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    On the last weekend I made a choice to quit an MMO, essentially had a huge shift in spare time I had to divert.

    Haven't read a Book/Novel since Destiny>Wow which spans from September to now, decided to force read a chapter every night until I remember why I did it in the first place :P after 3 nights safe to say I have my groove back.

    Played Sims 4 a little bit, got bored after 10 hrs.

    Installing Pillars of Eternity and AOE2 HD right now, using it as an excuse to post here :S going to play PoE, not AOE2HD yet however, I read some article that their doing a new expansion for it so figured I might as well re-install it.

    Been playing lots of Bloodborne, at the same time voice chatting with a american friend of mine which limits my expedience since I'm purposely trying to keep our progression parallel.

    So yeah this weekend... lots of PoE maybe some Bloodborne also having my sisters 30th birthday party tomorrow(her birthday was last week but due to Easter decided she wanted to have the party the week after.)

    TL;DR: Bloodborne is awesome, going to go play Pillars of Eternity soon :o

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      What are you reading?

        War Crimes by Christie Golden, I would of mentioned it earlier but these VG books have such a niche market that people who would have any interest in it would already know about it.

      A good part of why my Pile of Shame got out of hand is because I spent a big chunk of my life playing WoW.

        Ya.. gotta watch out for MMOs and MOBAs heck even pseudo MMOs like Borderlands and Destiny can steal 300+ hours from you before you even realize.


        Edit: But yeah I'm looking forward to playing some catch up.

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    NegativeZero's Anime Impressions Round 2
    Watching the new season because otherwise @transientmind would have to

    Shokugeki no Soma
    Soma lives with his dad and the two run a small restaurant. His dream is to surpass his father's cooking ability and take over the store. His father, however, arranges for him to be transferred into the top culinary school in the country, where only the top 10% of students even manage to graduate. The style is very over the top, reminding me heaps of an older show, Yakitate Japan. Expect Iron Chef style cooking battles followed by hilariously overblown reactions by the judges sampling the food. It seemed delightfully silly and pretty well done, and I enjoyed the first episode heaps. Will be a regular watch for me.

    Denpa Kyoushi
    I thought I'd seen it all a dozen times. Loser otaku somehow lands a job as a high school teacher and ends up spending his time educating his students on the finer points of panty shots or whatever. Turns out that that's not what this is, based on episode 1. This is basically Great Teacher Onizuka, except instead of being a delinquent, the protagonist is a brilliant but utterly unmotivated nerd. I expected nothing from this and was actually quite surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Will be watching more to see if it maintains that.

    Arslan Senki
    Arslan is the young, naive prince of a country with some deep issues, and will eventually be forced to succeed the throne and defend his country against invading armies and stuff. Arslan is an old epic from the guy who wrote Tytania, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and stuff. This is actually an adaption of a remake manga being written by the author of Full Metal Alchemist, with the original Arslan author's blessing & collaboration. First episode I thought was weak, but I think this could be good once it gets established. That said, it might still be a bit ploddy and full of hot air. Worth sticking out for a bit to see how it develops.

    Show By Rock
    Pretty terrible. Girl who wants to join the school's band club but is too afraid to actually do it gets sucked into a world inside a mobile phone game where she turns into a weird anthropomorphic CG cat and rocks out to beat off some monsters and stuff. It wasn't really that bad, but the CG is incredibly jarring since they kept swapping between it and traditional 2D animation, and that alone was enough to put me right off even if the content had been okay. At least make your show consistent. Really didn't like this, dropped.

    Weirdly, this basically has the same issue as Show By Rock. It swaps between 2D and 3D, with the 3D characters having a different design style to the 2D. However the difference is that the actual look is consistent between them, the CG usage is actually really good, and rather than being weird furry-looking things, the CG characters are just chibi-fied. This appears to be a story about a dude who finds that the reason his rent was so low is that there is a wierd portal in his living room through which he encounters an over-eager cat-girl who is aiming to be the 13th animal in the Zodiac. And the other Zodiac girls appear to not be too thrilled about that or something. I don't really know what was going on, but the character art is unmistakably by Akio Watanabe and I'd watch anything he's done the designs for even if it's not great. Also Boar-girl is super cute. So I guess I'm watching for a bit. Hard to recommend this though.

