The First Five Seconds Of Super Mario Bros. 

What deep insight can you glean from a classic video game within the first five seconds of pressing start?

Not much, as it turns out. So I went ahead and recorded another video for Super Mario Bros., upping the limit to 300 seconds instead of five. Man, what a difference.

I know you've likely seen the first five minutes of Super Mario Bros. before, but have you seen it while I talk about the Japanese woman who sold me dirty magazines when I was twelve or the girl's high school party where we stole something like $US300 in dollar coins out of the slot machine her parents had in the basement? Really? Man, I talk too much.

Normally here I would post an official store description.

Right then.


    The first video really puts modern games in perspective... You're lucky to even get past a loading screen within 5 seconds of hitting start, let alone reach actual gameplay.

    Last edited 02/04/15 6:08 pm

    If you're doing 300 seconds you can pretty much finish the game.

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