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    Good morning TAY!

    Won 5-2 in Soccer yesterday, but am paying for it today limpin' round like I've been shot.

    Managed to finish Battlefield Hardline and Dying Lights single player modes last week, it feels good taking some baby steps towards clearing the backlog.

    Edit: Page 1 TAYget, this is going to be a good week ^-^

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      Congrats! And I know how you feel, I went for a couple of runs on the weekend and added some lunges to the mix. Ouch

      I gave football a miss last week, this week we have a bye so I have 2 weeks until our next match and lots of hills around my house just begging me to stay inside playing games and watching Netflix instead of running up them to get some form of fitness together...I wish I was a teenager again and could run around for a couple of hours without breaking a sweat, stupid 30s

        That's rough, if there's one thing that'll get your fitness up in two weeks are hill sprints. What position are you playing at your club?

          I'm only playing 5-a-side at the moment. I did play 'proper' football a couple of years ago and could get through a match easier than 5-a-side match that's half the length hahaha

          I literally play anywhere though. I'm a pretty decent keeper (can't take a goalkick for toffee on a full sized pitch though), usually go in defence although I love playing as a defensive midfielder as I can read a game pretty well. In my 5-a-side team though I've been playing up front as I'm the only one who's got a decent shot :D


    I was at the Aurealis Awards ceremony on Saturday night. I spent the pre-event cocktail time in the corner with Mrs Shane being as anti-social as possible. I didn't end up winning, which is disappointing, but hey, there's always next year. And it's still a big deal to have been nominated two years running! And at least I looked pretty dapper, thanks to @liondrive's timeless fashion advice from last year.

    Undad Season Two launches TOMORROW. That kind of crept up. Stay tuned and get those wallets ready. Have been posting some awesome art samples the last couple of days. It's going to be HUGE.

    On Thursday I fly out to the Gold Coast for Supanova!

    Next week: nervous breakdown. Pencilled in, pending a clear schedule.

      Loving the artwork samples. Looking forward to throwing my wallet at the screen tomorrow. :P

        Thanks! Oh, by the way, I've used some of your Twitter Undad titles from the other day, and EvilMonkey's too, in the campaign video. Let me know if you want public credit for them, and I'll make it happen.

      Looking forward to receiving my copies of Undad next month. Will definitely be throwing some money your way for Season 2.

      Can't wait for Undad: The Musical :P

      Good luck at Supanova man.

        Thanks! Oh, by the way, I've used some of your Twitter Undad titles from the other day, and B-ob's too, in the campaign video. Let me know if you want public credit for them, and I'll make it happen.

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          Really? I feel kind of honoured, I was just blurting out stupid shit that came into my head.

          Yeah, you can put my name to it if you want.

          You're alright man.

      As handsome this year as you were last ;)
      Shame you didn't win, but nominations are great for exposure, and being nominated is still a great honour!
      Good work, Shane! :)

      Also, you missed a chance for a pun!
      You should have said:
      That kind of crypt up

      My god, I'm becoming a monster...

    Morning TAY. How did your weekends go?

    I think I'm near the end of Bloodborne now. It has felt great to just play one game for a while and really get into it.

      Hey, EDC! :)
      My weekend was pretty good.
      I still really need to pick up Bloodborne! :O
      Everybody finishing it, and I don't even own it yet! :O

        It's pretty great. If you've played a Souls game you know what you're getting in for, except the regain system changes combat to be pretty different. I went back to Dark Souls the other day and died promptly after forgetting you don't regain health Woops!

    Woke up, and the first thing I saw on my phone was news; "Hillary Rodham Clinton running for President". Excellent way to start the day :D :D :D

    Also, had a pretty awesome weekend and now I'm all sleepy but satisfied.

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      It's definitely a nice progression.
      I remember the election one before Obama when it was old white redneck vs old white redneck. Only one possible outcome.

        I gotta admit, I was thinking of Hilary in policy and popularity terms and wondering how hard the 'unsecured cell phone' stuff was going to impact the campaign or who she could be running against, or with... Until you brought that up, and now I'm like, "Oh, right. Female president!" So, y'know. Points there.

      You could have a monkey running for the democrats and that would still be a better option than anyone the republicans could put up. That's not to say Hilary isn't a decent candidate; rather more to illustrate the idiocy that is the republican party.

    Sooooooo, how about that Game of Thrones then...good job to cut down on the piracy by releasing 4 episodes to the press. I'm not sure why in this day and age, and especially on Season 5 of one of the most popular TV shows around (if not the most popular), they felt the need to send preview copies out.

