The Attack On Titan Movie Is Totally Coming To Australian Cinemas

Attack on Titan is the closest thing we have to a new 'big' anime — like a new Naruto or Bleach or Dragon Ball. As such its manga turned anime is about get the live-action cinematic treatment. Surprise: the movie doesn't look terrible, and it's set to get a cinematic release in Australia.

The super vague release date, at this point, is 2015 but distributor Madman has promised more details will be available soon.

The truth is that Attack on Titan doesn't even have a firm release date in Japan. At the moment it's 'Summer 2015', which means 'Winter 2015'in our hemisphere. Attack on Titan is extremely popular in the West, however, so I would hope for a relatively quick turnaround.

For now, might as well check out the brand new trailer for the movie. I'm actually intrigued. Looks way, way better than I expected.


    EXCELLENT! My 11 year old son is a HUGE Attack on Titan fan, he cosplayed for it at Supanova (Robin Lord Taylor (the penguin) even told him it was 'cute' lol). Can't wait to take him to see this! (Please don't be R18... please don't be R18...)

      Wow I don't want to be "that guy" but you let your 11 year old son watch AoT???

        Yes I do, why? We've watched every single episode. Personally I think it's a fantastic show. Sure it's got a little gore but there's far worse he could be watching. I'd prefer him to watch that than some mindnumbing shit like half the american cartoons with their condescending nature and brain-frying garbage.

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          I agree with you man. Also if he watches it in subs, it probably helps with his reading

            lol too true. Liam went to Supanova dressed as Erin from AOT. We bought the cape, jacket and leather wraparound for him. He looked great and had an awesome time. He met Robin Lord Taylor who said 'he looked adorable' lol. Absolutely made his day. Whenever we saw another person in AOT clothing he got a photo with them, including another guy who generously let him hold a sword he had made as an AOT replica. Made his day. Thats how much of a fan he is lol

          Strictly speaking, I pretty much agree with you. AoT is not anywhere near the worst thing you could be letting your kid watch, especially if it's with you. There's some humans being chewed in half, and some giants being sliced, big deal. Desensitising them? Hardly. Most normal kids know what is wrong or scary for them to watch and instinctively cover their own eyes until they're ready.

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            Damn it I guess Hellraiser is off the table eh...

        I remember being 11/12ish and watching Ninja Scroll for the first time, was amazing. I wish my folks let me watch more like it. Kids will either love it or never sleep alone again.

          I remember watching Akira at 8ish and from then i was hooked on anime

          Atleast my parents didnt really see anything more then cartoons when I would hire Ninja scroll and ghost in the shell

          I was around 13 and watched the entire series of THE GUYVER over one weekend. Blew my mind.

            Not surprising. What 13 year-old doesn't want to learn how to escape from a locked bunker using only a roll of duct tape, some chewing gum and a bottle of shampoo?

      This is 'straya, mate. Our ratings board even gave Atelier Totori Plus an R18.

      Of course, stuff like Persona 4 gets away with a mild M rating, so there's hope.

      luckyyy!! wish my mum thought this way too...but no, why watch this when i could be STUDYING??

    Hopefully this will coincide with this years Reelanime promotion

    Nice! At least the turnaround wont be as long as anime since they wait for the dubs most of the time before theatrical releases.

    "Attack on Titan is the closest thing we have to a new ‘big’ anime — like a new Naruto or Bleach or Dragon Ball."

    Might want to reconsider that statement regarding the last part.

    Surprise: the movie doesn’t look terrible, and it’s set to get a cinematic release in Australia.

    Each of these points is surprising enough on its own. The combination of both is like [Surprise]^2.

    Are we expecting Event Cinemas/Birch, Carroll and Coyle? Or just independents?

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