The Attack On Titan Movie Looks Terrifying

The Attack On Titan Movie Looks Terrifying

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie — this one gives us a closer look at the titans, and I think it’s safe to say the movie nails the horrifying giants.

The movie seems pretty faithful to the dark, gritty tone of the anime/manga as well. I’m pretty ready to watch it and have the movie basically tear my heart out. Thanks for uploading the trailer, imsuperjen!

Some GIFs, for your amusement:


  • Actually looks rather good, I didn’t expect the source material to transition quite so well to film and am glad they didn’t break out the AoT anime theme, which they could have quite easily.

    On a side note
    Some GIFs, for your amusement
    Nope, not amusing down here in the land of internet quota, and wholly unnecessary with the linking of the video they have been ripped from. A screencap or 2 would have been fine however.

    • Yes please stop the gifs. If you link to the video the gifs are from just assume we will watch the video itself.

  • this looks amazing

    but wish Japans movies were so OBVIOUS CGI fests. I mean Pacific rim was a CGI fest, but the cgi blended well with the real scenes

    most of japanese live action scenes use too obvious of a fake backdrop.

    • My girlfriend and I had a talk about that very thing.

      Pacific Rim didn’t do very well in Japan, yet it was the most incredible mecha movie (Visually) that I’ve ever seen.

      You take any other live action mecha or any other live action Japanese movie that heavily employs CGI, and they look really cheap and campy, yet they’re always really popular.

      We murmured the idea of racism under our breaths, but who knows, really…

      But yeah, Japan is often considered technologically superior to most of the world, they have the most beautiful art style, and yet they always can’t perfect CGI 100%.

  • Why do people care so much about this manga… It’s good, sure, but it’s not even in the 70th chapter. In that time we’ve had an anime series, anime film and now a live action film telling us the same part of the story…

      • personally I’d prefer if they told a different story. Even filler would be more interesting for me at this point.

  • i just wanted to see some 3d manoeuvring. i wonder how can they make that look good in live action. i think that is the hardest thing.

    • its just going to be some shitty wire work and cgi

      theres a split second shot of it in the trailer and it looks really floaty

  • Looks interesting! Almost finished the AOT Anime series and this is going to be intense!

    • True, unless they do that, “3 months later” over and over, and only show the scenes which matter.

      OR turn it into a trilogy.

  • NO MORE ANIMATED GIFs. You are making it damn near impossible to read articles on a mobile device. Go back to school and learn some basics about web design and how browsers handle loading the various elements of a web page.

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