The Time 116 Cosplayers Dressed Up As Misty For April Fools’ Day

The Time 116 Cosplayers Dressed Up As Misty For April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is a minefield of misinformation and terrible unfunny pranks. Every now and then, however, something hits the mark perfectly.

For April 1 precisely 116 cosplayers decided to completely troll their audiences. At the exact same time, on the exact same day, every single one posted a photograph of themselves cosplaying as Misty from Pokemo, in the exact same pose on their social media pages, all with the same message:

I can’t wait to debut my new Misty cosplay at Cerulean City Comic-Con!! #Pokecon

It was beautiful. Every single photo went up at precisely 11:11PST to the bemusement of many a cosplay fan. The above picture is the result, and this is just some of them. A seemingly endless troupe of cosplayers took part in the prank — men, women, children — so many Mistys, so many two-finger ‘peace’ poses. Unreal. The idea was to get as close to this pic as possible:

Cosplayer Michelle D’Antonio, better known as Missyeru, was behind the prank. She typically attempts to prank her audience every April Fools’ Day and wanted to outdo herself.

“I wanted to one up my prank from last year, and reach a lot more people,” explained Michelle, “so I just thought it would be really funny if I got me and all of my cosplay friends to wear the same cosplay at the same day. I chose misty because she’s so iconic and a very easy, inexpensive costume to throw together. So I just made a secret Facebook group and invited every Cosplayer I knew, and encouraged them to do the same! Over 100 people did it!

The Time 116 Cosplayers Dressed Up As Misty For April Fools’ Day

“The reaction was incredible. I’ve been laughing non-stop. Most people pick up on it really quick, some other people think the Cerulean City Comic-Con is a real con, and are freaking out. Of course the best are the people that are irrationally mad that there are so many Mistys on their social media!”

According to Michelle all the cosplayers behind the group worked together to brainstorm precisely what a Cerulean City Comic-Con would look like.

The Time 116 Cosplayers Dressed Up As Misty For April Fools’ Day

“We came up with a whole list of fake panels. “Is my pokemon a ditto?” “Speed dating with Brock.” “The Pokéball formal dance.”

“It would actually be a really badass convention if Nintendo every wanted one!”

For many involved in the cosplay scene the prank was more than a simple joke, it was a chance for the cosplay community to come together and do something fun and spontaneous.

“I’ve been feeling a little down about my fan page lately but this made me really happy,” explained April Gezzeth. “It was fun to come together with everyone to pull this off! It was also exciting seeing everyone’s different versions of the costume and seeing what people were saying on their photos.”

Ari Jerby, another cosplayer who took part agreed.

“[It was a] great bonding experience for everyone involved, and a sign that the cosplay community can come up with all sorts of fun and positive collaborations like this! Made me smile all day.”

The next step? Monetising the stunt for charity. Everyone involved is still in the process of organising the details, but the group is looking to sell prints of all the Misty cosplays to raise money for Gamer’s Outreach. Follow Missyeru on Facebook for more information on that soon.


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