    Hibike! Euphonium
    This is Kyoto Animation's show for the season, and you really can never go wrong with giving Kyoani stuff a go. So far this looks like it'll end up being a bit of a re-tread of the territory they already explored with K-On, though I get the impression it might be a bit more music and competition focused. It's set in Kyoto (which is cool since I recognized some of the locations in the backgrounds) Kumiko and her friend Reina were in a middle school concert band which was good, but not good enough to compete at the state level. Despite her new high school's band being vastly inferior, Kumiko is convinced to join. Presumably they'll attempt to drive the band to the nationals or something. It seems really good and extremely well-done, as expected from KyoAni. Would probably be the best looking show this season if I didn't know that ufotable are going to blow our minds with Unlimited Budget Works again.

    Triage X
    Straight up awful. Basically a bunch of vigilantes with a medical motif (ambulances and stuff and talking about EXCISING THE LESIONS and shit) that go around murdering Yakuza and so on. Girl with tits twice the size of her head. Black bars and white fog everywere. Utter toss. Couldn't make it through the first episode. Avoid.

    Kekkai Sensen
    I couldn't get into this. I think it's set in New York or somewhere resembling it. A portal to another dimension opened and all sorts of abberations and monsters appeared from it and set about everyday life. Main character gets mistakenly roped into joining some kind of paramilitary group. Also had a framing narrative around the guy sending a letter to his little sister telling her about all the crazy shit he's been doing. It just didn't seem hugely interesting to me and I didn't get through episode 1. It's not bad, but it's not great either and there's a lot of quality shows and stuff that's grabbed my attention more thoroughly this season, so not bothering.

    High School DxD Born
    Third season. Story is about a dude that's an enormous perv and reprobate that somehow lands a date with a hot chick, only for her to turn out to be a fallen angel that wants to eat his liver. After she kills him, he's resurrected as the servant of a smoking hot redhead demon noble. Also it turns out that he's somehow inherited the power of a Dragon, which inhabits his right arm and allows him to boost up his power. It's an absolutely stupid show and let's not beat around the bush: it's full of naked tits. This is a non-insignificant part of the appeal, but it's mainly just that the show is very self-aware about how utterly dumb it is. I enjoyed the first two seasons quite a bit and have high hopes for this as well. It certainly knows what it's about - Time Til Tits is literally 0, they're the first thing you see in the episode. Not complaining. Regular watch.

    Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku
    Not sure about this one. Main character is actually something I don't think I've encountered a lot in anime before - she's a complete perv with a thing for cute girls and a habit of delusions brought on by playing too many porn games. She somehow ends up in a school for people with supernatural powers or something (though I don't think she's realized this) where the clubs battle each other to gain points that can be exchanged for food, lodgings etc. It's an odd show really. I couldn't get a fix on what it was trying to do. Not sure if it's deliberate or just scatterbrained writing or poor execution. It seemed like there was some interesting promise there though, and I might watch more to see how it develops.

    Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
    AKA DanMachi AKA "Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?". The setup is that there are various deities that descended to earth to live among humans. Those that join their 'familia' gain special powers, turning them into adventurers and allowing them to enter dungeons to fight monsters for money etc. This appears to function basically like a video game - the monsters disappear in a black mist and leave behind drops and there's levels and stuff. Main character a weak level 1 and the sole member of the familia of Hestia, a moeblob goddess that has a massive crush on him that he either is oblivious to or is studiously ignoring. Anyway, after venturing too deep in a dungeon he's attacked by an enormous minotaur, only to be saved by an extremely powerful swordswoman from the Loki famila. He immediately falls for her, naturally. I really liked the first episode of this. It's dumb fantasy but it looks like it has a lot of heart to it and Hestia is pretty great. Definitely going to be a regular.

    My current regular watch list for the season looks like:
    - Unlimited Blade Works
    - Seraph of the End
    - Euphonium
    - DanMachi
    - Nanoha Vivid
    - Shokugeki no Soma
    - Denpa Kyoushi
    - Highschool DxD

    And possibly Arslan and/or Mikagura Gakuen as well.

    Yet to watch:
    - Houkago Pleiades (TV adaption of a magical girl OVA anime produced by Gainax and Subaru - yes, the car people)
    - Ghost in the Shell Arise (I think this is just TV adaptions of the Arise OVAs, if so will skip as Arise is a bit average and I've seen it)
    - Punch Line (Noitamina show, written by the guy that wrote Ever17 and also the Zero Escape games)
    - Ninja Slayer (Studio Trigger's new show)
    - Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches (Read some of the manga and it's a good if dumb RomCom)
    - Nisekoi Season 2 (Shaft's show for the season, more of the same which was great (Team Chitoge))
    - Urawa no Usagi-chan (this is a weird anime produced by Urawa in Saitama to promote the city, have to try it - might be another Locodol)
    - Re-Kan (sounds really mediocre but might be good)
    - The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan (I've heard this is awful, like bad fanfiction starring characters from that show you liked a decade ago, but with all their personalities so different that they're barely recognizable)
    - Lupin III (The last Lupin TV series, The Woman Named Fujiko Mine, was top notch. Hope this is as good)
    - New seasons of Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru, Kin-iro Mosaic, maybe Knights of Sidonia once I get around to finishing the first seasons (may wait on Sidonia anyway since IIRC the first season TV broadcast was censored a bit)

    EDIT: This is looking like a really good season.

