Tell Us Dammit: Games Of The Year So Far

2015 is only four (almost five) months in and I already I feel like it's been a better year for games that 2014. Here's hoping this keeps up.

What are some of your favourite games of 2014 so far?

Bloodborne goes without saying. I think it's a bit of a masterpiece really, despite the loading times! OlliOlli 2 just feels like the refinement of an idea that I was already in love with and I've started playing Titan Souls, another game that I love. So far so good. And when you consider that The Witcher 3 is less than a month away. Man...

Really it's been the last couple of months that's really kicked things into overdrive. What have been your favourite games of 2015 so far?


    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate so far. I haven't put as much time into it as I have wanted to, but it's nigh-on perfect. The controls are sublime, underwater segments have gone, and it's the best Monster Hunter game yet. Love it.

      This, MH4U is the best its ever been and every month they put out additional content/challenges/items, I wish i had more friends into it,

    Favourite game released this year so far is GTAV PC. Yeah I know it's a rerelease but it really shines on PC feels great at 60fps.

    Other games I've played a fair bit:
    Crysis 3
    Trials Fusion
    Mario Party
    Mario Kart
    SSB Wii U

    Haven't played anything from this year yet, so I'll say the trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X

    I am still playing stuff from the last couple of years, namely GTAV and Shadow of Mordor.

    The only game of 2015 I feel the need to mention is Hell Divers - love that game.

    Bloodborne I will play eventually but just haven't had the money or time.

    Only game I've played that was released this year is Dying Light, and I really wasn't impressed. It's been a great year for getting through my pile of shame though! DA:I was great, Walking Dead s1, s2 and Wolf Among Us made a fan of tell tale out of me, and I've developed a horrible new addiction to Civ 5.

    I'm really looking forward to Kirby in May though!

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