    Weekend, the missus went back into hospital with really bad cramps on her broken ankle. The diagnosis, she wasn't moving her leg about enough after telling her to stay off her leg as much as possible. She's now in a moonboot and then was told to move around more on a walking frame but the doctor that discharged her said it's her fault and she's "non-compliant" with a plaster cast because she was getting up off the toilet and putting a small amount of weight on her foot. My diagnosis, public hospital doctors don't talk to each other, will tell you completely different things from one to the next and the trainee doctors are really lacking in people skills and any sense of empathy

      I'm not sure why in this day and age, and especially on Season 5 of one of the most popular TV shows around (if not the most popular), they felt the need to send preview copies out.
      Says it all, really.

      Re: Medstuff. I've noticed some folks in the industry are dismissive of Occupational Therapists, but they really should come more highly recommended by doctors for providing actual roadmaps for recovery in cases that impact mobility.

        Oh for sure, we've noticed that the doctors have been focused pretty much on the bone healing but it's been the physio at the hospital (plus she's pretty well aware of it's not just a case of the bone healing and bam you're back at 100% again) who's said anything about post cast/moonboot treatment. Yes I guess that's why they have a physio at hospitals so doctors don't need to focus so much on that, but it seems like they're just not aware of it and a patient's needs, like simple things as getting off the toilet with a broken foot. Her GP suggested a while ago to go to the Wesley though for weightloss but they've also got physios, therapists, nutritionists and what have you. He is a private doctor though. Shame that with healthcare you have to pay to get any level of care over the minimum level required

          When I broke my toes a couple years ago, I had private health and it covered nothing so I'm not sure you get better care by paying for it.

            Probably depends on how much you're paying in your premiums. I swear, the very concept of paying an 'excess' is the biggest load of fucking bullshit the insurance industry has ever come up with.

              Double edged sword. You could easily rate all policies to have $0 excess / deductible (USA terminology) but then premiums correspondingly rise, which most people wouldn't want. Some companies will let you increase your premium to reduce your excess to nil but they're getting fewer and farther between.

                That just means the rates are too high. I really don't think insurance is something that should be the private sector in the first place, considering the underlying principle of it as consumers understand it, or what they rely on it for. As it stands at the moment, insurance is the world's shittiest discount card. Customers need it to safeguard against the unexpected, and insurers need to turn out increased profits every year, stay competitive, and not go broke. I would think that it should be a public sector enterprise, or public service, but a) that genie's out of the bottle, and b) I'm with a supposedly non-profit (HCF) and there's not a hell of a lot of difference in their premiums to for-profits.

                All I know is that I didn't get health insurance until I absolutely had to, (thanks to that frustrating penalty they impose for every year after age 30). But by not having the insurance until then, I saved thousands of dollars. If those thousands were eaten up subsidizing someone who did need insurance, then why is it so expensive? ...My argument is really that more should be covered by medicare.

                  If specifically talking about health insurance I'd tend to agree with you. The problem is that too few people think about the higher concepts of insurance - a pool of funds from all members (premiums) to be paid out to the members who need them at such time that a policy specifies (claim).

                  At its most basic you could take the premiums that you're paying to an insurance policy (of any type), put it in to a savings account and then only access those funds when you'd make a claim on your policy. Hell, even open up a spreadsheet and do it as a thought exercise over the last 5 or 10 years. Do you come out on top? Some will, some won't. I'd suggest most people would come out in front of their health funds (but remember to take in to account tax penalties, etc etc when calculating those ones).

      I was never allowed a moonboot when I had a broken foot since more mobility would likely mean more me doing things I shouldn't be.
      C'mon, I only played one game of tennis!

        moooooon boooooot. What a time to be alive

        You'd think a moonboot would only help with tennis. I've never worn one myself but I'd imagine they lessen the pull of gravity and you can jump up high and never get lobbed

          Exactly. No moon boot for me. Just had to play in a full cast. Lots of hopping.

    Happy Mortal Kombat week!

      Game of Thrones week!

        Some people (not saying if me or not :P ) might now have to wait a month until they see another new episode now :D the internet is a truly blunderful thing

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          The prospect of being spoiled by jerks on the internet outweighs the prospect of it being over a month before seeing a new episode.

          We just finished marathonning season 4 last night, having picked up the blu-rays about two weeks ago. I think a rewatch of seasons 1-3 is is order too.

            I want to pick up the blu-rays but am kind of wanting to hold out until the show is finished with and I can get the super-duper-trooper boxset. I think I've only gone through the seasons once though.

            How'd you like the end of season 4 btw?

