The Aussie Musician Bringing Metal To Nintendo Classics

I didn't know I wanted to hear Metal cover versions of NES classics. Until I heard them.

Meet Shaun King, AKA the NESromancer. He's based out of Sydney and when he's not growing his hair out and maintaining his impressive facial hair, he's busting out metal versions of classic Nintendo tracks.

He's got a massive back catalogue of this stuff. Massive. From Zelda to Mario to goddamn Duck Tales.

I've chucked a few onto this post, but this is just the beginning. There's so, so much of this stuff. There are familiar classics, and a couple you might have forgotten about.



    Daniel Tidwell did a ducktales moon theme cover, and IMO it's better than this guy. That's not to say this guys bad or anything, it's still good, i just think daniels is better

    It's probably worth mentioning that the version he professionally recorded for the album he released sounds better than the link i provided too

    EDIT: Didn't realise this might have been an article to highlight an AUSSIE artist rather than just a youtube artist.

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    I listened to a bunch, have mixed feelings about them.

    The sub-castle one was nice, would have been wicked with a more black metal feel to it :3

    Loved this game. This discussion has me in mind to play it again..


    Ah man, this was meant for the ACIV thread...

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    Check out Goatmann on Soundcloud, not as many, but still some rippers there.

    Wow that was awesome! The Super Mario World one was the best, especially considering the production.

    HAHA the Zelda one posted here actually reminds me of Mastodon

    Good stuff! Yeah i agree that Daniel Tidwell does some great covers of videogames, there's also FamilyJules7X on Youtube who's quite good, as a gamer and guitarist it's so great to see the variety when doing video game covers, love love love it!

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