Tell Us Dammit: What Do You Want From Nintendo's Next Handheld Console?

I think I'm pretty much done questioning Nintendo when it comes to handheld consoles. It knows what its doing and continues to be successful against all odds. That being said, let's book this thing: if you were in the Nintendo big seat, what would you do? What would you like to see from Nintendo's next handheld console?

I'm not sure, but I would like to be surprised. I know that sounds vague, but I feel as though Nintendo has really lost its ability to create dazzlingly unique things. I'll never forget seeing the N64 controller for the first time, or being confused by the Wii. I want Nintendo to confuse me again like it did with the original DS.

Also, here's an idea: why not go back to a single screen? Why not have voice gestures that actually work with video games that go in tandem with it. If anyone can make it work it's Nintendo. Why not embrace augmented reality. Why not resurrect the Virtual Boy?

Oh I don't know! What do you want to see?


    Good games are all I need.

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      Basically this. Honestly don't care what the actual thing has or doesn't have, just give me another decade of gaming bliss. The DS and 3DS have probably been the greatest things to have ever happened to gaming in terms of actual games outside of PC. But I guess no region lock would be nice.

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    Virtual Console SNES

    & if it's the next, 64 & DS.

      I was so excited by that leak yesterday about the direct announcing SNES games for 3DS... nothing but disappointment this morning :P

        So glad I missed that!

    No region lock would be nice

    I know this will be difficult for Nintendo. But a non-stupid naming structure would be nice.

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    I WOULD say region-free software.

    Every platform holder has embraced the digital download model and with micro-transactions being a part of everybody's future whether people like it or not, it's going to be pointless to cry over spilt milk. Those account systems everybody wants will be region-locked and saves/DLC wrangling will be very confusing for region-hoppers.

    I am almost past caring about physical packaged media, not there yet, but almost.

    Storage space, lots of it. That's my answer.

    No region locking.

    Something new. Not a gimmick that has been put on to increase longevity of the console time and time again.

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    I like where the WiiU was going with the ability to play away from the TV but what I'm hoping for with the next console is essentially a WiiU and 3DS combined so the console more or less serves as a base station to play your games on the big screen while still allowing you to walk away and play your games as a hand held. Essentially what the nVidia SHIELD was trying to achieve but more practical.

    No region lock, do away with the bad brand naming. It's been out for enough time to do away with the new title. HD screens, both screens touch, allow us to swivel the top screen so we can then fold the system into a one screen system for game and watch style games. Or just bring out a one screen system. Remote play with the Wii u or your so called NX system.

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    No region lock (or at least less region exclusivity)
    Larger virtual console library (though this slowly seems to be happening)
    Good games (probably the major one)
    A design that is a little more comfortable to hold whilst laying back that doesn't dig into the palms quite so much as the DS, some thing rounded and padded for the bottom corners.
    Robust and accessible cross platform online account system
    Non-proprietary charging cable

    Honestly though, I am pretty happy with the N3DS XL and expect it to last the distance.

    I just want to be able to use my own SD card storage, rather than proprietary, and also be able to just copy stuff back and forth between cards without going through some stupid transfer program. Drag and drop, thats all....

    Tell you what would get me to buy a 3DS and not pirate the shit out it:

    * No region locking. No price gouging on regions. Just, fuck off with regions man
    * On the above, let me buy US/EU/AUS/Japanese Games easily. Like, a simple option to switch the store location or something
    * Decent digital account. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to play games I bought online on a different console

    Now for things I would love to have, though not necessary

    * Bluetooth. Please. It's 2015, why do you not have it yet?
    * Micro-USB charging cable. Why must I have your proprietary stuff?
    * While we're at it, stream video to a TV? With HD Games? And virtual consoles? Add that with Bluetooth for controller... but then, that pretty much makes it a console in it's own right, huh?
    * Can we maybe get an unlimited game subscription service? I'd happy pay $20/m to have unlimited access to all the games digitally

    I'd like the 3DS to have sex with a Vita and produce a "3DVitesse":

    1. Dual analogue sticks (No nubs or circle pads);
    2. No second screen or rear touch screen;
    3. Proper shoulder buttons and triggers;
    4. Super stable 3D with eye tracking;
    5. Games linked to account, not console;
    6. 5"+ OLED touch screen (capacitative);
    7. 5-6 hours battery life minimum;

    I have a feeling that the NX will be something of a hybrid, with the game pad being kind of like a cross between the Wii U game pad and the 3DS. It will be portable and you'll be able to plug cartridges in it, which you can then stream to your TV if desired (like Vita TV), but you'll also be able to use the game pad as a traditional controller for the NX's home console, which will be blu-ray disc based (or better) and will have a more powerful GPU and CPU inside. You'll also have the off-screen play option (similar to Wii U or Remote Play on Vita).