              I liked how it ended but one thing that's always niggled at me (as I JUST finished reading the books before finishing the season) is how in the show Varys is astonished that Tyrion killed Tywin and incredibly annoyed by it, whereas in the books he's clearly manipulating Tyrion into doing it by telling him "do NOT kill Tywin... but I will wait for you here here by this ladder that leads directly to his private chambers".

              Also I got crazy irritated watching Arya sail off on the Braavosi ship all over again, being reminded that was the cliffhanger that we've been sitting on for a year.

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                Where do we sit on the matter of spoiler tags for this? I feel like this might need to be tagged.

                  Yeah, I realised maybe not everyone has gotten to the end of season 4 yet after I saw @evilmonkey's post below mine.

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                I'd spoiler tag that for evil monkey :P

                Yeah, last season was good for leaving us hanging, probably the best season yet for it. I've got the books on my bookcase but have yet to get into them, I'm wanting to smash through the Wheel of Time books first instead. I might change that tonight though and get cracking with the first got book

                I wasn't expecting it to be Tywin that he killed. I figured he was going to kill someone, I was hoping it'd be Cersei though hahaha

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            Just finished episode 9 of season 3 last night. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it off and get stuck into season 4 tonight.

    Tabletop Day was a thing. I dragged Blaghs and Freya to The Games Capital where we played Rokoko and Dixit, they left and I then played Kolejka with a bunch of strangers. Oh, we also nabbed some promotional Fluxx cards and I got the Wil card for 7 Wonders (but forgot to put my name down for the Felicia Day card for Dead of Winter).

    Rokoko is a pretty rad game. You're dress makers preparing for a ball held by King Louis XV. We had basically no idea what we were doing and, yet again, Freya beat me by a point. The game seems to fill a pretty similar niche to Village, so it's appropriate that Freya and I hotly contested victory while Blaghs lost by a lot. I'd been thinking about grabbing Rokoko but now that I realise how similar to Village it is, I think I'd be better off just hunting down the expansions for Village.

    Village is a super rad worker placement where you kill you family members if they get too old. This happens frequently and there's some strategy in killing particular people quickly.

    We completely forgot how to play Dixit but worked it out quickly enough. A random kid joined us and he did just terribly. Can't blame him, the game is all about giving hints that you think some people in the group will understand. Being a stranger is one hell of a disadvantage. Playing with me when I give clues like "Charlie was a man" for a card with vine and a machete.

    As for Kolejka, well I played that with 4 strangers and it was a hit. It took a little bit to get everyone's heads around the relatively simple game but that was my own fault. Turns out I didn't have the rules quite as memorised as I thought. Another player and I were desperately trying to finish off the game before anyone else could win, but were blocked at every turn. Finally, the kid that got crushed at Dixit managed to prove he was the best at communism and queueing literally right before I could win.

    One person at the table was very keen on picking up a copy for herself and I think another person was considering it. That's a win, right?

    All in all, a day of almost victories. I'll take it.

    I figured I'd make this a separate post. We bought a pressure cooker on the weekend. Now I need all of your delicious pressure cooker recipes. If it's tasty, I'll try making it.

      Recipe for using a pressure/slow cooker:
      1. Put food in cooker
      2. Power up cooker to begin the cooking process

      We did not follow this order and we no longer have one because of that.

      I will tweet you many recipes.

      The best thing is being able to buy the cheap, tough cuts of meat, and with half an hour of magic (science) they come out meltingly tender.

      Also, there's a Women's Weekly pressure cooking cookbook which is great with lots of explanations as well as recipes. If you can't find a copy, I can send you mine. The main trick is just timing. If you leave vegies in there for too long you get a pot of soup.

        I like stews where the vegetables have broken down and turn the sauce into something awesome. So I don't see that as being a huge problem, yet :)

        Yeah, my mum used to buy the really cheap cuts, cut them up and chuck them in the pressure cooker with gravy, vegies and dumplings, mmmm so good.

      Just wait a bit. I'll send a letter to my great grandmother via horse mail and shall send a telegram to you promptly upon recieving recipes.

      Use the Mafuba and seal Piccolo into it for a period of time.

    Hola Tay

    Good weekend, Daredevilled for a lot of it (will post thoughts later). Went and had Dumplings for Saturday lunch with friends, then drove back to Kapunda for an engagement show (Disney themed one). Had good fun with old friends. Yesterday drove home then did not much, went for a run then finished Daredevil and watched some of the Magic the Gathering pro tour.

    A Monday Morning Question: Now that Daredevil has had its Netflix miniseries, what other superheroes need one? Invalid answers: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage.

      The Mask... Hardly a super hero but could be alright in an episodic format.

