The Witcher 3 Looks Just As Pretty Behind The Scenes

The Witcher 3 is gonna melt eyeballs, that's for sure. It's also, from what I've played, a really engaging video game that I want to play really badly right now.

This video is kinda a promotional video for NVIDIA tech, so bear that in mind when you watch, that being said, it's interesting. It's also another chance to check out the game that has the best odds of replacing Bloodborne on the 'game we can't stop posting about' list. So if you're sick of Bloodborne you should totally be cheering on The Witcher 3 right now.


    sick of Bloodborne

    Said no one, ever.

    Last edited 24/04/15 2:31 pm

    I'm sincerely hoping that they will optimise this game for AMD hardware as well as nvidia...not holding my breath though...

    Can't wait! Hopefully I will have played enough Bloodborne by then. Otherwise I really don't know how I can find the time to play both...

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