Things You Might Have Missed In Bloodborne

You could definitely make the argument that Bloodborne does a better job of explaining itself — its story, its mechanics, its universe — compared to previous From Software games, but that doesn't mean it isn't loaded with weird lore, strange items and a ton of other stuff you've most likely missed.

That's where Australia's own VaatiVidya comes in.

VaatiVidya of Souls fame is now turning his golden larynx to Bloodborne, taking his time to uncover all the tiny little details most normal human beings would skip over. That's what I love about the guy.

What I also love: Bloodborne, From Software and Miyazaki's willingness to hide esoteric and insane things in video games.

Regardless — this cool video doubles as an interesting guide to Yarnham and a super cool 'did-you-know' kind of video. It's particularly helpful for people who are struggling with the early stages of the game. So if that sounds like you, this video is a must watch


    Watching now! I need all the help I can get *narrows eyes at Cleric Beast*

      Use oil plus Molotov to Instant stagger cleric beast.

      I accidentally found him and killed him on my first try.

      Dodge to the left x 2
      R1 x 2

      Make sure you have the armour set you can buy from the Hunters Dream.

      @letrico @neo_kaiser @zzzonked - I did it guys! I stayed glued to his butt as much as I could except when he backed up against a wall. Stayed clear when he threw a tantrum and then got in a few more hits before molatoving his arse to death. Still had 13 blood vials left at the end :-) So chuffed!

        Cheer mans, you will get even more frustrated for the next one. I know I did lol.

        Haha nice one! Father G is up next! Trees and stones are your friend. May the good blood guide your way.

      I killed him on my first attempt and all I did was mash buttons because I gave up trying to predict his every move :< perhaps I just got lucky I guess

    40 seconds in "only drops 2 blood vials". Meanwhile on screen shows 3. LMAO. Wonder if he meant to do that.

    Completely missed the nurse. Though now I suspect that's where you're meant to send a certain person from the woods?

    Just now finished the game and am finding out just how much i missed. Time to start a new character and go through all over again!!!

    It seems that I found everything by myself except for that music box thing.

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