Tell Us About The Time You Exploited A Game

Tell Us About The Time You Exploited A Game

I'll admit it: I'm not above exploiting a game if I feel like it adds to the experience. In the case of Left 4 Dead 2, when I ran into some players who taught me a trick to lagging out the game, I was happy to play along.

The trick was you had to quickly swap between dual pistols and some kind of melee weapon. Eventually the technique would start producing duplicate pistols and, if you kept it up long enough, you'd spam the floor with them. The game would subsequently lag out, meaning you could easily avoid enemies' paths instead of bothering yourself with killing them. Why would you do this? To run through each level on expert mode, of course! That may sound like it kills the challenge and purpose of the game, but it was the tank battles and confrontations with Left 4 Dead 2's other special enemies that were all the more entertaining because of it.

I distinctly remember the combat-dance my teammates and I had to partake in against the tank, timing hits as best we could, taking the delay of its actions into account. Eventually you'd start to really learn its movements, and it felt like an entirely new boss with just the right amount of unpredictability.

So, what are your exploit stories?

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    Duping top tier weapons and armor relentlessly in Diablo 1.

      And Borderlands 2, with a co-op partner.
      "Check out this unbelievably cool gun I found!"
      "Cool! Can I have a copy?"

        lol, my wife spent days trying to get the Bee Shield to drop from a certain mob. One day a friend of ours jumps into our game and just shits his inventory all over the floor. Multiple bee shields, conference calls, a bunch of other weapons including that one SMG with the reload/grenade ability that we used to kill the first DLC's raid boss in like 9 seconds.

        Good times.

    Duplicating items to x999 in Dying Light

      Teach me

        Haha sorry mate they patched it. I had 999 metkits, 999 molotovs, even had 999 Care drops or whatever they were called handed them in and went up 9 ranks to 25.

    Jumping out of the city map in Skyrim to get endless ingots... mmmmm, crafting


    'nuff said.

      Damnit! Beat me to it!

        Haha, before I posted it - I had a quick look through the previous few comments. Couldn't believe that it had not been mentioned.

    Sometimes an exploit becomes a feature.

    In Dota, neutral creeps spawn in the jungle at X:00 if their spawn box is empty. You're meant to kill the camp to let a new one spawn but you can pull a camp out of their box with the right timing, causing a new one to spawn. The trick is called stacking and it's now expected that all supports know how to do it. I'm sure there are dozens of other interactions just like that in Dota that I just can't think of.

    For single player stuff, there are a handful of exploits I use all of the time in Spelunky. Mostly they come up in high score attempts. If you whip a stack of three gold bricks as you pick it up, the stack will fall apart into three separate bricks (worth $500 each) while you get the $1500 for picking up the stack. It's a two frame trick that I don't always get but still neat to pull off.

    There are also "pot strats" where any pot that you can normally destroy to spawn an enemy or treasure at random can trigger it's spawn twice if you open it with an explosion. Stack a whole bunch of pots together while you're doing a score run and blow them up to get potentially double the gems. If you're ghosting (this one is an actual feature where you wait for the ghost to spawn at 2:30 and make it go over a gem to turn it into a diamond), this can give you tens of thousands of dollars per level.

    Spelunky also has some interesting hitboxes. It's possible to jump over a giant spider in the mines or mummy in the temple and skid over them with the right timing. Sometimes it's the difference between life and death but mostly it just looks cool.

      Sometimes an exploit becomes a feature.
      Age and lifestyle choices affect my memory - but wasnt Quake's rocket jumps officially an exploit of the game mechanics which quickly became a staple of the l33t?

        If not, bunny hopping certainly was.

          ROFL - that was a favourite in my BF days. Especially jumping and going prone right away.

            dolphin diving

              Yeah! That was The term.

              In my mind the BF games of 2003 to 2007 totally more 'fun' than the more recent iterations. Even with that buggy scatalogical expression called BFV.

    I remember duping items in Diablo. Drop said item/pile of gold on the ground, go to pick it up, and the moment you pick it up, grab a potion off your quick bar. Quick bar potion turns into copy of the item you just picked up, which is now in your inventory. Highly useful for duping 5K piles of gold and spell books for the wizard.

    I remember one from Killing floor as well - could power level the medic by just leaving him to heal someone overnight by holding a key and hitting max level? Forget what it was exactly.

      My Diablo duping trick was mostly the same, but instead of clicking a potion I pressed 'I' to open the inventory on the same frame the item was picked up leading to it being in the inventory and under the cursor.

    Command & Conquer.


    Sandbags everywhere. And a mini gunner north of your base 'watching' for enemy air support.

    Ah, this one time I exploited a game by installing it on D: drive instead of C: drive so it would be secluded from all my other games. D: (labelled Dungeon Drive) was a cold, empty and dark place.

    Little did anyone know that It was a stolen game.

    I would go to D: and run the game only a couple of times a day, feeding it random commands each time, while the game was slowly breaking.

    Eventually I became worried, thinking that the cops were on to me because it was a stolen copy. So a few weeks later I concluded my sadistic exploitation and uninstalled it. Nobody ever caught me.

    Cloning my Feraligatr in Pokemon Gold so I could destroy everything.
    And cloning rare candies and master balls at the same time.
    I was just a kid, so thought it, and I, were really cool.

