There Will Be A Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Briefly: There will be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 6pm Eastern time (April 2, 9am AEDT), containing updates about the company's upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles, followed by a short Nintendo Treehouse special on one of its Q2 2015 releases. Nintendo says this one is no joke.


    Come ooonnn, Splatoon. *shakes with excitement*

    When most other things in gaming get dicey, these are a great tonic.

    They better give a realise date for the open world Zelda game. As far as I can see it's still a 2016 release with no date. A new game pad maybe? I've heard and seen reports of one.

      The new gamepad thing was bollocks, it was based on an edited portion of a tv ad.

      And there's no way they'll have a concrete release date for Zelda, they rarely commit to anything more accurate than a quarter due to their policy of "it's released when it's done".

      A few days ago i read a leaked report of the contents of the direct, and robbed the whole thing off as April fool's. BUT if it's real, well wow! I don't want to get my hopes up, but if platinum is making star Fox....

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