The First Five Mind-Bending Minutes Of Telepath Tactics

One-man Kickstarter success Telepath Tactics is a game that celebrates the art of strategically taking turns and tactically kicking arse. My turn lasts five minutes.

Telepath Tactics is a game that developer Craig Stern introduced on Kickstarter in 2013 as "Imagine that Fire Emblem and Disgaea had a baby." Nearly three times the asked for $US15,000 in funding and a couple of years later, that baby has been born. It's not the prettiest baby, but it's a baby with a very specific set of skills — turn-based tactical combat with destructible buildings, multiplayer support and a built-in level editor for you creative types.

The music's not too shabby either.

Note that due to the game's Adobe Air framework my counter appeared atop the video. I kind of like it there. Keeps me honest.

Here's Telepath Tactics' official Steam description.

The indie lovechild of Fire Emblem and Super Smash Brothers, Telepath Tactics is a strategy RPG with destructible battlefields, bridge- and barricade-building, and the ability to fling enemies off cliffs and into lava. Play through a story-driven campaign with dozens of unique characters in a steampunk fantasy universe filled with telepathic generals, tribes of bipedal komodo dragons, and knights who ride atop giant, armoured praying mantises

Having created my own psionics-based tabletop RPG back in the day, I fully approve of exchanging magic for mental powers.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so are we.


    You showed two things in those five minutes: jack and shit.

    Maybe there's a game out there that lends itself to this format, Telepath Tactics clearly isn't one of them. You showed us a portion of the tutorial and the video cut out at what's apparently the "first real fight of the game" as you put it. Seems like maybe that might've been a good place to start the video.

    a bit of planning will take sub-par videos and make them watchable..

    I'm really not sure what saying the game is the lovechild of Disgaea and Fire Emblem is supposed to evoke. While it might get Dad's nose and Mum's mouth, it's still just going to be a typical turn based strategy RPG. The video doesn't really help exemplify how it borrows from those games either so I'm still in the dark about whether it's worth getting or not.

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