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    I picked a strange time to get into watching competitive League of Legends. I mean, I haven't played since the end of 2013. (broken patcher means my game is locked away forever, despite my best efforts) But it's so much fun to watch.

    Joe Hockey wants us to pay more for Netflix and Steam.

    You know, if we didn't allow all the giant corporations to dodge all their tax and give all the tax revenue we do make to the mining companies we probably wouldn't be desperately trying to find money everywhere else...

      Cut their pay and we'd have plenty of money. -_-

      Don't forget all the people that get a tax incentive to buy all our houses.

      I don't really have an issue with this. They probably should have GST on them.

        This; inherently I don't have an issue with. What I have an issue with is using this as a solution when there's much bigger fish to catch but the government doesn't have the legislative balls to draw up anything that might irk larger corporations. Ugh I'm just completely disillusioned with democracy after the past few years.

        It's the timing of it. People are up in arms about corporations and super rich evading all the tax and the government doing nothing and they respond by proposing a tax on low cost items. It's bewildering.

          and Google and Apple are two of the companies they've already targeted.

          And it's just days after the iiNet decision too. The timing is really weird.

          It's what they always do, give all the rich people all the tax breaks and make the poor people pay for it.

        I'd happily pay a GST on digital items if it meant we stopped getting Australia-taxed by paying $90 USD for a digital item that only costs $60 USD to people in the US despite there being no additional delivery overheads.

      The problem that exists is because the current law enables a whole bunch of the activities that large corporations undertake because they weren't really intended for the scale at which multinational corporations operate as a business. The majority of Australia is governed by federal law that is at least twenty years older, if not more, and there is still a lot of the tax act from 1936 that is still in force.

      Changing the laws that currently stand is a minefield because it's like trying to renovate a house that has been progressively built upon over time and is now a rickety, Harry Potter-esque building held up by sheer stubbornness. None of the politicians want to touch it because it is too hard for them to consider and doesn't really win any votes.

      heh I made the same point on an fb post last night! Cept I referred to things like the $7 co-payment etc, as I had not seen this then! Such a dumb move. We finally manage to get a streaming service in Aus, at a reasonable price, which is likely to bring down piracy numbers, and what's the first thing they wanna do? Jack up the price and make everyone go back to torrenting.. well played fuckwits

    3am, and I'm wide awake... :(

      *wavies at 4am* Heyo. I'm going to try sleeping again. I hit the sack as soon as I had dinner after a long work day and it's fucked with my sleep schedule. :P

        Hmm I have always thought that it was not good for your digestive system to lay down right after eating.

    Waking up a minute before you alarm goes off is a two-edged sword. It feels nice to beat the clock but that's a minute of extra sleep that you miss out on.

    Bartender says, "We don't serve time travellers here."
    A time traveller walks into a bar.

      What did the bra say to the hat?

      You go on a head and I’ll give these two a lift.

      Animal puns are not funny in any neigh, sheep or farm

      When I was a child, my dad tried to force feed me.
      After a while, my mum said, "Just use a spoon, Mike. You're not a Jedi."

      Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants? In case they get a hole in one.

      Why did the tomato turn red? It saw the salad dressing.

      Two jump leads walk into a bar, barman says "don't you two start anything".

      What did one ovary say to the other?
      They must be having a party downstairs, two nuts are trying to push an organ up the passsage.

    A little while ago, I ordered some shirts from woot's back catalogue. They arrived today and I'm kind of disappointed. I think they use a different printing process. They still look alright but the reprint of the Dr Horrible one that I've worn out is all wrong.

    Oh well, at least I now own a shirt with a trojan rabbit on it.

      The only shirt I own from woot is that Van Gogh/Discworld Endless Night shirt you linked to on Twitter like 5 months ago or something. I've browsed their other shirts from time to time including back catalogue sales and while I like their comparitively low pricing very little actually appeals to me. I should probably unsubscribe from their mailing list because I seem to get about 3 pieces of junk mail from them a day.

        I have a handful of their shirts and they're pretty good quality. It's been a long time since I've bought new clothes, so I grabbed some more from them. Most of their stuff is meh but there are the occasional shirts that are super rad. I'm really annoyed that the Dr Horrible reprint looks wrong. I've been wearing my old one for years and it's my favourite shirt.

    Tomorrow is Tabletop day, and I hear those boardgamers are pretty kinky. I hear they prefer to do it on a table with a lot of specific rules.