      Captain Planet, new and improved with extra grit and cutting edge social commentary.

      Y'know what, it'd be nice for the Phantom to get a respectful treatment like this. That Billy Zane movie was probably worse than the Affleck Daredevil, and it's been long enough that a clean slate could be started.

        There was a Syfy mini series. It was abysmal.

          Lock it away in the History Vault with the Mortal Kombat TV series and pretend it never happened. Then daredevil it properly.

        I kind of liked the Billy Zane movie.

        when I was 12.

        Yeah, the Ghost Who Walks would make an excellent character for the Daredevil treatment.

      I still really want Section 8 on some sort of screen. TV series would work much better than a movie in their case.

      Me too me too! I binge watched all of Daredevil when I was supposed to be studying over the weekend =P Personally I've found it to be the best super hero show out there atm; given the other options are the 2 dimensional A-Team cartoon characters in arrow, shield and flash (haven't checked out Gotham).

      Edit: I'd like to see a PI series around Jamie Madrox =]

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      Spiderman. Seeing as they're rebooting him again, but we really don't need another Spiderman origin movie. I would be all for a Spiderman origin miniseries though. Just as an introduction to this version of the character. Because if civil war is the first movie he's going to be in it's going to be a bit crowded and might be hard to properly introduce the character.

        I just think "Hey it's Spiderman" is about all you need at this point.

        Something Spiderman 2 (Raimi ver) did really well is recap the plot of the first one with still paintings over the opening credits.

    Didn't do a hell of a lot this weekend, Friday bought two Disney Infinity 2.0 figures at Kmart (Falcon and Hiro Hamada), then went to Target and saw they'd discounted their figures to $7.50, so naturally I rummaged through all of them and bought all the ones they had that I needed (Stitch, Merida, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Maleficent, Donald Duck, Yondu and Crystal Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey). Only need to get 3 now to complete the set (Tinkerbell, Ronan The Accuser and Baymax) and 4 crystal figures from the first game (Lone Ranger, Agent P, Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen), more than likely have to get them off Ebay. also bought Game Of Thrones Season 4 on Blu-Ray

    Worked till quarter to one Friday night, went home, watched another episode of Game Of Thrones (only one more episode to go and I've finished season3) and got to bed at quarter to two, then got up at 7am to go to a swap meet with my father in-law, afterwards we drank probably a few more beers than we should have and I got to bed around midnight.

    Sunday was spent sleeping in till almost lunch time and lazing around playing Hangman with my wife and son and playing Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Disney Infinity 1.0.

    What did you guys get up to?

      I need 6 more from 2.0 then I have every infinity figure released so far anyway.
      Friday night I finished Tiny Tina's DLC again but in normal only so I can help other get loot from the dragons. The only problem with that is that it takes longer to load a game the. It does for me to kill them.
      Saturday I cleaned everything out of the garage and cleaned it then put everything back.
      Sunday I cleaned the patio and fixed a baby toy.

        The figures aren't the worst it's the power discs, it's so hard to get a full set because they come in blind bags. Noticed my local Kmart marked theirs down to $2.80 so I might head down before work tomorrow and grab a bunch of packs.

        Hanging out for the 3.0 announcement (Star Wars). Got the feeling they're gonna do it on Star Wars day (May the 4th).

    So weekend was good. Had a 1,500 point 2v2 40K game on Sunday with me as Eldar teamed up with a Space Marine player versus a Tau and another Space Marine. I fielded eighteen units and lost all but three but I didn't lose an entire squad so yay me. :D Kinda felt bad though because my Jetbikes absolutely tore through the Tau and the Space Marine Dreadnought on our side actually took down the Riptide battlesuit.

    In other news, didn't actually do anything on International Tabletop Day. Feel like I probably should have but I slept instead. Looking forward to this next weekend as I'll be at Supanova Gold Coast helping out at one of the booths. Should be good.

      Lol sounds like that dreadnought got some lucky rolls; Riptides don't go down easy; and they shouldn't for the number of points they take!

        It was an Ironclad Dreadnought with dual power fists and a melta so it had the armament to take it down. The Riptide also tried to escape melee to bring its heavier weapons to bear and got super unlucky on the escape roll and was crushed. Just how the dice go sometimes.