      That wish list seems to be exactly what I want.

    Everything has covered what is on my list, so I'm gonna do mine in order of importance.
    1. No DRM ('nuff said).
    2. Transfer process that doesn't require double digit steps to complete (WHAT WERE YOU THINKING NINTENDO?!)
    3. More good games
    4. Better battery life (seriously, my ageing iPhone 5 is lasting long!)
    5. Non-propriatary power cords (seriously, if the adapter dies in the future, how can I play the darn thing?!)

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    Hardware wise? Single screen, which would probably make it a little easier to port stuff that's already been developed for mobiles (Walking Dead, XCOM, etc) which could open up the games library pretty substantially. No proprietary chargers. No region locking.

    Software wise? An actual sequel to Metroid Fusion. And maybe something like Mario Paint. And maybe a new Advance Wars/Batallion Wars. And take some risks with your games; set a Zelda game (or at least a Zelda style game) in the future; make a Mario game where Mario is the bad guy or something, anything really. Just really want to see them take risks and do new things; for years they've been doing new things with their consoles, but not with their games.

      Ooh I agree, in fact somehow if they can make it easy for mobile devs to port they'll be onto a winner.

    Could you make something like a gameboy. one screen i guess.oh i have an idea! make it like a emulator and like you can play old games from the n64 and the gameboy(if game boy is nitendo).Then make the old games remastered to make it look good.And stuff like longer bettery and aits connected to a acount and non conscle connect.

    All I want is for them to ditch the region locking and stop regressing the hardware. They'd finally perfected the buttons on the XL, then went and made them crap on the new 3DS. STOP GOING BACKWARDS YOU IDIOTS!

    A wireless dongle that attaches to a HDMI port thereby allowing streaming to the TV, also a much more powerful processor and RAM, the processor in the 3DS (original) can barely load a web page.

    A change here or there to the design and some improvement to the specs would be neat, but they're not that important for handheld gaming, which Nintendo seem to have down pat- reasonable battery life, durability, and the ease of playing wherever you are aspects inherent in the clamshell design (ie simple clamshell sleep mode).

    Already mentioned, but more good games all that's seriously needed in a future Nintendo handheld console. For instance why has there only been one Fire Emblem and Pheonix Wright in the past 3 or 4 years? Where's Advance Wars and Golden Sun? I know there have been quite a few decent games on the 3ds and I am only mentioning in house games, but I can't help but feel handheld gaming in recent years has been a bit lacklustre compared to the DS era.

    I wouldn't mind them keeping the dual screens but make the bottom screen a basic 2D menu/hud/inventory screen to keep all that stuff off the main screen which can be a full size touchscreen which has most of the handheld grunt behind it.

    - The dual screen has being a rather amazing addition!
    (at least when developers are designing with it in mind)
    To often the use of the second screen has been minimal, and a waste. A lot of the time it's a hinderance to getting new developers on board.
    As such, the return to a single screen is something I'd like to see in the next handheld installment. A single screen means either cheaper products, or the oppotunity to add a better panel.
    Keep it as a touch screen though. Mobile gaming has shown that not only does touch screen technology work on a single screen, it's pretty much a standard in the general populace. People won't have to adapt to it at all.

    - The control scheme needs to change!
    The circle sliders aren't too bad. from a design perspective I can see why they were included. Only including one though? Downright sinful. Dual analogue controlds are pretty much a staple in todays gaming and Nintendo would be doing themselves a service to integrate them in their new handheld.

    - Region locking needs to go.
    Enough said.

    - Once again, secure Monster Hunter and a Nintendo exclusive.
    This alone is what halted the Vita in it's tracks this time around. If Sony had access to Monster Hunter for the Vita, Nintendo would of had a real challenge on their hands this generation.

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