    I try to avoid exploiting games these days.
    I occasionally help out in raids in Destiny, and silently wonder why we can't just fight the raids as intended.

      I've yet to do the bridge in Crota's raid as intended. I have solo'd the abyss with my bladedancer though. I mean it's not "as intended" but I ran past every single lamp then held position at the end until the bridge formed. That counts, right?

    I remember playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and somehow duplicating ridiculous amounts of arrows and potions behind some houses in Cheyindahl.

    I just loved how the NPC's would walk past and stop and stare at you as you were dropping items from the sky, like you were some sort of wizard.

      Draw your bow and go to drop an item after doing something. Great way to make the game lag out like crazy. Do it on the top of a hill for great effect.

        That's exactly it, I couldn't remember how but that's exactly how it worked lol.

    W-item trick. Made FF7 the only game where I actually used Megalixirs.

    Did the missingno glitch as a kid with Pokemon Blue I actually corrupted my save drive in the end, sent my cart back to Nintendo and they actually gave me a brand new copy lol that was awesome of them to do.

    In Skyrim I used the bookcase glitch to max out all my stats with that Oghma Infinium, however this was my 2nd or 3rd play through so naturally i was going to look for shortcuts.

    Also abused a lot of exploits with my short stint with Destiny... however considering how buggy raids were I think it only leveled the playing field.

    Countless other examples, but only reminding me how much of a terrible cheat I am D:

    One of the earliest I can remember is cloning rare candies in pokemon blue/red. Other than that, the loot cave springs to mind.

    Morrowind. While recovering drained intelligence after a fight, my brother noticed that it doesn't just restore magicka capacity (expected as capacity is derived from intelligence), but also keeps the same percentage of magicka. We went experimenting with spell crafting and enchanting and found draining your intelligence below 0 for a brief moment sets your magicka to 0/0 (as expected), but this calculates to 100% when the drain finishes.

    Much fun was had with infinite magicka mages.

    Deus Ex (original) - Pausing the game while lockpicking or using a multitool wouldn't stop the device from working, and it wouldn't break in that time. This meant you could open any lock or keypad with just one pick/tool instead of many (uncrackable locks and keypads were an unfortunate exception), which also meant you didn't need to upgrade these skills.

      Got stuck while playing it recently without the right upgrades or enough lockpicks and the internet told me to do exactly this.

    Does the loot cave in Destiny count? God....pour one out for the cave. You still missed homie!

    Replaying the crap out of high paying high XP missions in GTA Online. Didn't use any other glitches though, and did freak out a little I might get banned when some random gifted me millions. Stopped playing after I ported my character to Xbox One and my name was changed due to being "Racist".

    Last edited 27/04/15 2:13 pm

      I remember when someone gifted me millions I hard reset my 360. Was gone when it reloaded. The relief was real.

        I didn't play for a month. I wasn't banned, and still had the money haha.

    Mmm... Back when the WoW client was less secure I port hacked by changing my xyz coords in ram - does that count?

    Sonic 3
    Screen wrapping
    Failed many times but manage to get it once and went in the wrong direction to my death

    before they patched it in WoW we used to mind control people and make them leave the battleground they were in.

      You mean to say you'd use your powers to get people to stop playing the game and go outside?


        Really, you're talking about going outside, instead of gaming, here?

          Just talking about it. I'd never actually consider it, but.

      HAHA in the same vein there was also the Saurfang rage bug that let Alliance tear into Orgrimmar.

      Last edited 27/04/15 5:54 pm

    Back when I first started playing Dark Souls 1, I played the entire game without ever having my Xbox go online so I could do the glitch where when you died, you'd just back out of the game and come back in and you didn't lose your Souls.

    Used shortcuts/exploits in Destiny to beat the abyss and bridge sections of the Crota's End raid on hard mode, but given that Bungie designed the hard mode to be inherently unfair in the laziest way possible I consider this a fitting tribute and don't feel bad about it in the slightest.

    Also used a trading guide on my second playthrough of GTAV to get in excess of $1bn on each character by abusing the assassination missions, but again, I feel like this is basically necessary since there isn't really any way to make the tens of millions necessary to buy all the properties otherwise.

    I'm sure there's a dozen examples but one of my earliest clear exploits I can remember was doing the LVU Campus T-Hunt mission in the original Rainbox Six: Vegas. Since the better multiplayer weapons/equipment were locked behind higher ranks, people used to do T-Hunt on "realistic" difficulty to unlock stuff.
    Anyway on this particular level it was discovered that if you got to a certain set of doors and placed a breaching charge, then repeatedly opened and closed the doors to trigger the noise (but blocked the door to keep them from actually opening) you could attract the attention of the majority of the enemies in the level so they would all cluster around the other side of the door but be unable to come through. You could also glitch the third person camera through the wall to check progress on how this was going.
    So, once everyone is in position you detonate the charge and boom, most of the 20 or so terrorists would be dead, and you just have to perform cleanup on the few remaining.

    One of the first bosses in Borderlands 2. I was rushing through and seriously 'under gunned' for the battle... He shot a rocket at me which blasted me up into/inside a wall where I was 'semi-stuck' and he couldn't hit me. Took him out with my crappy pistol.

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