          Yeah the right gear seems to have worked to the benefit of your Dreadnought but it also sounds like your enemies didn't know how to use a Riptide; you've got to treat em like a Trebuchet and prevent any enemies from closing in, hard with the Tau options but a Kroot squad would've been enough for the Riptide to take down the dreadnought. That said power fist and melta cannon are pure AV weaponry so would've been close =P

            I can't remember the exact name of it but the Riptide had one of the wargear options that granted a blast rating to its main fusion gun/cannon/thing that prevented it from really firing too close into a melee fracas. Also the fact that everyone from both sides took no super-specialised melee units at all (no Assault Marines, no Kroot, no Banshees, etc) and it really turned into a shooting fest as the commanders were probably the most tricked out for melee. Respective command squads were Librarian with Terminators, Farseer with Dark Reapers, Tau Commander with Drone Squadron equipped with markerlights, and Librarian with a Tactical Squad.

    Saw Rocky horror yesterday. I think I prefer the more traditional productions to the jokey/silliness of the Australian productions, but Craig McLaughlin did a great job as Frank and Bert Newton is now my personal favourite narrator.

    Please spoil Game of Thrones for me.

      There's like this throne and then they all play GAEMS.

      THE END

      Prince Charles refuses to abdicate and becomes a mad, power hungry king.

      Richard the Second gets overthrown by Bolingbroke then murdered in prison. Bolingbroke, now Henry IV, goes to Jerusalem to cleanse his sins

      George Martin has advised he made a typo and actually wanted to write a gardening manual about how to make pruning a rose bush fun called 'Game of Thorns'.

      The bad guys were about to win when suddenly Han Solo fly the Millennium Falcon down and tells them to get off his plane. Then all the dead characters are like "We're not really dead, we were just injured for a while" so they all have a dance party with fairy bread.

      The first episode of season 5 opens with a lovely garden ceremony between Daenerys and Drogon, which carries on uninterrupted for 18 minutes until Jorah returns from exile, reporting that he infinity+1 promises to never betray Daenerys again. Drogon is annoyed at first, but they discuss their differences over tea and ultimately agree that Daenerys gets Jorah on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Drogon will have him Mondays, Wednesdays and sundays. Friday is Jorah's choice.

      Meanwhile on the wall, Samwell "the slayer" Tarly is voted in as the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch when Maester Aemon reveals that the candidacy is about 85% reliant on a pie eating competition, and the other 15% is a literal dick measuring contest. Sam wins by a huge margin on both counts.

      In a weird diversion from the books, Arya reveals her sword fighting lessons were actually dancing classes all along and joins a Braavosi ballet production of "The Mad King and I".

      Tyrion escapes his shipping crate to find himself in the smoking ruins of old Valyria. He and Varys look at each other , put their hands on their hips and say in unison "well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into". Then they just kind of stand there for the last 25 minutes. It actually got kind of awkward but then at the 21 minute mark they dubbed in that "screeching hawk" sound effect, you know, the one that gives you the impression of a large open space and isolation? Really clever stuff.

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      I'm having a slow morning at work so I decided to recap episode 2 for you.

      Arya is promoted to "first slipper" when the lead falls and breaks her ankle. Everyone considers it well deserved, but one of the other dancers later witnesses her throwing a bottle of oil into the bay.

      Having lost Arya, Brienne and Podrick continue to wander completely aimlessly around a hundred acres of wetland, since you don't mess with a winning formula.

      Jamie and Cersei make love next to the corpse of Tywin in an inconceivably misguided bid to make a new father.

      Sansa convinces Littlefinger to let her paint the walls of her bedroom black as part of her "disguise" since the real Sansa would never do such a thing. He reluctantly concedes the point, but strictly forbids the playing of rock music after 10pm.

      Stannis and Samwell argue over who gets to stay in the Lord Commander's quarters at Castle Black. They are Sam's quarters following his promotion, but Stannis declares as king, he can stay where he wants. Melisandre exposes her breasts for no particular reason.

      After leaving Old Valyria, Tyrion and Varys are shipwrecked on a desert island. They look at each other, put their hands on their hips and say in unison "well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into".

      Episode 3

      Stannis and Samwell agree to share the Lord Commander's quarters but divide the space by drawing a line down the centre of the room.

      Prince Doran Martell of Dorne sits in a wheelchair on his back porch and watches the neighbourhood children playing in his swimming pool. This is not at all creepy, because the script doesn't say it is.

      Arya's new understudy, the dancer who saw her disposing of evidence, tries to blackmail her. They have a dance off, and Arya wins effortlessly. Shamed, the dancer is bound by law to become a stripper. There is a five minute closeup of her merkin.

      Brienne and Podrick secretly fall in love with each other, but wind up constantly arguing as they struggle to keep their true feelings hidden.

      Tyrion and Varys get confused while rebuilding their ship and make love on the beach. This works, somehow. They set sail for Braavos again and Varys embraces Tyrion as they guide the ship together. They both whisper in unison "well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into".

