The Mysterious Bloodborne Item Nobody Can Figure Out

The Mysterious Bloodborne Item Nobody Can Figure Out

Hidden deep within Bloodborne is an item that looks pretty damn important. The only problem? Nobody knows what it does.

In order to understand why this mysterious item seems so crucial, you have to know a couple of key things about Bloodborne's lore. I'm sorry, things are about to get nerdy as heck in here. Please adjust your glasses accordingly.

Basically, before the events of the game start, scholars interested in the knowledge of the gods found labyrinths ripe with secrets. Full of curiosity, they explored these labyrinths — you might know them as "Chalice Dungeons," the randomly generated levels that Bloodborne lets you play.

The labyrinth was not empty. Inside, many fearsome foes waited. And at the end of the labyrinth, the scholars found a woman. Yharnam. This woman was a Pthumerian, which is the civilisation that likely built the labyrinth in the first place. Yharnam offered the scholars blood, and this is where the whole blood ministration thing started. As Bloodborne players know, the city of Yharnam is built entirely around blood. People drink it, people use it to heal, hell, people like blood more than they do alcohol in this world. In short: Yharnam the Pthumerian is pretty important — the city is named after her, and she influenced the entire culture of Yharnam, the game's setting.

You do get to meet Yharnam the Pthumerian during the events of Bloodborne. For example, she appears right before a major boss battle...

The Mysterious Bloodborne Item Nobody Can Figure Out

Picture: GameZone

I won't spoil too much about her role during the events of Bloodborne, but suffice it to say she's a key figure that illuminates much of what is actually going on in the otherwise cryptic game.

Fearless players who choose to take on the optional Chalice Dungeons even get a chance to fight Yharnam. She's the final boss of the Chalice Dungeons. It's not easy to get to her — you have to play through the toughest levels that Bloodborne has to offer first, which also means defeating the most difficult bosses inside of the game.

Here's what the battle against Yharnam looks like, footage courtesy of HarryNinetyFour:

Yup. She basically hemorrhages blood at you. The game is called Bloodborne, after all!

Should you defeat Yharham, she drops a curious item:

The Mysterious Bloodborne Item Nobody Can Figure Out

Picture: Kill Screen

Huzzah! A reward for getting through the most devilish portions of Bloodborne! But wait... what do you do with this item, exactly? Well... nobody knows. But it does seem important — I mean, the game files the item under Key Items. Not to mention the fact that a big, influential character drops it, said item, too. It's apparently a sacred heirloom. Surely it must do something, have some sort of effect?

Whatever it does, people can't figure it out. There are many theories — maybe you have to take it somewhere, show it to someone. Maybe its effect is so subtle, that nobody can notice what it's actually doing.

Players have tried attaining the stone with max insight. Nothing. Players have tried giving it to everyone from the little girl at the start, to random NPCs they meet along the way. So far, it's been fruitless. People have tried doing specific gestures in front of altars while holding the stone. Nothing. At least one person has even tried to find ways of using the item to impregnate characters, but this, too, hasn't turned up anything.

The Mysterious Bloodborne Item Nobody Can Figure Out

Given that this is a Souls game, it's not outlandish to think that maybe players haven't found the very specific trigger that reveals what the Yharnam Stone is for. Earlier this week, I wrote about a small item that has a very specific use. Bloodborne is full of moments like these, tiny things you can miss if you're not in the right place at the right time talking to the right person. It's also entirely possible that this item does absolutely nothing.

Infamously, Dark Souls had an item called a Pendant that some players wracked their brains over, trying to figure out what it did. A year after its release, the director beind the game, Hidetaka Miyazaki, revealed that the item did absolutely nothing. The entire thing was a troll, exacerbated by the fact that Miyazaki once said that he always picked this item or nothing at all when starting the game — leading players to believe that it must have some function. But no. It was the director, pulling everyone's leg. "When it comes to the pendant, I actually had a little bit of an intention to play a prank," Miyazaki told IGN.

Could the Yharnam Stone be another Pendant? It's certainly possible! But to me, there's something about the Yharnam Stone that seems inherently more important than the pendant. The description makes it sound like it might do something, given that the queen's sleeping consciousness is hidden within it. And the stone kind of looks like a foetus, doesn't it? Maybe that's just me looking too much into things.

The other possibility is that the Stone will have some sort of use in upcoming DLC — but something about that doesn't seem right. Would From Software gate an item like this so heavily, only to reveal that you can't use it until you spend some more money? I'm sceptical, but who knows.

Maybe a year from now, Miyazaki will reveal that he was just trolling Bloodborne players all over again. (Fool me once...!) Maybe the upcoming release of the Bloodborne guide will reveal what's up next week. Maybe the Yharnam Stone is the key to figuring out the rumoured Beast Mode. I guess we're just going to have to wait and find out.


    Interesting. Keep us updated if it is ever found out the purpose.

    you have to get the heart every time on 101 play throughs then you turn into a werewolf. Or maybe just reveal that you are really a bikini clad bounty hunter lady under all that armor.

      Lol, you can already take off the armour so that would suck.

        it's under the armor of skin, you have to get down to the blood for your true identity of JUSTIN BAILEY ------- --------

    Sounds more mystic than getting to Bloodborne's own Forsaken Castle Cainhurst and it's 'hidden' boss and then the covenant.

    It's pretty much like traversing a hidden Anor Londo. Good stuff, hopefully keeps me coming back for more.

    Last edited 18/04/15 12:19 pm

    Meh, I suspect it's just like an "in game achievement" to show you did something. Kind of like all the mini challenges in Borderlands.

      But there is no in game achievement in bloodborne

        I know that, just an example. It's like a hunter badge when defeating a boss, only it doesn't give you items to buy at the shop.

    Didn't anyone try taking it to the altar? The Queen can be revived, why not Yharnam?

    Sounds like the Golden Pantaloons from the Baldur's Gate series.

    You can pick them up early in the first game, but they do absolutely nothing (aside from a humorous item description).
    However, if a character who has the pantaloons in their inventory is imported into Baldur's Gate II, the pantaloons follow the player into that game as well.
    Throughout the game are several encoded messages that refer to the pantaloons, such as;
    "You think I am crazy, but they want you to think that. I know secrets. Keep the pantaloons. Always keep the pantaloons".
    The Mystery deepens with the appearance of a second item in Baldur's Gate II; the Silver Pantaloons. Again, this item does nothing.
    Finally, in the third part of the series, The expansion Throne of Bhall, a third item of the mysterious triumvirate can be found.

    The Bronze Pantalets.

    When the three items combine, they summon Earth's greatest champion; Captain Planet!

    ...Er, no, sorry.
    But, if you take the Golden Pantaloons, the Silver Pantaloons and the Bronze Pantalets to a character in a certain village featured only in the Throne of Bhall expansion, the player will receive two truly unique items of legendary power.

    Last edited 19/04/15 1:27 am

      Would have preferred Captain Planet.

    If I were a betting man I'd put my money on it doing sweet fuck all

    The guide confirms that the stone does nothing. I got this info from this thread:

    The stone is useless.
    Source: official guide

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    Lol so its a keepsake. Check out this guy for walkthroughs

    It does nothing NOW but here's hoping it plays a part in some future DLC.

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