The Meanest Blue Shell Trick In Mario Kart

The Meanest Blue Shell Trick In Mario Kart

It took me a minute to realise what the Twitch streamer and frighteningly good Mario Kart 8 player xLunairex was doing with his banana peel. But once I did, I was very impressed.

See for yourself:

via Reddit

You might have to watch it more than once if you've let your Mario Kart 8 skills get rusty over the past few months. Essentially xLunairex used his banana peel to stall the driver directly behind him whilst also making sure the collision left the opponent in front of him. That (or backing up at just the right moment) is pretty much the ultimate form of blue shell dodging/trickery. It definitely beats out the "super horn blast right before the finish line" in terms of Mario Kart 8 troll moves.

Let's all take some lessons from the xLunairex-es among us as we prepare for the new Mario Kart 8 DLC, which is finally coming out this week. Is anyone else excited for Cheese Land?!?!

Watch more of xLunairex's rad Mario Kart 8 plays on his Twitch channel.


    Too bad he got hit by the blast still.

      He didn't get hit by the blast, he got hit by a red shell that was thrown at him.

      Last edited 22/04/15 10:18 am

        Na, he got hit by the blue shell eco. There is no way he could have gotten out of range from where he was.

          He did actually get out of range. Watch the video again.

          - Look at how far away he is the last time he looks behind him. He's well and truly out of blast range by the time the blue shell hits.
          - If he was caught on the edge of the blast, he would have simply spun out (like running over a banana peel). But he didn't, he took a full tumble, indicating he was hit by another item, likely a shell.
          - Red pieces fly into the air as he tumbles, indicating he was hit by a red shell.
          - Play the video as close to frame by frame as you possibly can. In the early frames around 0:19, you can actually SEE the red shell in the bottom right corner of the screen.

          He didn't get hit by the blue shell blast, he was hit by a red shell.

          Last edited 22/04/15 11:09 am

    Any serious MK player has been doing this over the years. if I am coming first by a narrow margin and I hear a blue shell coming I slow down and drive into the path of the second placer so that we both go up in smoke. Its called MK skills!

      Yeah, not sure how this is news worthy. Giving someone first place (and the blue shell thats inbound) has always been a thing ever since the blue shell wasnt locked onto whoever was first the moment it was fired.
      If at least, you'd slow down so that 2nd (and 3rd and 4th hopefully) also got hit by the blast.

      Yeah this has literally been SOP when playing MK and you're in 1st place for years...

      I was thinking the same thing, "wow, this guy used a banana peel to trip someone up to his advantage!" Slow news day I guess.

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