The Bloodborne Honest Review

You had to know this was coming.

And while it mostly covers the common Bloodborne talking points — the difficulty, the loading screens, its similarities to other games in the Souls series — it still has its moments. Also, I'll watch anything about Bloodborne. I'm the worst.

Also: the voiceover guy's voice. It's top notch. I'm a big fan of the way he says 'balls'.

However, consider yourselves warned: there are some serious, serious spoilers in there. I even skipped a few parts and I never care about spoilers.


    As someone who hasn't yet played Bloodborne (quick, alert the authorities!!), the only thing I could identify as a spoiler was the bit about 'the good ending'. So anything else that might have been a spoiler went straight over my head. Anyway, it was a good watch; the bit about XB1 owners being on suicide watch made me lol.

      And that's why Xbox sucks.

        It's a good point though, because the PS4 exclusives are coming thick and fast, whereas Xbox One has had no big exclusives since day 1. Meanwhile PC still completely overwhelms both consoles with exclusives.

    Is the audio encoding on the vid messed up or something? I hear nothing but slowed down, growly garbling. No idea what's being said.

    kinda of a duke nukem-esque voice... good stuff...

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