This VR Game Is Like Pokemon Snap With Dinosaurs

To me the real strength of VR will be shown in its abilities to transport us to places we've never been before and make us feel like we. are. there.

And honestly, who doesn't want to travel back in time to hang out with Dinosaurs?

This new Oculus Rift demo is basically Jurassic Park combined with Pokemon Snap and those are two things that should be combined, particularly with VR. For those lucky folk who already have an Oculus Rift Development Kit you can check it out here.

For us plebs who don't, there's always living vicariously through those people on YouTube who do.

And yes, relax. Of course there's a T-Rex. How could you make a bloody dinosaur game without a T-Rex.


    They need to just remake the original Jurassic park movie in CGI so I can chum along with action hero Sam Neil and see Laura dern dig through poo as if I were actually there.

    And there needs to be a really hard minigame required to pass "the laugh" by Jeff goldblum. You have to EARN it!

    I'm more interested in Time Machine by minority. But hopefully with a number of games in progress we will get some good ones

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