    Last edited 10/04/15 11:09 pm

      I really liked the first episode of Disappearance of Yuki Nagato.

      But then my impression should be taken as an extremely casual anime watcher/massive fan of the original series. I'm just glad to see all the characters again even if they are completely different and animated by a different company :P

        Well if you're going to see the same characters again I'd vastly prefer they had animated that brilliant doujin manga where Haruhi does something that causes everyone to swap genders. Kyonko is actually an improvement on normal Kyon.

        EDIT: Or just continued animating Haruhi. There's tons of novels they haven't done yet.

        Last edited 10/04/15 11:47 pm

          Or just continued animating Haruhi. There's tons of novels they haven't done yet.

          You're telling me! The next story in line for animating is my favourite in the entire series. I'm gasping for a third season :P

      For me, DxD has been more enjoyable than it had any right to be, even since season 1.
      Funnily enough, the studio behind the animation (TNK) were responsible for the animation in School Days, though that was the only redeeming aspect of that anime.

    New XenUblade Direct!

    It's still looking pretty awesome except... character designs are SO fugly! But worse of all is the music... oh the music is dreadful. I'm sure it'll be fine but it seems like every song has some terrible lyrics that just ruins it :/

      I heard some great stuff in there too. But yeah, there's one particular battle track that's just awful because of the daggy lyrics.

      But the lyrics thing is part of Sawano's style. He likes vocal tracks. Some of his Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill work has insanely dumb lyrics.

      He's a relative unknown in the games composition field but has done a lot of excellent work for anime and TV. He's an excellent composer overall, capable of doing big orchestral stuff (see Gundam Unicorn for examples), pop (the EDs he did for Aldnoah Zero are amazing, especially season 1's second ending) and rock. Also has some beautiful piano compositions. He's a bit like Yoko Kanno in that he does a bunch of styles and collaborates with a common set of vocalists. Some of the stuff he's done with Cyua for example (who sings mainly in German) reminds me of Nier's soundtrack. This one for example:

      I suspect you'll find the bulk of the soundtrack's pretty decent.

    Oh my god this means they're going to give the third manga arc an adaption! That was easily the best part of the original TV series...

    Happy weekend everyone! Good news is that my sore heel just inflammation. Bad news is no running for a while until it's better. Looks like my 50th parkrun will be a little bit delayed.

    Damn Internet isn't working. Cannot tell if it's the line or the router. If it is the router, it is replaceable. If it is the line. I am proper fucked.

      get a phone and plug it in to the line. lift the handset and see if you can hear a dial-tone. If you can, does it sound crackly or faint?

        You know what shits me about this... I haven't owned a landline phone for probably 8 years and given sync issues turn up at weird times I don't really want to go track down a phone to plug in.

          heh well unfortunately, without any testing equipment, there's no other really reliable way to check if it's a line issue or not. I know it's shit, but that's all u can do apart from getting a tech to check it, and if they find no issues, they will charge you for checking

        Thanks, I'll try that. Are you referring to a landline or a mobile phone?

        Sent using a local library computer


            Ach, yeah. Tried that. No sound.

              ah then either your phone cable between wall and phone is no good, or the line's stuffed

      Having done a few years of ADSL phone support, my advice is to check EVERYTHING. Check for outages with your provider. Check the line by plugging in a phone as @welbot suggested. Check that everything has been plugged in correctly. Check other outlets through the house to make sure that all the line filters are plugged in properly too - sometimes things get unplugged accidentally. See if you can borrow a modem off someone to check that your modem isn't the problem. Do a factory reset on your modem and put in all the settings fresh. If none of those things work, then you can start thinking that you have a fault in your line or modem.


          There's a certain internet provider that still makes me twitch when I see the ads on a bus.

        Thanks for the advice. Tried testing it with another modem, but it didn't work. I fear the worst.

        Sent using a local library computer

    Daredevil first impressions (no spoilers):
    Oh, hey Charlie Cox.
    Here's my phone number, and if you ever need a place to stay, there's plenty of room in my bed...
    Just saying...

