Mega Man’s Spiritual Successor Arrives September 15

Mega Man’s Spiritual Successor Arrives September 15

The Kickstarter-funded Mega Man-style from series creator Keiji Inafune, Mighty No. 9, has a release date. Deep Silver will publish a physical version of the game, as well.

Mighty No. 9 raised nearly $US4 million in 2013, well over the project’s original $US900,000 goal.

Inafune spent most of his career at Capcom before forming his own company, COMCEPT. The studio has been involved in a number of different games in recent years, including Soul Sacrifice, Azure Striker Gunbolt, and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.

It’s hitting Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360 and PS3 at launch, with Vita and 3DS versions later.


  • I was hoping for something sooner but I’ll take it. From what I’ve seen so far it’s looking to be pretty sweet.

  • Looks cool. I’ll probably buy it. I never liked the “can’t control yourself in the air” movement of Mega Man but they are still fun games.

    • Are you thinking of the Castlevienia games on NES? You have perfect control of Mega Man when he’s in the air.

      • Are you thinking of Ghouls n Ghosts? I don’t remember that being a notable complaint of Castlevania (although I haven’t played the NES ones).

        • NES Castlevania had the uncontrollable jump as well, once you were in the air you had no control of your direction.

        • They changed the jumping in Castlevienia on the SNES onwards. 1, 2 and 3 on NES had much the same jumping as Ghouls and Ghosts did. Once you jump, you’re committed to that jump trajectory.

          • Ah, cool. I’ve only heard the complaint come up in reference to GnG before. Really should check out more Castlevania.

  • Sept. 15th is the US release date, Aussies will be getting it on the 18th because of the time it takes to ship the electrons across the digital seas.

  • Why not mention Dina Abou Karam? You know, the reason so many backers demanded refunds? And who was ‘let go’ only very recently for her vicious and toxic attacks on backers on forums and on twitter? And is the reason I will avoid this game like the plague.

    • Probably because we have all moved on from it. It’s one persons actions, you feel strongly enough about them not to buy the game, so be it, mentioning it not would bring anything of value.

      • Hired without experience or qualifications because her bf was already employed. Given artistic development role. Actively abusing community members, yet not fired until recently. Thats not one person, thats the entire team supporting her actions.

        With all the emphasis on making gaming more inclusive, her actions need to be publicly and appropriately addressed by the developers.

      • Agreed… I am still somewhat bemused this “drama” is still ongoing..

        Then again we are talking about the internet here *facepalm*

    • Well it doesn’t effect me as this is the first I’ve heard about it and so has zero influence on my decision on if I do or don’t play a game that looks quite cool.

    • I don’t really think it NEEDS to bee brought up. Not in this article atleast. This article is about a release date, not the individual people working on the game.

    • And what’s there to mention? Why even mention it at all? This is a post about the game’s release date. If you want to write up a story about some of the game’s development problems be my guest and forward it to kotaku as a guest piece. If it’s well researched, written and doesn’t have an obvious angle I’m sure the guys at Aus kotaku would share it. Don’t hold me to that though since I’m just another reader.

      I just don’t see what mentioning an old and now resolved issue such as that here achieves, other than more shitnslinging that we’re all sick of.

      • Lets see, since 2 Sept 2013 we have 20 ‘articles’ on Mighty No. 9. All favourable, none mentioning the nepotism, abuses of power, toxic community manager, or backers requesting chargebacks.

        Pretty sure we have an obvious angle here. Typical Kotaku shill crap.

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