The Big Question: Still Playing Destiny?

I feel like this is sort of a leading question, sort of an invitation to complain about Destiny, but that's not what that is. We all know that Destiny is the kind of game we'll be complaining about for years, but we'll probably still be playing it. Right?

News that Destiny's next expansion won't have a raid was disappointing for sure, but it looks as though there are reasons for that, and it's not as if there will never be a new raid.

Still, Destiny still appears to be suffering from a dearth in content. Who among you have completely given up on the game? Who is still playing on a regular basis?


    Still playing at least weekly to do the nightfall and a raid if someone pipes up wanting to do one. At this point though I have pretty much everything I want in game and there's nothing really to challenge you as a player so, like you said, much more content is required.

    I'm happy to play through House of Wolves and see what it has to offer but after that Bungie really need to impress with their future plans for Destiny otherwise I'll be putting my full attention elsewhere like The Witcher 3 & Arkham Knight (and possibly ESO if this weekend goes good)

      Hmm, I might give ESO another shot this weekend - I hear it's improved a bit.

    Stopped playing probably within a week from launch, haven't even finished the campaign yet. Not sure why I stopped, probably got something new and shiny.

    This game was such a disappointment. I made myself believe that this game actually had a deep plot and that an explanation for its "mysterious" contents would come later. I was wrong, I mistook mysteriousness for laziness when the first DLC dropped it showed us half assed spin off story that the writers slept through. It had nothing to do with the story of Destiny.

    I spent so much time raiding in the vault of glass before the first DLC, I had gotten the best of the best weapons and gear. But all that became irrelevant once players could simply purchase better gear.

    This game has been a failed attempted at capturing a Halo like story and combining it with the mechincs of world of Warcraft

    Im back into it in a big way. Got it a week after launch, played through and really enjoyed it. Got a bit sick of the grind so stopped for a while. Picked it back up a few weeks ago and really enjoying it again. It has its issues but cant deny it has some fantastic fps mechanics. Really enjoying going on Patrol and looking at the environments and appreciating the art this time around, it is really top notch. ....I do still grumble about it a lot though haha.

    I stopped playing after i finished the main story. I saw no real reason to grind my way to legendary gear in repetitive shootouts. I was just looking at trading it last weekend.

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    Got about 160 hours of gameplay out of Destiny before stopping around December last year.

    Stopped after running vault over 20 times and never getting the last piece I needed for 30. There's no fun playing a game with no way to progress other than luck. Some form of raid currency would go a long way.

    Also the fact that they still haven't added more PvP modes like CTF is just ridiculous.

    I stopped playing a couple of months after it came out and haven't really seen anything since to convince me to go back. There's been a few times I've been tempted but Destiny just doesn't have anything about it that makes me want to play. That's not really a slight on the game, just that I'm not a huge FPS fan so they need to have something that compels me to play for me to maintain interest.

    Yep, still playing. Got 3 nightfalls, 3 weeklies, and one and a half raids completed last night.

    Send help. D:

      Oh were you playing Destiny last night?

      You're very quiet sometimes.

    Last night, I played for the first time this year. Ran the Nightfall and Crota's End with my group, and had fun. Got some new gear.
    But it's not enough to keep me going back to it anymore, especially with so many other games to occupy my time.
    I'll be back for House of Wolves, and then probably move on from there (Witcher 3 is looming...).

      ...jumped on Eccentric in Nightfall, realised it was Arc Burn and I only had Void weapons, left, got weapons and bounties, came back, theCracks had joined too, watched as the walker was destroyed in seconds, Sepiks lasted about a minute. Felt guilty about being third wheel to scary-good players so buggered off and joined my usual slightly more casual group who had arrived in the Tower in the meantime... :)

        Haha that was all Eccentric. I contributed bugger all to that nightfall haha.

    Have they fixed the boring story, enemies, vehicles, weapons, classes, environments and items yet? I mean have they replaced everything that isn’t the core combat engine with something interesting?

    No? Then I think I’ll continue to have had my fill of destiny.

    It’s hard to believe that the same studio that brought us all of Halo’s awesome weapons, enemies, vehicles and features could spend so long on delivering a game full of so much half-baked, placeholder content.

    Still playing, ticking off the Weekly Raids and stuff but mostly still playing because I just enjoying kicking around on patrol.

    Need an option for 'Yes I've stopped, but will probably be back'

      Yeah I'm in the same boat. Hit lvl 32 and got all the weapons/armor I wanted and haven't felt like going back for a couple of months. I purchased the expansion pack so will be back for house of wolves and possibly the next raid then (hopefully) that'll be me done and I can leave this terrible addiction behind me

    No. Not since January

    I'm no stranger to the grind. I played WoW from 2004 to 2013 (not hardcore, but played most days). This game is something different though.