      Daredevil first impressions (no spoilers):

      Oh, hey Deborah Ann Woll.
      Here's my phone number, and if you ever need a place to stay, there's plenty of room in my bed...
      Just saying...

        That's gross, little Green!
        She's a woman! :O

        Daredevil first impressions (no spoilers from the guy who likes musicals):

        Oh, hey Rosario Dawson.
        Here's my phone number, and if you ever need a place to stay (or a way to pay your rent), there's plenty of room in my bed...
        Just saying...

          Daredevil first impressions (no spoilers):

          Oh, hey Scott Glenn
          I liked your performance in this and also in Silence of the Lambs. You're a good actor and I respect your work.
          Just saying...

            Scott Glenn 'aint allowed in my bed...
            Unless he's got a great personality.

    @powalen @beavwa @gutsoup @piat

    Free to hunt tonight around 8ish? I'm free any time tomorrow as well :D

      Might be out tonight. Tomorrow may be possible but can't make any promises.

      Possibly, been farming lvl 126+ guild quests today, almost bumped my def up to 750, looking at making a mixed set now that'll have Edge lore and Edgemaster, got a couple of decent weapons and talismans that'll help me do it.

        geeze youve been a busy beaver lol I wish I had the motivation at the moment

          I think it's his first MH though so he isn't fatigued yet :D

          How many hours are you at @gutsoup?

            I just haven't been gaming in general, I finally beat amelia last night, had to summon people as it was going to turn into a massive road block

    Heh... What a nice question to ask... Not like I've been a little obsessive for the last 12 months or anything...

      When all the Pokemon are shiny, are any truly shiny? :P

        Philosophy aside, yes, because they still make that little sparkle and bling noise.

          But when they all sparkle and make that bling noise, do any really sparkle and make a bling noise? :P

    Finally, finally, FINALLY have another job interview!
    I hope I get it!
    It's a pretty cool job, not in my first choice of area, but it's a pretty good job regardless!
    Though, any job at this point would be a pretty cool job :S

    Just gotta get through another group interview :3
    Goddamn do I hate group interviews >:3

      Deets deets deets!

        Just an interview to be working at the cinemas.
        Nothing too flash, but I think it could be fun! :D

          Is it at the one where we saw Boyhood? (a.k.a. the only cinema I know of in Perth :P)

    Anyone wear any UNIQLO stuff? Specifically AIRism or HEATTECH?

    Still no rathalos rubies >:[

      Haha I was looking for them in High Rank to finish off my A. Rath set and upgrade my Switch Axe but the desire sensor kicked in and another never dropped :(

      Then I started farming for charms/talismans in a G Rank Rathalos quest by completing the side quest (break its back) and I've gotten about 4 Rubies and 3 Mantles :D. I've never killed it either, they're all from the side quest rewards :D

        Yeah I'm going for Rath Soul armour, got everything else but the two damn rubies. I seem to do best with Azure than regular, but I haven't got a single one from it. I've also got my eye on Brachydios armour, so I do that quest whenever it shows up (stupid Advanced quests) and use the Rath one to fill in the gaps when it isn't there. I die a whole lot more on Brach though so going's slow.

          If you manage to get at least one Ruby you should make the headpiece. You can still get all the skills a full set will have by having the right decorations, charms and some sort of Torso Up greaves.

          It got me through the end part of High Rank and early G Rank :D


            Actually I have a Skull Visage and the Velociprey S Greaves (I think) which both do Torso Up, so could probably cover things with that if need be. Should check up on that.

    Back to Supanova for more walking around looking at stuff I either can't afford or have no interest in. Anime people confuse me. Damn animoo.

    Although I did get some awesome 90's X-men pics (90's X-men are what I grew up on and are hence the BEST X-men). And there are some amazing Transformers toys I wish I could buy. And Dragonball Z stuff. I want ALL the Dragonball Z stuff. Someone give me money, please.

    Last edited 12/04/15 8:46 am

      The tv series of X-Men in the 90's was the best! I'd be happy if they made x-men movies in the same way!

    Anyone know will Target, Big W and co. be stocking Mortal Kombat X or after the whole GTA thing, perhaps not..?

      I'd imagine not.
      I can hardly find any R18 games at my local Target.
      They don't even stock Bloodborne :S

      I think they're rethinking their whole "selling R18 games" policy after that little bit of drama.

        Oh found this from on here, posted end of last year.

    New refresh material pls!

    What has everyone done on the weekend/recently?