      I haven't watched episode 4 yet, so I don't know when i'll be able to write my next recap.

        In stitches at work.

        I demand a similar synopsis for every episode this season!

    Had a waitress spill Frangelico on my pants on Friday.

    Ate off-the-scale hot Sichuan hot-pot in Hurstville on Saturday.

    Had some old mates over on Sunday for a yarn about the separation one is going through :-(

      Almost reads like the Friday and Sunday incident are connected =P

      Edit: Jokes aside separation's are tough; sorry to hear about it =\

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        Ha ha, yeah. I ordered an affogato and the waitress, for whom it was her first ever shift, tipped the serving plate a bit far and I ended up getting a full shot glass of Frangelico on my newish suit and tie. The restaurant agreed to pay for cleaning after I asked about it, but like an idiot I threw my tie into the wash (albeit in a mesh bag) - ruined :-( At least I'm getting the pants done professionally.

        Yeah separation is tough - I see a bit as a solicitor, but always worse when friends involved. Luckily I'm not acting for him so I can sympathise, strategise but leave the nitty gritty to his lawyer (who seems good). The worst is when one parent is trying to prevent the other from seeing the kids with no good reason. Breaks your heart.

      Sorry to hear about Friday and Sunday, if it makes you feel better you're much braver than I for eating extra hot Sichuan anything lol.

        I've always loved spicy Chinese food. When I lived in China there were only two occasions the hotpot was too spicy. Once in Wuhan and once in Chengdu. On those occasions I had to stop after about half an hour as the lining of my mouth was getting too sore. I was crying tears of appreciation though. I reckon hotpot loaded with chili is hard to beat, especially with some nice cold beers to take the edge off.

          The downside is the sensation of crapping lava that you get when its on the way back out.

            Strangely enough I enjoy that aspect too, in a weird sort of way ^_^

    Finally got a good chunk of time to start on Bloodborne, and for the last hour or so I've just been sitting here procrastinating. What is wrong with me?

      I know the feeling. The anticipation of sitting down to a session of Bloodborne is like pre-game nerves for me, a feeling of dread and apprehension overwhelms me and I think, I'll just have a few more minutes of Bravely Default before taking the plunge into Yharnam's nightmare world.

    Morning TAY!

    Had a pretty lazy weekend did some house work, plonked a bit of time into cities skylines (I'm tempted to start my 5th city...), bit more Bravely Default (Ringabel/Edea still cracking me up) and some study and work stuff.

    On Sunday took our little one to the park to feed the ducks and there is a field set aside for RC Model Plane flying and we heard rather loud noises coming over the hill so walked over to check it out... They were flying large scale replicas... Huge 2m wingspans... As tall as my 2 year old... Was amazing stuff to watch.

    Snagged some video of a jet plane (they also had bi-planes, WW2 Era fixed wings aswell..

    Next up... Me having a crack at being proactive in meating some taybies... I'm working out of the city this whole week so am able to get out and about a bit! Anyone interested in lunch or something after work this week?

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @virus__

      Where abouts in the city are you working? I'm in the Valley (except for today cos I'm not at work.) For the rest of the week I'm working 10am-6pm though, so I'd be happy to meet for dinner after I finish, but would depend where. I get free parking in the Valley Metro carpark this month, so if you want to meet somewhere around the Valley for dinner, I'd be up for it! If you can't get to the Valley, I'll have to check on parking though to see if I can get any at a reasonable price. Perhaps @beardymcmuttonchops might be keen to go for some Chinese at that place he likes in the Valley one night this week?

        Working at Edward St end of Queen St mall - so lunch somewhere nearby. Dinner can be organised - just need to make sure the wife isn't working late so someone remembers to do pick up at day care. I'm sure there's a bus that'll get me into the Valley though...

        Chinese is always good, especially if there are dumplings... I had dumplings last night for dinner... 10/10 would eat again today.

      School holidays means you picked the worst week for this for me. I'll have to sit this one out.

      I'm off sick! :D
      P'aps later in the week??

      I might be able to do an evening. I'm not in the city at all this week, unfortunately. If you're doing something with @welbot of an evening, let me know? I'm down with all the Chinese/whatever Valley/CBD eating; easy enough for me to get to, whether from work or home.

