The Best Fan-Made GTA V Movies (So Far)

The Best Fan-Made GTA V Movies (So Far)

PC players have been making good use of GTA V's Rockstar Editor this week, a feature that lets people make their own movies inside of the game.

Let's take a look at what people have come up with, shall we?

The Police Chase

rechyyy ☆ PC Gaming ☆ makes it easy to see how the world's next Michael Bay very well may cut their teeth on GTA V's editor. Check this clip out if you're interested shootouts, action, or mayhem.

Sunday Drifting

GTA Wise Guy focuses on all the things that make driving a car a joy. Also, it's pretty amusing to see Wise Guy drift circles around the cops:

The Best Fan-Made GTA V Movies (So Far)

Just Drive

Tyrannicon tries to recreate Michael's 80s fantasy.

Glitchy Beauty

James McVinnie uses the Rockstar editor to tell a tragic tale of GTA bugginess. A real tear-jerker right here.

Family Ties

Danz Newz tells us about a man who would do anything to keep his family safe.

No Smoking

Merfish has a PSA for the citizens of Los Santos.

Franklin, The Creep

CODBlackCop makes terrorizing people at the beach into a sport. A kind of disturbing, yet hilarious sport. Franklin's expressions alone make this one worth watching:

The Best Fan-Made GTA V Movies (So Far)


8-BIT BASTARD's Running, Man clip has made the rounds the last couple of days, but it's too good not to share a second time.


    Jeez. People don't muck around, do they?

    Franklin the Creep had me in stitches!

    Can I add mine to the comments?

    Okay I'll do it anyway :)


    10/10 would send to PETA!

    Edit: That was meant to be a reply to @wagzy

    Last edited 16/04/15 8:32 pm

    Haha PETA would love it! Thanks for the awesome feedback :) @energydrinkhigh

    Last edited 17/04/15 9:34 am

      Awesome vid.

      Was I in a server with you last night? Poorly attempting a Heist? Name seems familiar.

        Thanks mate :)

        It was possibly me, I did some heists but I usually got disconnected :/

    Came across this one on reddit:

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