Tell Us Dammit: Are You Excited For The New Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero Live is pretty insane, and in a lot of ways I'm super excited for it, but it is kinda weird, right? What are your thoughts?

Here are some of mine.

— Is Guitar Hero necessarily something that needs to be reinvented? I see it as being a bit like Karaoke, as something that goes in and out of fashion. — In that case is Guitar Hero Live a bit of an unnecessary risk? — I'm really going to miss drums. — I'm really going to miss the social dynamic of playing with everyone together. — I love, love, love the idea of the dynamic crowd.

What did you think?


    Not exited yet, but somewhat keen. I miss it being just about the guitar. GH3 was so good because it focused on songs that were fun to play on one instrument. I found in later games that some songs were fun on one instrument were sometimes boring on others.

    Not in the least. Instead for paying for licensed content I wish they'd choose songs that are actually guitar-oriented. I don't think anything will be as enjoyable for me as Guitar Freaks was despite only being 3 buttons. The original content was great and challenging, GH has never really done it for me.

    I'm kinda "meh" about it at present, but I'm happy to wait and see. The crowd does nothing for me, strangely enough.

    Rocksmith is more exciting for me at the moment. Guitar Hero just seems like a step back (although obviously I understand why they are a completely different experience).

      The crowd does nothing for me, strangely enough.

      I think because they're real people it becomes very clear that it's pre-recorded and that they can't actually hear you. It's somehow more disconnected and distracting than the cartoony crowd (which admittedly I ignored 100% of the time).

    Meh I used to love GH and have to credit it for getting me into the real thing; but now I play the real things GH just doesn't do much for me. Rocksmith is the logical progression for me.
    The whole new 2x3 button layout looks interesting though.

      I'm in the same boat. Guitar Hero kept me sane through uni, introduced me to a whole range of music I'd never heard before, and kinda pushed me to try to learn to play. Really excited to try out the new one (likely purely due to nostalgia), but GH also drove me to pick up Rocksmith 2014 when it came out, and not sure how I'll go back to a plastic guitar with that god-awful strum bar). The new fret buttons look interesting, but Rocksmith's been my Guitar Hero for the past 18 months, and I'm not sure if that'll change any time soon.

    I'm really into the changes to the guitar but the live footage doesn't really seem like an improvement to me. I'm a little excited but even though I played more Guitar Hero I know Rock Band was the better of the two, so I was into the idea that they'd do this alone. Honestly I wish Rock Band would revive this alone but totally steal the six button layout of the new Guitar Hero controller.
    That said I actually appreciate taking it back to just guitars. The full band sort of killed it for my group of friends because it over complicated everything. When there's two guitars we take turns and have fun doing whatever between turns, but with the full band there's this pressure to have everyone playing all the time. It made it so the night was always 100% about Guitar Hero while we were playing. It also made it so there was usually someone playing an instrument they didn't enjoy/know well.

    So far, the tracklist is incredibly underwhelming. Pop rubbish.

      That's where I sit.

      Give me songs to get excited about and I'll get excited about the game. They haven't done that yet.

      Where's the track list?

      Googling it, the first link went to that is giving me a 404 error. works and I'm thoroughly unimpressed.

    Nah, I sold off my old GH stuff ages ago and quite like not having plastic instruments taking up space now.

    Im a big GH and RB fan, but I think RB will win out for me on this one. I have the Logitech Instruments, so having to buy another guitar is going to annoy me. I happy to wait and see though

    You absolutely nailed it with this Mark:
    I’m really going to miss the social dynamic of playing with everyone together.

    I'm still very much on the Rock Band 4 bandwagon. That they're trying to make DLC backwards compatible is a huge draw for RB4. RB3 still gets busted out for parties, so a current gen version should be rad. Harmonix have shown that they are still very much invested in the genre.

    But for GH, I dunno. It feels like Activision have seen the positive reaction to RB4 and tried to jump on it as well, and we know how well that went for them last time.

    Would have only been interested if it used the same peripheral as Rock Band...

    Since the biggest selling point is the 'live' aspect that is realistically meant to be the background to the actual gameplay, think I'll stick with Rock Band... I do like the differentiation to Rock Band though as it will not really create much of a song conflict. Hopefully Guitar Hero will stick with guitar centric songs, and rock band will go for more band friendly songs. And I way prefer to play these games with friends rather than alone.

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    More excited for Rock Band, My daughter and I still play RB, and she loves drumming, so GH isn't going to do it for us.

    I was team Rock Band 4 before the announcement and that hasn't changed. My plastic will serve the Harmonix army.

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    I'd like to pretend to take sides, but I'm pretty certain that I'll be getting both. Rock Band for drumming and when the mates are over, GH for just jamming along to their TV mode.

    Guitar hero I'm am totally meh about, Rock Band 4 on the other hand I am keen for. If they both support each other's instruments I'll end up with both, but if not it will be rock ban all the way

    Yeah couldn't care less. Nothing they've shown stands out to me as 'it might be worth picking up again'.

    That and I'm not building up a plastic instrument collection again.

    The last couple of Guitar Hero games weren't even in the same league as Rock Band. But this new guitar controller looks interesting.

    Nah. Drumming is by far my favorite part of the genre and I'm not going to get obsessed with guitars in the same way, particularly with the new layout. I like the idea of the 6-button configuration but not enough to bother with it.
    RB4, though, that's a different beast altogether. Give me pro drums and I'm in.
    Also, I'm still crossing my fingers for Morpheus support.

    I hate the new controller, i'm not gonna buy two different controllers for Rock Band and this, and the lack of other instruments makes me not want it... those games are first and foremost party games for me, so if i can't have at least 4 people playing then i'm not really interested...

    If they let you use a rock band controller as well, then i'll get it, but if it doesn't then it's Rock Band all the way...

    The first person view and the crowds don't do it for me, but playing over the top of music videos is a good idea though.

    I was sceptical when the teaser came up and said "now it gets real" or whatever the tagline was. And now it seems my scepticism was well-placed.

    While it's disappointing that it won't be compatible with the old gear, I am curious to try out the new controller to see how it plays. Pretty much everything else about it is a gigantic resounding "meh". Granted, the way they do the crowds and stuff seems pretty interesting on a technical level, but for me it doesn't affect the game at all. I have never cared what was going on in the background while playing GH, my focus is solely on the highway and what I have to play.

    I've never been one for the whole "pretend you're a rock star" thing, it's just a game to be played. I loved the old GH stuff with the amusing little cartoon interludes showing you the "story" as you progress from tier to tier, they were fun. This... doesn't seem as fun. It's sucking the character out of GH, quite literally I guess since they don't have any of the characters any more.

    And as mentioned already, it all comes down to the setlist. They've come out right from the start saying they're going for a broad appeal, when that was exactly what made GH4 and 5 so terrible and unfun to play. Oh actually, ditching the other instruments and just focusing on guitar is a plus. I mean drums are fun and all, but overall it took away from the series I think. I would happily trade in drumming to be have two-player co-op again, nothing was more fun than trying to work through GH3 with a friend of similar skill level.

    I wish Vicarious Visions were making this. If they were doing it, it would be the bomb. Unsung (guitar) heroes, imo.

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    For someone who played an ungodly amount of GH back in the day I am not sold. Different layout will probably mean no backward compatibility and lack of well known rock anthems leaves me alienated

    The only thing I liked about the crowd was when they would sing along to the songs. That was pretty cool. Pity they dropped it for RB3

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    I'm sooooo excited for this that I just went and bought Rocksmith 2014 for my Xbox One. Gives me the motivation to start playing my real guitars more regularly again and get my chops back after breaking fingers on both hands.

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