        Well I'm good for any day, and any cuisine. Just thought since @beardymcmuttonchops had tried to arrange an outing to this chinese place, that he might be up for it. Haven't seen him in here much though. Might have to try see if I can hunt him down on fb

      Well sounds like Beardy could be keen. Asian Fusion on Brunswick St was the place. He asked about Thursday night. I'm cool with that or any other night, but I told him we'd need to check with everyone. Advised him that we tagged him in the post, but just in case he doesn't pop in to join in, I'll keep an eye on things. So far we got @sunsoar77, with @jimu and @transientmind as maybe's? If you guys can settle on a day, we'll make it happen somehow :)

        Any day except Friday works for me, I'm meeting my Dad then.

          Beardy said "Fuck yeah! I'm up for that! How's Thursday?"
          So yeah.. if @jimu and @sunsoar77 are good for Thursday, we can book ahead!

            Thursday works perfect for me. Just jumped on to suggest it.

            Lock in a time that suits as I can finish up at work any time after 5.

            My Dr gave me a note not to go back to work til Friday & work says they won't let me back til Friday. No argument from me.
            side effect being, I won't be in town Thursday

              Fair enough. I probably shouldn't be going to work either with my leg/hip the way it is, but I've had a few days off recently due to illness, so I'm gonna trek in and do what I can. I left early today due to the pain, but the injury was fresh from last night. Tried to get a dr appt this morning, but only one they had was at 9am, which was too close to my leave time to get to work. Thankfully my team leader was totally understanding, and since it actually happened right next to one of my colleagues last night, he was able to acknowledge that it really did happen. Still... so much time of work... hopefully I've got enough leave to cover it, or at least hoping the HR people don't get shitty with me. Can only wait and see!

    Yo, TAY!
    Cats were rubbish, and my watch battery died... but MKX drops tomorrow! \o/

      I don't know what you're talking about. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Cats. :P

      Tomorrow? I thought it was out Wednesday.

        I'm hoping it breaks street date, looks like 'mericans get it tomorrow we get it Wednesday. I can't wait, 9 was amazing.

    Uni break week is over which means I have an exam for my most difficult class. Atleast it's on Friday so I have a bit more time for studying!

    How was everyone's weekend? I had a pretty cool one. Watched up to episode four of Daredevil and had to force myself to stop, don't want to blow through the show in one night. =P

    I also played some ESO with @rize and @cakesmith, we ended up going the Daggerfall faction. I haven't played it since beta and the changes they've made are pretty great. I also made a Dominon faction character to solo with and think I am actually enjoying the story more on my solo character. Much more interesting characters that have made me chuckle. If you played the game during the Beta I would say it's worth trying out on the free weekend coming up.

    Last edited 13/04/15 10:15 am

      ESO is going full free to play in June or something like that right? I admit I was curious about ESO when I first played it but I couldn't justify shelling out a subscription for it.

        It's what they're calling Pay-To-Play (P2P). Think Guild Wars 2. You still have to buy the game, but there's no required subscriptions.

        This is somewhere between Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic. You can still pay a monthly sub for extra crowns (in game store currency) and an XP boost as well as getting all DLC unlocked without extra charges.

        Buy game, play game. It came into effect March 17th, so $60ish will get you the full game now.

      OK, be straight with me here... is TESO really something I should check out again?

      When I played TESO in beta, I was pretty appalled that it was a bog-standard MMO with some Elder Scrolls artificial flavouring added.
      * Rapid respawns meant you were either always moving to the next destination or always fighting (meaning that exploring always = fighting your way back through mobs you just killed, turning me off on the concept).
      * Arbitrarily-determined containers were intermittently available to loot.
      * The class system was locked down pretty tight, with clear restrictions and obvious cookie-cutter 'best skill choices' by class.
      * Random noobs Fellow unique Chosen Ones were everywhere, bunny-hopping and flailing their weapons around like windmills, kill-stealing to meet their 10-rats quotas.
      * Stealth was pointless except as a minor buff to 1st-shot damage.
      * And archery... Archery - the ESSENTIAL part of any ES game, to me - was both ineffectual and shoddily implemented. My preferred combat tool was heavily-affected by lag and partly auto-aimed while trying not to look like it was auto-aimed.

      Are those problems still there?



      I've only seen two episodes.

      The first episode was good. The second was boring. :P

      I hope the rest of the season is more like the first episode.

      a reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things.
      "spectators watched in horror as the nineteen-year-old daredevil smashed into the ground"

      reckless and daring.
      "a daredevil skydiver"

      I can't help but feel that whoever wrote the noun example is a bit of a sadist

      Last edited 13/04/15 10:20 am

      I know some people were angry that they changed the Kingpin into a black guy but I thought Michael Clarke Duncan did a good job.

        He was pretty much the only good thing about that movie.

          Bullseye was enjoyable to watch for how goofy he played the role (I accidently typed Target because of the Nostalgia Critic).

