The Recent HD Remaster Of Resident Evil Has Sold 1 Million Copies

The Recent HD Remaster Of Resident Evil Has Sold 1 Million Copies

Now, we could congratulate Capcom for releasing the once GameCube-only Resident Evil remake on current-gen platforms for everyone to enjoy. The thing is, we already have — the game has sold over one million copies worldwide, which should tell the company all it needs to know about our appetite for well-executed refreshes.

The news was announced a few days ago via Capcom’s Unity blog, along with a gift of sorts for fans — a bunch of high-definition wallpapers. FYI, their compiled into a single, 154MB archive.

Here’s the full post:

Survival horror lives! The critically acclaimed HD update to Resident Evil (released this past January) has now sold over one million units worldwide. This is in part because the dev team made a great product, but also because of the excellent word of mouth and general praise fans shared about the title. We want to thank everyone for rediscovering this modern classic – or thank you for trying it for the first time. Hope you finished it as Chris AND Jill!

Now, can we get a remake of Resident Evil 2 please? I know there are no HD assets just sitting around from a previous console, but we’ll buy it, I promise.

Resident Evil remaster breaks one million units worldwide [Capcom]


  • I’m not getting my hopes up about a Resident Evil 2 remake since it involves a hell of a lot more asset work than the rest, but with any luck Capcom realise that Resident Evil 2 is the only major road block stopping them from releasing a Resident Evil 0-3 (or even 0-6) collection with every new generation. All it takes is enough of an investment to get 2 and 3 up to GameCube levels and they’re set for the next 20 years.

    • I would give my right testicle for RE2 and 3 remake in the likes of the gamecube and pc hd versions….I’d give them your right testicle also, I’m sure there would be a lot of people without right testicles to make it happen.

      Anyways, as for 4-6 remakes, not sure if it would be really necessary, just my thought though. I mean, another 10 years from now maybe but RE4-6 still feel pretty fresh, am I alone on that?

  • Seeing Jill Valentine running around in her Revil 3 outfit killing zombies in HD would be so good!

  • What Capcom are saying: It sold well.
    What Capcom are thinking: Praise Boobs Physics!

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