That Halo PC Shooter Doesn’t Look Terrible

That Halo PC Shooter Doesn’t Look Terrible
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When you first heard the words “free to play” and “Halo 3 engine”, you might have dismissed that weird Russia-only Halo shooter for the PC. You might also have been a little too hasty.

Despite attempts by Microsoft to shut down outsider access to the game’s beta, folks in the English-speaking world have been playing the game and capturing footage, and…it doesn’t look terrible!

When Microsoft said the version of the Halo 3 engine this game was running on was “heavily modified”, they weren’t kidding; this looks pretty nice, especially ticking along at 60fps like it is in this clip.

GamingPranks, who filmed the footage, say the stuttering you see in the clip isn’t a result of their PC or the capturing process; rather it’s the lag Westerners are experiencing as they’re forced to play the game through a third-party service to get around the geo-blocking.

The main thing you’ll notice in the video is the speed; there’s a sprint button there, in keeping with more recent Halo games, and it’s pretty quick!


  • I’m not interested…I can’t get past the crosshair being below the centre of the screen. I don’t want to have to look up to shoot straight ahead. It was a terrible design choice when the game was new, let alone now when they have the chance to fix it.

    Also yeah free-to-play is never free-to-play. It’s always pay-to-win, except for Path of Exile – that game is just a masterpiece.

          • You must be my friend from work, he says the same thing. Maybe it didn’t bother some, but I know it bothered a lot of people. Would it have been a massive problem to add in the ability to change it (similar to FoV)? I found it very disorientating. That’s why I am not interested.

  • I hate to be the black sheep but im gonna try it, IF it is P2W then it can get stuffed but i love halo games x3 it looks really nice, hope it handles just as good!

    Cant wait!

  • It looks like an extremely boring arena based shooter.

    Let Russia keep their weird F2P version of Halo 3, I’ll just be over here praying that it doesn’t make enough money that Microsoft starts to think that it’s a good idea to start shipping it to western countries.

    Perhaps I’m just bitter that they’ll never make a proper Halo game for PC. Hold me ;_;

  • Honestly the Halo 3 engine on PC for multiplayer is all I really want out of Halo at this point.
    The F2P elements make me cautious but man do I really want this game.

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