        I really don't care what excuse people use, there needs to be more Michael Clarke Duncan in everything.

          You know he died, right?

          Is that a good enough excuse?

            ...I did not know this. ;_;

            Although, these days, with digital ef---noooooope.

            Oh man, I'm pretty bummed about that, now. I dunno how I missed it. He was so good in so much stuff. :(


    Finished it last night. The Good

    - Cast is uniformly excellent
    - Finally a marvel property with some visual panache
    - Intelligent treatment of many characters, and resisted the narrative trap of marginalising Karen Page once her first plot was done
    - Action scenes are really well done. Super impressed that the one take fight scene in ep 2 apparently WAS one take

    The Bad
    - Dour. A little more levity at points would have been nice, I know it's supposed to be dark but it was pretty grim
    - The episode weren't super propulsive- was kinda hushed convo hushed convo hushed convo ACTION SCENE hushed convo. I think that's a consequence of it being on a streaming service and not having to plot around commercial breaks. Episode six, the one where he's holed up with the bleeding russian, was the exception to this- established the stakes early and well and had a clear escalation.
    - Rosario Dawson was great, I wish she'd been in it more.
    - Couple of things, like Gao and Stick, obviously setting up for one of the later series. Less a criticism of the way it's done, but the payoff better be good
    - Can anyone really tell me what the Yakuza was up to? They never really laid out what Kingpin's plot actually was- a big property development, sure, but they could have made it clearer and establsihed the stakes better
    - kinda bummed they offed Ben Urich, his interaction with Jessica Jones was always fun

      I'm actually absolutely loving how dark and grimy the series is; and enjoying the pace of the series so far. While I see what you mean about the hushed convos; it didn't really affect me all that much because the actors delivering did such a brilliant job filling out their characters with the lines they had.

      My only criticism was with the final fight scene in the final episode; it felt relatively poorly choreographed compared to everything else I'd seen up to this point.

      Very much agree with the point about Kingpins motivations. He sort of just doing crime because he's a criminal. Annoying me a little as the series feels a little directionless.

      Haven't seen any yet, trying to finish off Game Of Thrones before I get into anything else, hopefully I'll be able to burn through it between GoT and starting back on the MCU films.

    Question about Foxtel play, if I sign up is it like a free to air type of deal where programs are on at certain times, or can I just watch what I want when I want?

    Reason I'm asking is for Game Of Thrones, I won't be able to start on season 5 for a few days, and if it's only going to be on at 11am today then I won't bother and just wait for Blu-Ray.

      Edit: My bad. I was thinking of Foxtel Go, rather than the Foxtel Play service.

      Last edited 13/04/15 11:14 am

      I am pretty sure if something is listed as "catch up" on the Play list, then you can watch it whenever without having to save it to a device manually first (such as using your Xbox One console instead of an iQ unit).

    Hello Tay.
    I have not had a great week.
    On Wednesday I managed to pull my lower back muscles and have been in vary degrees of pain every since.
    On Saturday, something I ate didn't agree with me and I ended up with stomach cramps.
    On Sunday, I was getting shopping out of the boot of the taxi and the taxi driver let go of the boot which then proceeded to fall on my head. I ended up with a concussion.
    At least I haven't broken a bone. Yet.

      Wow, that's a pretty bad run. Hope you get better soon.

      A concussion is a hell of an effort

        I couldn't do any work on Techie's cosplay and I felt absolutely terrible about it (I apologised so much). I still feel a bit foggy so I'm going to work on Elsa which requires less mental alertness than Pulsefire Ezreal.

          There were many tiny Elsas at the party I was at on Saturday. Was talking to a cosplaying friend and mentioned you'd been having an issue with the cloak or something but couldn't remember specifics?

            I was trying to movie perfect the cloak but I've got it

      Sounds like you should have broken a bone of the taxi driver's

        It was an accident. I think.

          On the bright side at least he didn't slam it on your hands? >.< that said dude's company is totally liable for any damage you suffered however given how capitalism works they would've probably just fired him =,=

      That would lead to me a week of hiding indoors wrapped in a duvet refusing to go near anything. Hopefully the back pain isn't anything too serious as it's hard to do anything if that flares up bad :(

        Standing up and sitting down are what seems to flare it up

          That sounds not fun at all. Get better soon buddy. Lots of codeine I reckon

            I'm having naps instead. The sleep helps the brain recover





    Locker Room, Portland Hotel, Thursday-Saturday

    "Do yourself a favour and see Angus Hodge at the Portland Hotel while he's still here. Good laughs!" - @mythamphetamine

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