    #dadjokepagesix #hi@strange

      This morning I was woken up early by my kids, and when I went back to bed I messed around on my phone to try and get sleepy again. I discovered TAY was working again and that we were on page six so I decided to try and find a dad joke to post so I could put in a spoilertag "#dadjokepagesix #hi@redartifice" just for you. But I fell asleep before finding something that wasn't awful. #oldladystrange

      Last edited 10/04/15 10:43 am

    My copy of Fight Night Round 3 for xbox arrived this morning.
    I am Happyguy. :D

    I had a dream last night that one half of my hair suddenly turned blonde overnight. Nobody in my dream believed me that I didn't dye it on purpose to try and be cool.

    It was actually a nightmare.

      Inspiration for hairstyles comes from anywhere! This is a sign!! =P

      One time when I was 16 I went to get blonde streaks put in my hair and the hairdresser misunderstood and made my entire fringe blonde along with the highlights throughout my hair. It looked alright, but it was way more noticeable than I was going for since I was in army cadets at the time and they had a "no coloured hair" policy. To make things worse it was right before a long stay in barracks for Junior and Senior NCO courses so I was around a bunch of cadets from my own and other units 24/7.

      Anyway, the hair got some attention, people complimenting it, but I was trying to downplay it and just kept insisting it was just sun-bleached because I didn't want the "officers" to pay too much attention and potentially cop shit for it. At one point I guess it got out of control and people actually got pissed off at me for just repeatedly saying "nah, it's just sun-bleached" whenever they were just trying to make polite conversation.

      It's one of those things I still cringe about, 16 years later.

      One of my high school friends used to get random blonde/golden hairs and we'd pluck them out for ...good luck or something?

      He didn't like it :P :D

    So what do you guys think about Lego Dimensions?

    I'm actually pretty excited for it, there's so many different franchises they have access to, and they're big hook is that you can do anything anywhere, e.g. If you want to have the wicked witch of the west fly the invisible jet you can. That's been one of Disney Infinity's major downfalls (you can only use specific characters in each playset.


      If there's anything that makes total sense for the toys-to-life genre, it's LEGO. Surprised they didn't jump on the train sooner!

      Eh, I like the idea of the Skylanders/Disney Infinity/Ammibo/Dimensions whatever but I don't think they're for me at all. As much as I like collecting pointless trinkets, I feel like I should maybe be into the games themselves to justify the clutter.

      Like, what will the game even consist of?

    Anyone heard anything from Hot Sexy Lover? Haven't seen him around lately.

    Must be off doing something hot and sexy.

      Hot *Sweeeet* Lover.
      And he's been on twitter, and said he kept running into those pesky network issues with Kotaku.

        Hmm, could've sworn he originally said it was hot sexy lover.


          Still here... Just had a rough week. Working on setting it right over the weekend so should be back in shape next week.

          PS. @liondrive had it right... I'm sweet, but not very sexy.

    My laptop's battery has been completely useless for a while. I've been putting off getting it fixed and then my laptop decided to crash while trying to show Freya how awesome Hideo Itami is (mostly because his kids are super cute).

    Guess I'll go visit that genius bar and hand over a large sum of moneys.

      I went into one of those for the first time ever this week. My Mum dragged me in there because she needed her phone fixed. It was like walking into Hell.

        When my wife and I first got iPhone 4Ss hers went all weird after about 2 months - it would simply not retain battery life (running down from 100% to 0% in about ten minutes), and when left plugged into charge it would get super hot, as in potentially burning your fingers.

        We were on a Telstra plan so I went to a Telstra shop and they said all they would do is send it to Apple for a replacement, so I walked a little further down the street to the Apple store since I work in the CBD, and showed it to a "genius".

        He basically plugged it in to charge it and verify the issue existed, opened it up to see if the insides were cooked (probably also checking for water damage) and, unable to figure out what the problem was, simply handed over a brand new one. Completely painless experience.

    Ugh... I'm procrastinating working at work... and TAY is being annoyingly slow sooo.....

    TAY AMA!

      Are you really the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?

        What?! How did you.... *nervous laugh* no that's crazy; of course I'm not.

      Are you really a puppet master or a master of puppets
      If you had to play 1 games for 24 hours straight what woudl it be
      Who do you ship
      What is the dark hidden secret you are trying to hide by having your kotaku profile private
      Peach, nectarine, orange or plum?

        Yes of course I'm really a master of puppets; why else would I call myself a puppetmaster?!
        I would have to say any shin megami tensei game; I could easily play any of those for over 24 hours
        Hmmm this is a tough one.... Lets go with the USS Enterprise
        The secret shame of the number of Kotaku comments I've made; this could cost me my job dammit!
        I hate all fruits but out of those options I'd say I hate oranges the least? =P

      Can you comment on your relationship with the Muppets?

        As Mr puppet's lawyer we would like to say that we have no further comment on this topic at this point in time.

    You are all monsters! How am I supposed to procrastinate doing my assignment when no one posts anything!?