    Don't get me wrong, I had an OK time playing it but now it's just a chore to level weapons by doing the same bounties over and over again.

    It's just so...bland, and there's just not enough carrot to keep me coming back anymore.

    If Destiny was a colour, it would be beige

    I was playing recently, picked up a couple of exotic weapon bounties. The hand cannon one angered me and I stopped (the crucible one where you lose points for dying). I am a casual PVPer at best for console games and losing all my points was driving me nuts

      I got a few of those as well. They are just a pain I suck at PVP so just cant get the points to complete these bounties.
      Yes Destiny you suck donkey balls, some times.

        Kill 500 guardians in Crucible with void damage?! Five-freaking-hundred?! Maybe one day *looks wistfully into the distance*

        ...but yeah some of those exotic bounties are whack. I've got another one which requires 25 more kills or assists in the crucible than deaths that I'm more than halfway through. Another decent crucible session and I'll probably finish it. What's up with that difference though?! I guess some of them are just insanely difficult while others are pretty reasonable o.0

        At least you can farm a few public events a day for ascendant materials and strange coins to buy exotics from Xur otherwise I'd still have no exotics (bought the Suros Regime the other day woo)

    I still play, mostly for my housemate to help him with nightfalls and the occasional raid. I've been playing gta online lately so that's taking up most of my time lately

    I tried so hard to WANT to keep playing Destiny.

    Got three separate characters to lvl 30 before the first DLC. Once I got that, pvp held my interest for a little bit, but not too long. When the first DLC came out, I jumped back on, did the very first mission... and that was it...

    I will probably get back to it once more content is released, beyond this second DLC. However, if it's paid DLC, I probably won't get back into it. I mean, the first DLC gave us a handful of extra missions, one new strike (Xbox One player) and one more raid. This time they aren't even giving us a raid. The content just isn't there to keep me interested.

    There isn't enough variation. And not just with the quests, MOST quests in every RPG are the same. That isn't the issue. Usually if I want to keep playing an RPG after I reach the end game, I'll make a new character with completely different powers/set-ups. Usually I have more than three options.

    So yeah, when more FREE content comes out, I'll jump back on, otherwise, nah.

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      The raid has been replaced with a different type of content that is new to Destiny, rather than it just being a smaller DLC (cause seriously I think I'm not alone hoping it'll actually be a bigger chunk of content than the first DLC). We'll just have to wait and see what that type of content is, but I'm intrigued as its hard for me to get my 6 player raid team together and so I've only done a third of VoG and haven't played any of Crota's End yet.

        I never had a raid team. Bungie forums is the place to go to find people wanting to play. I used to do the Nightfall, Weekly and Raid three times a week. Rarely with the same people.

    When I heard that Bungie had excised most of the story elements I put it on my 'not with a ten-foot pole' list. Maybe Destiny 2 if it turns out more like Mass Effect.

      I want a Mass Effect game with the Destiny combat. I want it so bad. I would replay that and love it forever and ever and ever and totally not get bored, I SWEAR I'll look after it properly, Daddy, and you won't be stuck with litter duty, so can we please please PLEASE have it?

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    Curiosity will probably drag me back for one evening eventually, but as of right now I haven't touched the game since a day after Vault of Glass was opened.

    Ah Destiny you S.O.B. So good and so wrong as we all know. Nightfalls when the team is up for it, gave up on gjalla. We're all waiting on HOW to see if it will be worth continuing.

    I burnt out on it, and shooty games, pretty hard.

    At this juncture, I don't particularly want to shoot a virtual anything in the face, I'm kind of sick of it as a mode for interaction

    I didn't play it to begin with. If they put out an ultimate edition with all of the DLC, I'd happily consider working my way through all of the content in one hit. Approaching the game any other way just doesn't appeal to me.

    I stopped playing at all about a month ago, prior to that was just jumping on for the Tuesday night refresh and doing 3 x nightfall / weeklies and Hard Crota raids. But have now stopped altogether and haven't looked back. I have the season pass so will download the next DLC, probably run through the story and check out the new mode, but otherwise until the next raid is in (and even then) I don't feel like it's worth playing anymore.

    I'm taking a bit of a break/wind down but looking forward to the House of Wolves DLC. TBH there's not really anything else on my radar this year. I know a few of my friends left when Dragon Age came out and more will be lost to Witcher 3, but neither of those are really grabbing me. Playing Destiny is something I've been enjoying doing socially especially since I mostly play with my wife.

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