    I've been watching a whole lotta Daredevil :D. I didn't really follow or care for it prior to its release but since it only came out recently and was getting decent enough reviews, I figured I'd at least check it out. I don't watch any other superhero TV shows but I'm glad I started watching Daredevil. I'm only a couple episodes away from the end but I'm liking it! Surprisingly violent and gory :o

    I don't usually spend too much money on things but I've spent quite a bit this past month. Mostly on running/fitness/sports clothing and gear D:. I did manage to run almost 4km without having to stop/walk yesterday which is a new record for me so I'm pretty happy with that :D. I think running around a playing soccer each week has definitely helped my fitness. I've also lost about 5kg which is... odd since I didn't have that much to lose. Not sure if it's my more active lifestyle or something else though. I'm also walking a few km each day while doing laps around the buildings at work. Half for exercise and half for not wanting to go back to work so quickly :P

    BLOODBORNE! I love me some Souls games and Bloodborne is great but I dunno... sometimes I just don't feel like playing it :P. To me it's the type of game you'd want to spend some quality time with and not play in small bursts. So I find myself not playing it on weekdays (when I don't have too much time) and just for a couple of hours over the weekend. I think I'm maybe 2/3 through but I have no idea. I've been bad at playing and completing games this year. I'm only at about 5ish when I was at about 15 (averaged 1 a week) last year.

    New refresh material pls!

      I'm halfway through Daredevil, I'm really liking it (don't get to watch it at high quality though, which is sad. Switching to not awful internet soon though!). Very Chris Nolan Batmanny. Unfortunately, since I tend to listen to things rather than watching them, the amount of subtitled stuff means I have to pay attention a lot. Also, Foggy is the best.

      I agree with not always wanting to play Bloodborne, I'm still loving it though. I've hit a coupla chalice dungeons with Caturday, and they're pretty fun. Got a few nice runes that I think are from them. I'm most of the way through, got a side boss or two to go, and then a few bosses.

      Also, played Shadowrun yesterday, rocked up at my friend's house to hear them laughing about something, and talking about the cost of crayons. After we've gone through our whole session, we hit the end, grabbing some guns (a ridiculous sniper rifle, and a gauss rifle, because fuck you that's why) from our places just in case a chopper was following us, and one party member paid for some homeless guys to glue crayons all over every surface of one of the group's houseboat (only cost 2000ish Nuyen for the whole thing, too).

      And that's about all I've got in the life of Blaghs.

      Oh, wait, no, I played a French Dress Making game yesterday, and its name is Rokoko. So I had Arcade Fire in my head the entire time I played it.

      And was awful.

        At first I was all ugh Foggy but then Foggy is totally the best.

        Oh? Didn't know Chalice Dungeons could drop Runes (I only assumed Blood Gem things). I haven't really bothered with them except for the first one you get for killing one of the bosses. I guess it would be good to do co-op since you're not really missing out on anything by doing it (I never co-op normally as it ruins bosses/exploration).

        Having Arcade Fire in your head was awful? :'(

          No, no, I meant that I was awful.

          And I meant blood gems. I'm bad at names, since everything in the game seems to be "blood" something.

      I pulled everything out of the garage and cleaned it then put every thing back into the garage yesterday.
      Today has me cleaning the patio.
      After this I have to try and fix a baby toy.
      Might try and do some more in the handsome jack collection tonight.

        Fisher Price's my first Monster Hunter? I didn't know this was a thing!

        Doubt we'd get it though, seems a bit simple but I wouldn't mind having a cool pet Rathalos to ride into battle :P

          I'm disappointed it's a 3DS title. Would love a MH game on WiiU that didn't look like Dionysus's arse. Also one that didn't play like a MH title. >.>

            Boo! You are awful.

            I'd love a proper pretty console MH game. It would be sweet on PS4!

              At least we can both agree that we'd like one that wasn't using the same assets as the PS2 games!

      Daredevil! Watched the first 3 episodes last night. Internet died 10 min into ep 2 for a good ... 5 minutes ... but still, a reminder of one of the problems with streaming services

      Bloodborne! Agreed, haven't touched it for a few days since quality time is best, and we've had a visitor and stuff.

      Apart from that I'm chipping away at some more Pokémon breeding projects, got the team sorted for the next shiny catch too.

      Also Minecraft. Too much Minecraft. Just cos.

        So many holes?

          Playing on an amplified server makes that a lot harder. Mostly just lots of underground excavation happening.

          I took a break between batch 200 and batch 300 of shiny project to crack out a decent rotom... And a shiny rotom popped after 20 eggs. *sigh*

    Fight Night Round 3 is just way too much fun... :D

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