The Miyazaki Collection Is Now Available In Australia

It's very possible that Studio Ghibli is pretty much done making movies. Which makes this Miyazaki Collection, officially titled 'The Collected Works Of Hayao Miyazaki' pretty timely. It's been planned for release in Australia for a while now and finally it's here.

I'm pretty keen for it. It collects all of Miyazaki's 11 movies and puts them into a really elegant little package. Goddamn, I'm so close to pulling the trigger on the Blu-Ray version of this. I don't even know if it's the movies or the packaging that's got me all hot and heavy. I love the minimalist cover art, just beautiful, super clean stuff. Appeals to my sense of aesthetics.

But there's no getting past it, it's pretty pricey. The Blu-Ray version of the box set is $324.95 and the DVD version is $274.95. It's birthday/christmas present material really.

There's so much good stuff in here though. Goddamn it. You can find out more — and hover your mouse over the 'buy' button — here.


    "It collects all of Miyazaki’s 11 movies [...]"

    ...All 11? I gotta say, you're missing around 9 movies, there, most notably Grave of the Fireflies and Arrietty.

      You might have confused Miyazaki with Ghibli Studio.

      You can't miss Grave of The Fireflies, what a feel-good movie.


    I'm also so close to pulling the trigger on the BD version, Mark.

    ... but I already own all the films on BD, except Spirited Away, because it released yesterday, as well.

    Just look at it though...

      It's the covers. That's what makes me want to buy this.

        They're the covers that all of the Ghibli BD releases have in Japan and I can attest that they are indeed quite beautiful. Don't know if the Madman releases are quite the same par, but the JP ones have nothing printed on the back - the details are on a sticker on an outer plastic bag - and the cases themselves are made out of thick cardboard and a little bit of foam and have a magnet in there to hold the case closed giving it a nice sensation when you open and shut it. Very premium. I picked up their Nausicaa release when it came out and everything snowballed from there - currently have all the releases, which is everything Ghibli from Laputa to Marnie, with the exception of Ocean Waves, plus pre-ghibli films Nausicaa and The Castle of Cagliostro. I think there was some rumblings about them re-releasing some of Takahata's pre-ghibli film work on BD with the same packaging

    11 movies for $324.95?! So that's $29.55 per film. Even though it's a nice looking collection and it's Miyazaki, that's an outrageous price. You're only slightly better off than buying them individually (you can get them on Blu Ray for $33 from many sites)

    For a collection that size you would expect a significant discount in comparison to buying individually.

      No you wouldn't, not at all, as stated above you can get it for much closer to $300, and you're basing the price given her off of RRP but the individual discs on non-RRP costs (which is $40 a piece)

        Nah I was basing it off the cheaper online options as per this link (using Princess Mononoke as an example).

        In store yes, would be much more like $40-45 and therefore more reasonable for the collection. Still think that's way too for an online savvy shopper, despite how much I'd love it.

          To be fair, everything Ghibli does is actually quite expensive.

      To be fair, what you are buying here isn't so much the DVD/Bluray's, but rather the collectors item.

      It's a premium collectors edition. It's pretty much exactly what I'd expect to pay for what you're getting.

    I feel sad to admit this, but I have all of these already thanks to cheap bootlegged blu-rays from China, except my Spirited Away cover is different, it has a close up of the ghost face, rather than the image that is used there.. also pretty sure my Porco Rosso (or as my disc calls is Crimson Pig) cover is different too - some of the colours are different as well (my bootlegs are based on the Japanese releases)

    Although I note that I also have non-Miyazaki but Studio Ghibli movies with the same style covers (Grave of the Fireflies and 'The Raccoon Wars' - I forget the proper name for the movie, again thats the name thats printed on the inside sleeve of my version)

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    Wow. Watching that trailer for the many great memories. So much creativity. Wish I didnt already own most of these on dvd already.

    Man I am so close to buying. I am in the unique position of not owning any of these in Blu-Ray.... But.... $324.95.... ahhhh my wallet, I thought this only happened around steam sales!

      you will thank yourself for it. your future (or present maybe) kids will thank you for it.

    I thought this was never going to come! I swear Miyazaki said something crazy like it would compromise himself as an artist to release HD versions.

      I believe that was about remastering the movies, I believe all the blurays are just as close to masters as is available for them, no touch ups etc

    To my unending shame I have only ever seen one Ghibli movie, Princess Mononoke. I don't even know if that is a Miyazaki. And the thing is I absolutely adored Mononoke, so I have no excuse for not watching everything that studio has made. Oh well, there's a massive output available before me to watch! ...although not at $30+ per movie. I wish these were available digitally (a couple of them are available on Brazil netflix with Japanese voices and Portuguese subtitles - not really an option).

      Princess Mononoke is included - you can see it in the bottom left corner of the pic.

    Would have been more interested if it was a complete Ghibli collection rather than just Miyazaki's movies. But I've already got nearly all of them on DVD and this is pretty pricey just to upgrade what I've already got to HD.

    Still, can't recommend it highly enough for anyone that doesn't already have most of them.

    Very, very nice box set but at that RRP, I'll wait for a sale.

      It's fairly unlikely that there will ever be a sale. They will probably sell the ones they have made, and unless demand is really spectacular, not make any more. This sort of special edition with customised packaging, booklets and so on often only has a single run.

      At that point you'll only be able to pick it up on EBay for double the price.

    I've never watched a Miyazaki movie. It's not for any good reason - like, "I hate anime", or anything - I just haven't.
    Could make for a good weekend lolling on the couch baked with popcorn, Starbursts, and ice cream.

    Having shelled out well over $300 for all of the recent boxed special editions, as well as having most of Ghibli's output in DVD/Blu Ray, I can't justify purchasing this set, gorgeous artwork be damned.

    The fact that it has Cagliostro in it is pretty badass though. Why no Panda Go Panda?

    If they really want more of my money, put out a Porco Rosso collectors box.

    I went out and bought this yesterday. No regrets.
    It's soooooo beautiful!

    Preordered the Blu-ray boxset from JB last month. Now just have to wait for it to get delivered (which could take a while knowing JB)

    I bought this the other day. For anyone who's curious about the details (of the blu-ray version, but I'm sure the DVD one is similar), all of the movies come in a regular, single disc blu-ray case. No fancy cardboard packaging for each of the movies. The covers are also the "standard" Australian covers with the classification logos on the front. This was initially confusing to me because of the picture of the contents on the box, BUT I realised they're double-sided covers so you can have the minimalist art on the cover if you wish, you just need to flip them all yourself. A bit of a pain, but I did it anyway because it looks a lot better that way.

    Overall, yeah, expensive if you just want the movies, but it's a really nice collector's item. However, IF you're a huge fan of a particular Ghibli movie, I'd suggest the anniversary editions that are released as they come packaged with an artbook too. They're a lot harder to find and more pricey because of the artbook, but I think they're cooler, especially if you have a favourite Ghibli movie. So far there have been anniversary editions for My Neighbour Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle and Kiki's Delivery Service. You can find an unboxing of the Totoro one here:

    Saw this for 65000 yen at the ghibli museum on Saturday, there appeared to be two box sets - glad it's goin' much cheaper at home. The cheapest I've seen in Japan was in Akihaba for 58000 yen.
    I'm pretty sure (I could be wrong) the other box set I saw at the Ghibli museum contained other Ghibli films like Grave of the Fireflies etc. It was hard to tell because they only had a dummy box which only allowed me to see the side of each title - not the individual front covers (plus I can't read in japanese lol)

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