This Is Guitar Hero Live. It's Not What You Expected.

This is the official trailer for Guitar Hero Live. It's Guitar Hero, but not as you remember it. I'm quite excited.

I won't say too much. I haven't seen it in action, but Kotaku UK's Keza McDonald has, and she's got a more detailed preview going up on the site at 9am this morning, so check back for that.

For now, watch this. Be confused, be excited. I'm so ready for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band to be back. Time to get the band back together.


    I'm not really sure what to think of this. But hey, new Guitar Hero (and Rock Band) on it's way, so I'm happy.

    Well, i dont think this is very exciting or anything really new.

    It's not technically that different in terms of mechanics. You just watch FMV that reacts to your playing instead of watching your videogame character playing in front a a videogame character crowd.

    The fact that it won't support my old Guitar means I'm not going to bother anyway. RockBand MAY support old peripherals so my money will go there.

    How many guitars does it come with? Looks expensive, smashing them.

    Do you get to start your career playing to 5 people in a scummy pub? Because I'm in no rush to relive that.

    Pretty keen to try out the new button layout on the new guitars.

    I'll be sticking with Rocksmith methinks. Still, good to see they're bringing it back - GH was a favourite time killer back when the originally hit.

    Interesting that they are going with the FMV style...but with that said, the dialogue and 'acting' feels super cringey.

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    Well that was um... different. I'll get it, but I think I'll spend most of my time with the new Rock Band.

    Hmm seems interesting! I haven't played GH in so long! =)

    Did that person seriously go to a concert with a "YOU SUCK" sign just in case?

      It's a festival so they may have brought it for the preceeding band or that filthy ranga Ed Sheeran.

    Harmonix "Rock Band is coming back!" Queue excitement from people who miss what rhythm games were like.... Activision "us to! We are bringing guitar hero back as well, don't forget us, you know the ones who released a deluge of rhythm games and killed the genre"

    Am I the only one who doesn't want guitar hero but was happy that rock band was coming back?

      ^ this!

      Yes. I don't want Rock Band but wanted Guitar Hero back.

      Doesn't look like I'm getting Guitar Hero back though, I have no idea what this is.

        It is a reflection of the growing trend of having advertising that is realistic looking but nothing like the game play.

    Can't wait to work my way up to playing a full set of covers at an international festival.

    We're going to need a herd of cranes to suspend the disbelief on this one.

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