Tell Us Dammit: Let's Reboot A Video Games Series

Okay I want to play a little game. I want you to take a series you once loved. A series in decline, and I want you to pitch a reboot.

Tell me how you'd reinvent Sonic. Tell me how you'd reinvent Streets Of Rage. Tell me how you'd reinvent Banjo-Kazooie!

Now go!


    Crash Bandicoot.

    Burn down Activision, rescue him, reboot 1, 2 and 3 with modern graphics like the new Donkey Kong games on Wii.


      While they're at it, someone needs to burn down Capcom and rescue Mega Man. Also Konami/Castlevania. And Atari just because they keep being dicks.

      Burn 'em all.

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    Silent Hill, here's hoping that Kojima and Del Toro are still working on it. I played P.T. again the other day and still got goosebumps during the ending.

    Descent. Magic carpet

      you might be happy to hear there is a reboot of decent on kickstarter now

    Shining Force. Stop making ARPG's in the Shining series and go back to the original SRPG awesomeness and release them in the west!

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      agree, a modern day shining force would be epic.

    Relentless (Little Big Adventure) first person remake.

    On the HTC/Valve Vive.

    Oh, and you get a special ball in the box which you use to throw in your VR room at the enemies.

    Reboot everything that isn't already, into a turn based JRPG.

    With lots, LOTS of grinding ;-)

    Wonderboy. I don't care how just give me more Wonderboy.

      I have this dream of a Mario 64 type Wonder Boy where you go around little open world's collecting those dolls instead of stars.

      Power ups would include a stack hat so you can skateboard, a knight's helm so you can go monster world style & of course a dragon etc from Dragon's Trap.

    Ape Escape. I need more of that in my life. Give it modern graphics, no motion control gimmick. Or just re-do the first game and make it bigger. It'll sell at least two copies!

    X-wing/TIE Fighter series need a reboot!

      Posted the same reply before seing yours.

      Totally seconded.

      I want this soooooooo much. But Disney gave EA exclusive rights for (non-casual) Star Wars game development. And the only thing I want more than an X-Wing/TIE Fighter reboot, is for EA to stay the hell away from it.

    I'm more of a fan of soft reboots, take a new direction with new characters etc & do it in a way that doesn't shit on what went before.

    I'd like to see Onimusha make a comeback.

    I'd reinvent Metroid Prime by making a 2D version like Castlevania in retro pixel graphics... wait a minute...

      Made me realise I need Castlevania rebooted back to Symphony of the Night style.

    Sonic. The gritty near future FPS reboot. #watchtheworldburn

    Megaman 1-6. Pretty much make them the same way they did 9 and 10 on Xbox but make them steam exclusive. Muahaha

    I think Battlefield needs a rest, maybe we can pick it back up when DICE finish Battlefront or wut ever it is.

    DUNGEON KEEPER!!! Go back to the original concept, build & remaster what made it great. The premise of a reboot had so much potential until it was bastardised by EA & their damn dirty micro-transactions in the iOS port!


    I need a PS4 version sequel, that re-ups all the good stuff and adds in things like:

    - exploration - a big ass city like S2, but more hidden areas that are accessible by getting off your board and walking/climbing/jumping. Spots that need to be cleaned up to skate (pools drained, landings swept, garbage cleared). which leads to...

    - construction - combine it with the object dropper so you can craft some sweet terrain in the skate world, not some separate isolated park. Need a sweet landing for that rail that's not grass? Put some plywood down. Need a little more transition for that barrier? Concrete it. Think Burnside and you'll know where this can lead. This could even happen online so people can create together in real time. Imagine coming across someone else's created spot online and skating it, then editing it to make it better/different. Construction stuff costs $$$ too.

    - items mean something - need to go faster? equip harder wheels. Need to pop higher? change to a new deck and lighter trucks. Also clothes/boards would get dirty/shredded. This gives you a reason to keep changing up your skater and to keep earning money by doing challenges to buy more gear.

    - RPG - how about unlocking stat boosts and tricks and balancing out your abilities that way? make your ollie higher - but sacrifice your speed, sacrifice your flip tricks to get better grind stability. This way you would have to work up to hit those higher ledges/rails/gaps and not be a total pro right out of the gate.

    - dynamic day/night and weather - What about spots that are only accessible at night or day? during the day a spot might be inaccessible to do gates or security but at night you could hire generators to keep the spot lit up (costs $$$). Weather would also play a part, sometimes indoor spots are only accessible when it's raining? Doing KOTR challenges like 'hit a 10 stair rail in the rain' would be awesome, increased chance to slip out.

    I could (and have) go on for ages.

    I would like to see Duke Nukem rebooted, i can't see it though, DNF thoroughly killed the franchise which is a shame.

      For some time now my head has been swimming with ideas about this and come up with "Duke Nukem V The Universe", in which Duke Nukem is a hero of a bygone era who nobody likes anymore. When aliens attack again, Duke saves the day, wiping out a lunar settlement in the process and instead of being hailed a hero he is persecuted. So Duke must escape from his fellow humans out to get him, as well as an ongoing alien invasion.
      It's a story about Duke attempting to find his place in a world that has outgrown and rejected him. Also involves other characters such as Duke's headstrong, independent illegitimate daughter and his equal-but-opposite (stealthy, non-lethal) twin brother.

      I think Gearbox is looking at rebooting Duke Nukem 3D, even though Duke Nukem Forever, plot aside, was basically Duke Nukem 3D.

    Alex Kidd, that is all... 3d models 2d styling

    Crusader: No remorse and No regrets. Great game in the day. Would love to see a reboot.
    Syndicate Wars...not that FPS version.

      the Crusader games with the controls of a modern twin-stick with a cover system (little bit Alien Shooter, little bit Meltdown, but more thoughtful pacing) would be awesome - especially if it had a level editor and co-op (maybe some PvP as an eventual MP expansion)

      What I find really annoying with the originals is they are still graphically solid (as many prerendered and isometric games of the time were), but the 8-direction movement is what kills it to play again nowadays! (shame it couldn't do like LBA with isometric tiles for pretty architecture but 3D models for characters to allow full range of motion)

      see Satellite Reign for the syndicate reboot, made by a lot of the same people who made the original and syndicate 2.

      I've been playing the alpha and it is awesome even in an unfinished buggy state.

    I'd like to see a Tenchu reboot. Tenchu Z was pretty good and introduced neat concepts with the light and smell considerations but I'd like to see an open world style game in which you have to find out information about your target's habits and movements before taking them down rather than making your way through a set layout.

    SSX, Sonic, Tenchu, Tekken, Frogger, Point Blank.

    Point Blank with Kinect! Amazeballs.

    Command and Conquer. Grim dark RTS grounded back into reality without alien races or demi-gods

    Shadowman!!!! This absolutely needs a reboot.

    Jungle Strike.

    V8 Supercars; the one where you played that guy, and there was that bad guy, and it was like a "CaRPG" and stuff. You know the one.


    Canon Fodder.

    A proper Syndicate reboot, with squads made up of online players, gameplay similar to GTA Online's heists, but instead of fighting with street thugs and biker gangs, it's massive corporations trying to take each other out.

      strike series, cannon fodder, syndicate.........where do i throw my god damn money at someone?

      Yeah Tiny Troopers and Running With Rifles don't quite scratch that Cannon Fodder itch, and I've wanted a new Jungle Strike since seeing how well games like Renegade Ops turn out!

      Taking Syndicate online like that makes me think an EVE-style player-driven corporation system driving all the politics and skirmishes - could be insane with a little Cyberpunk style hacking to drive some behind the scenes stuff too when it comes to espionage and equipment procurement.

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