The Best Smash Bros. Character Requests

The Best Smash Bros. Character Requests

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed the Super Smash Bros. ballot, a tool for requesting new Smash characters that will definitely be helpful for Nintendo and will certainly not be abused at all. ("Please limit your vote to one per person," the site reads. Ha ha ha.)

So in addition to some great serious suggestions — Geno, Bayonetta, Goku — the world of Twitter has exploded with joke character submissions and requests.

I've rounded up some of my favourites, including one of my own (sorry). Enjoy.


    Goku just woudn't fit, Bubsy is a great idea.
    I voted for Tails, my friends have voted for Tails, Knuckles and Simon Belmont.

    Rayman? Dixie Kong? Splatoon characters (and make them free to promote Splatoon)? A Dalek? Blastoise? Dragonite? Sub-Zero? Minecraft Steve? Commander Shepherd? Doom Marine? Some Zelda characters from Hyrule Warriors? Mr Resetti? Gombella?

    Wouldn't mind seeing Starshot from Starshot 64, Marina from Mischief Makers or the kids from Jet Force Gemini (as a switchable duo). Haken Browning from Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier would make a great smash character, he already has a great range of attacks, specials and finishers from the game :)

    I still think they should put in Captain N the Game Master.

    Bring back Squirtle, I miss constantly surfing to my death.

    Bring in Zael from the Last Story! If Shulk can come into Smash Bros. surely he can too.

    I asked for Heavy from TF2, I doubt it would happen but I can dream.

    Almost isn't fair making us vote for one, as we all have so many we would like to see.

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