This Magnificent, Life-Sized Alien Statue Is Made From Recycled Metal

I'm scared already and they're just photos of the darn things. An Etsy magician by the name of "Kreatworks" crafts beautiful/horrifying sculptures from recycled metal, with the alien above just one glorious example of his work. You can buy them too... if you live in Thailand and have $15,000 to spare.

This post was originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

Measuring 2.45m in height and weighing 400kg, the alien, or "Recycled Metal Cruel Monster" as it's known on its store page, will set you back a cool $15,854. Made from old car and motorcycle parts, as well as miscellaneous machine bits, the statue can be pulled apart into six components for easy shipping and storage.

A lacquer coating keeps it safe from deterioration, though I'm not sure how it fares against sentry gun rounds.

Sadly, Kreatworks only ships to locations within Thailand, which rules out a steel xenomorph visit to Australia. Oh well, at least we can admire the handy work. Here's the "Recycled Metal Hunter with spear" and "Recycled Metal Dreaded Robot", though you can probably guess their inspirations.

Kreatworks [Etsy, via Nerd Approved]

Photos: Kreatworks


    Doesnt look like a queen at all... looks like a normal alien.

    Some of these find their way to Sydney. I am sure there is one in a Thai restaurant on King St, Newtown and I have seen a number of smaller ones on sale.

      yeah there are definitely a couple in that thai restaurant, every time I walk past them I think "why on earth are these giant metal statues in the front window of a thai restaurant"

        in fact, I found the store page for them - you can buy them from the "gift shop" of Thai Pothong in Newtown, and I think they also have a warehouse.

          Can confirm. Just walked past and they have a giant Alien and a giant Predator one in the front window.

    These guys are currently at supernova on the gold coast, got a good photo of the predator statue

      They were at Melbourne Supanova as well! I wish we could have bought one of their little R2-D2's, but we're short on money :/

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