The Free Mortal Kombat Game Isn’t Worth Your Time

The Free Mortal Kombat Game Isn’t Worth Your Time

As it turns out, Mortal Kombat X is a surprisingly decent mobile game. Unfortunately, it’s also free-to-play, and the way it dishes out the experience pretty much ruins it.

Unlike this Fatal Fury abomination SNK recently released for mobile devices, Mortal Kombat X isn’t a hardcore fighting game. Instead, the mechanics of Mortal Kombat have been heavily simplified in favour of allowing you to quickly and easily pull off a couple of basic maneuvers. You can’t choose whether you punch, kick, or jab. Instead, tapping the screen attacks, placing two fingers initiates a block, and you slowly build up a meter in the corner to execute special moves. Occasionally, you’ll swipe across part of the screen to execute a more powerful attack.

The Free Mortal Kombat Game Isn’t Worth Your Time

While simple, it works pretty well, especially combined with swapping between other fighters. It’s possible to switch over to someone else, allowing a hurt fighter to recover. There’s just enough happening on the touch screen to keep you busy without feeling totally overwhelmed.

That said, it takes a good, long time before the game even remotely tried putting up a fight. It wasn’t until two hours in that Mortal Kombat X forced me to start strategically using my block.

Not much happens at all in Mortal Kombat X for about two hours, in fact. When you watch the game’s trailer, it sure makes it seem like you’re getting the full Mortal Kombat experience:

Fatalities! Breaking bones! Screen-filling special moves! Yeah! I’m in!

Unfortunately, that’s not going to be your experience very often. You only execute a fatality when you’ve fought special boss characters, and that’s not very often. It’s not like you’ll be witnessing fatalities every few minutes. The game decides to dole them out at a glacier pace.

Even though the combat in Mortal Kombat X is swift, everything else moves slowly, too. When you take a look at your character “kard,” it promises a game full of loot to outfit your fighters.

The Free Mortal Kombat Game Isn’t Worth Your Time

With two hours under my belt, I haven’t gotten access to more than two pieces of equipment, and I’m not about to spend money in the game’s store just to make my fighters more competent.

The Free Mortal Kombat Game Isn’t Worth Your Time

Of course, it’s a free-to-play game, so I understand the game’s trying to hook me just enough to play, but not enough to have the full experience without being patient or paying up with cash. The game features an energy system, but levelling up replenishes it, and I haven’t yet run out.

It’s too bad, though. There’s so much to like about what they have put together! But I’d really have preferred to pay $US5 or $US10 to download a version of Mortal Kombat X that dished out the experience more evenly. That may be the nature of these types of games — I don’t have to like it!

Buying 84,000 “koins” for $US10 wouldn’t even be enough to really dig into the game, either.

The Free Mortal Kombat Game Isn’t Worth Your Time

I might stick with Mortal Kombat X for a little longer, since I don’t have access to the game coming out next week yet. Maybe the daily bonuses the game started giving me today can help?It seems like the daily reward begin stacking, so long as you’re coming back to check regularly.

The Free Mortal Kombat Game Isn’t Worth Your Time

What’d I get? 800 coins. Bah!

Oh well. It’s’s a reason — a free one — to spend time with Sonya Blade and friends until next week.


  • Its the same as the Injustice game for Mobile, which I have played since release without spending real money. The game has just come out so there are still a few bugs, but if its anything like Injustice, it will be around for a while with new stuff all the time (2 years on, Injustice is still getting new characters etc)

  • The game decides to dole them out at a glacier pace.

    Pretty sure that should be ‘glacial pace’. But, you know, I’m not a professional writer or anything.

  • I’m just keeping this installed till it unlocks my Johnny Cage Ninja Mime costume for the main game, then it’s gone

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