    So, I deleted about 5000 error emails yesterday. Thunderbird is now telling me I have 287841 more, as a result of yesterday's server meltdown. It then coughed, spluttered and appears to be dying. Can't say my reaction is all that different, tbh.

      Oh, that's right... OWA refuses to let me select more than 20 emails at a time. Screw it - most of them got sorted into an otherwise mostly empty folder. *deletes folder*
      Still have 10,000 sitting in my inbox (which Thunderbird refuses to acknowledge exist - PTSD, I guess) but I guess 500 manual delete operations is better than 12500...

    RIP Richie Benaud, you truely were marvellous on and off the field. :`(

    Is that a real name alert for Bunny on the homepage.
    Time to consult the list

      That's got to be one of those fake internet names. His real name is Bunny after all.

      Where is this alert? Did I miss something?

        the top ten board games article has a familiar author.

        It's @trjn

          ahh yer I knew trjn's name already! Thanks though...just wasn't sure what he was talking about on "the homepage" :) I thought it might have been something that had been I missed while at work, and didn't feel like hunting through all the stories :)

    Hello I am PlatinumUrchin.
    Because no one asked for it here is my AMA.

      Platinum coated urchin, or urchin comprised of platinum, or urchin that has the characteristics of platinum but isn't actually platinum?

      Also, Sea Urchin or street urchin?

        More of an urchin that is 100% pure platinum.

        A little of both depending on the weather at the time.

      But why?

        Because why not. Also I could and did :-P

          I'm just messing. My son has suddenly started endlessly replying to every one of my explanations with, 'why?' and it's both hilarious and exhausting at the same time.

            It's all good.
            My daughter does the same thing but only when she gets told no to something it is just simply annoying due to her being 11.
            Oh well what can you do.

      Are you my father?

        Due to my advanced age it could be a possibility. Would have to do a DNA test to find out. But then I don't think dust has any DNA in it so it is unknown.

      What is your favourite Pokémon?

        Because i like fire and burning is fun.
        (Well only in computer games)

    Been at Mum and Dad's for a week. Been pretty good, but I'm glad to be home. What sucks though, is that I need to cook for myself now. I really enjoyed having Dad cook plenty of good food for me.

      That is always the problem of going to ones parents place for any amount of time

        Yep. Oh well, I'll survive, particularly as I did my grocery shopping.

    Huh, update finished downloading on the Borderlands Handsome collection (7Gb!?) and all of a sudden I have 99 Badass tokens, 80 Golden Keys and a tonne of weapons available all in the PreSequel.

    Is that normal?

      Yep. Got the same in BL2. Having so many golden keys kind of ruins the fun of new guns dropping.

      Edit: Also, the update size is because it includes the newest DLC for the Pre-Sequel.

      Last edited 10/04/15 2:39 pm

      I think it was the loyalty rewards they done for the handsome jack collection.
      You will find the same in borderlands 2.
      I have 180 keys in BL2 and somewhat over 100 in the pre sequel.

        I'll have to check, but I think I have 1.

          Shift codes for keys get put up on Twitter and Facebook every so often.
          If and when you need keys check both of them.

    Dammit TAY!!! Not a single post in 2 hours?!? What's wrong with everyone?!? [email protected]

      It's not just TAY that's been quiet. The Valley (where I work) was almost a ghost town today. Hardly any traffic going in to work as well as coming home. Lunch time I usually see a hundred or so people walking about as I have my smoke, but today I saw like 5 people... dunno what everyone's been doing, but I loved it!!!

    So, what's your weekend plans? I'mma watch daredevil, dumpling tomorrow, then go to a disney engagement party in a Tron costume.

      Work tonight, go to a swap meet tomorrow, then games, drinking and Game Of Thrones.

      I'll be serving food at a wedding, lame job, but hey, money is a thing.

      Do you have glow stuffs for the costume!?

        I'm going to buy some glowsticks because I was unhappy with the effect I got from LED lights.

          EL wire!

            See, if you were on TWITTER (hint, hint) you would have seen this entire process where I couldn't get EL wire in time and they didn't have it locally.

      So far I am planning to go to the physio to work out why my heel hurts because I am tired of getting out of bed and hobbling like an old lady (I mean, I'm an old lady, but not *that* old)

      Might play some more games. Then look up and wonder where the weekend went.

    Daredevil is finally out! *flails arms Kermit the Frog style*
    Was hoping it'd be out at the start of our 10th of April, even checked it at midnight just to see. Probably good it didn't come out then, would've gotten no sleep at all. Mind you I probably won't get any tonight either xD

    Weeee nothing to see here...

    Last edited 10/04/15 5:55 pm

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