The Humble Store Is Running A Sale On Every Indie Game Ever

It's part of what the Humble Store is calling the Indie Showcase and it's awesome. Particularly if you like paying low prices for those cooler than cool Indie games. Finally, a chance to play all those games we've been pretending we've already played.

Here is a list of games that currently cost less than what I'm planning to pay for my lunch...

— Gone Home — Retro City Rampage — To The Moon — Cave Story — Proteus — Little Inferno

That's just the tip of the iceberg. There's almost 50 indie games on-sale and the majority of them have fairly massive discounts I'll probably be buying a few.

Good luck.


    To the moon is great, I wish I had more time to play some of the others.
    Any recommendations?

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      Frozen Synapse is pretty darn good.

      Gone Home is not a game persay. Went in with no knowledge and thought it was some horror styled game. Its actually the length of a high school short story. The setting is good and very nostalgic but forgettable story and leaves you wanting more. takes about an hour or two to finish.

      Retro City Rampage is damn good. Get that.

      Also hidden is the commandos bundle at 90% off (just over a $1). Thats 5 classic games you can sink your teeth into if you're into that.

        @poita I think Gone Home is very divisive - it either speaks to you or it doesn't. You can either tolerate the minimalist gameplay, or you consider it lacking.

        I also went in expecting a horror game, and some sort of supernatural murder mystery (it's not that). The story you find forgettable left me in tears for a couple of hours afterward, and made it my favourite game of 2013. I cannot recommend it enough, though I recognise that it's not for everyone.

          At the price, I may as well give it a go. The short length is a benefit in my time-poor world.

          Last edited 29/04/15 12:34 pm

          Really well put. It also has an excellent soundtrack and really beautiful original score.

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