy piece of shit. And Skype won't deliver until it gets dark.

    Doesn't help that Kotaku's been crapping itself all day, every time the pages would actually load so I could read them everything would lock up and I'd have to kill it, after which the site would fail to load again. Humbug.

    So, what's the go with WoW man? You still playing?

      I have officially retired; hung up my cape so to speak. For no other reason than as soon as I stopped I felt ridiculously so much more happier =\ I must've not tagged you in the post to red last week -

      I did mention that if either you take up a multi-player game and are looking for a body to fill a spot always count me in =]

        Fair enough, kinda saw it coming.
        Same back at ya with MP games - let me know if you pick anything up.

        Maybe jump on sometime and promote someone else to Guild Leader so peeps can continue in your absence if they wish.

          I've actually run out of game time and would need to resub to pass the reigns; chances are ill get some free game time in a few months trying to get me to resub; ill jump on move the rights across!

          At the moment I'm sucked back into D3 and Heroes of the Storm; if you're interested in jumping in for either of those let me know =]

    Speaking of PAX been looking at accommodation options and the best (cheapest) option I can find is The Great Southern Hotel Melbourne @ $110 a night.

    You guys know of anywhere better, don't really want to spend more than $150 a night.

      Also, gonna have to start thinking about cosplay ideas, the only one I can think of at the moment is Max Payne (from MP3), but to pull that off I'd really have to hunker down and start a strict diet and training regimen.

        Not really, just make sure you have something of his that is really identifiable.

          Like alcohol and painkillers?

            *fist shake* I am trying to help here!

        Yeah, that's the only one I can think of cosplaying too, being white, bearded, and bald, with no inclination toward elaborate costumes or inhuman/impossible levels of body-sculpting. At least Max has some stockiness to him compared to, say... Kratos. :P

    Decisions decisions, should I continue with the MCU and watch Thor, or start on season 3 of Game Of Thrones so I'm all caught up for season 5 on monday?

    ACT peeps @bdkiaf @blaghman @rize @shane I think?

    I'm looking into the possibility of moving to Canberra for work, curious about the cost of living over there. The job I'm looking at is probably a 25%+ pay cut over what I was earning so trying to figure out if it'll actually be workable or not.

      This'll be interesting. Sounds like a tough call. That's significant money.

      That's about the kind of cut I took when I rage-quit Telstra and ended up in government. Ultimately it was a good decision for my sanity because ethically the government is a lot more... benign than Telstra. But it definitely set back some of my long-term financial plans.

        This would also be a government job if you haven't realized. I can't tell you what it'd involve because they can't tell me what it would involve without security clearance. :P It sounds like cool work. Though also probably not as challenging and you absolutely cannot take it home with you so there's sort of an enforced work-life balance.

        It looks like I'm probably going to be relocating regardless. :(

      There aren't many options for cheap living here - it's an unusually uniformly middle-class city.

      I imagine most living expenses are relatively comparable to other cities, so I'm guessing you're focusing primarily upon housing costs. We have one go-to website with all rentals and houses for sale. will give you a taste of rental/purchase prices.

        Thanks. This basically echoes what some of my contacts at the job are saying. Cost of living about the same, and housing weirdly about the same cost too. Though on the upside I could probably live toward the edge of the city and still commute (job is in Russel) so I can probably find something a bit cheaper than what I pay here in Melbourne and have a similar commute time.

      Cheaper than inner western Sydney, more expensive than a country town. Currently a renter's market in terms of housing prices.
      Power and gas seem comparable to NSW (although it was for <1q during summer so it may jump up over winter).
      Groceries wise - well, we were able to do pretty well in country NSW. I think we spend a bit more here BUT there's a Costco!

      If you're looking for a decent one bedroom apartment you can get a place that is <10 years old starting at $200, depending on location.

      To add something on what the others have said: Housing (both buying and renting, though buying's a bit pricey because nobody wants to sell) is currently cheap (by Canberra standards), and is likely to stay that way until a change in federal government. So when looking at prices, keep in mind that they'll probably jump up significantly when Labor are back in.

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