This Week In Games: Grand Theft Auto V On PC! Hurray!

Quality not quantity this week. We have Grand Theft Auto V on PC — finally. We also have Titan Souls, which is a game I've had my eye on for ages. I'm super hyped about that one.

404Sight (PC)

What is it? A 3D parkour-style game set in a virtual playground. Should you care? Apparently inspired by Mirror's Edge, which is alright by me. Looks cool.

Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

What is it? It's Grand Theft Auto V on PC! Yay! Should you care? You should definitely care about this. Obviously.

Mortal Kombat X (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's Mortal Kombat. You know what Mortal Kombat is. Should you care? The last one was properly good. I'm expecting similarly good things from this one.

Ride (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? Hey, wasn't this supposed to come out ages ago? Should you care? It's a game for motorcycle enthusiasts. If that's your thing then knock yourself out.

Titan Souls (PC/PS4)

What is it? Titan Souls is a top down game with fiendish boss battles. Should you care? I've been super excited about this one ever since I played it at PAX East last year. This is going to be special I think. Must check this one out.

Westerado: Double Barreled (PC)

What is it? A top-down homage to spaghetti westerns. Should you care? I don't know too much about this, but it looks gorgeous.

Did we miss anything? What are you guys and girls planning to pick up this week?



    Now I have something to play while I wait for all of those Nintendo games the rest of the world has had for months...

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    Nothing for me this week.

    Tunnel vision for Witcher 3 for the next 5ish weeks.

    I think I remember Titan Souls being at PAX AUS. It really looked interesting but there was some kid hogging the game for 1 hour+ so never ended up giving it a go.

    GTAV is all preloaded. 60GB download was a pain but luckily I get Steam quota free.

      Steam Quota Free?..... whatcha mean?

        Downloads on steam don't contribute to the download allocation with specific isps if you gage your steam server set up correctly. I'm with iinet and get it free, which is handy considering I don't get my Netflix from Australia! :p

          Bigpond also used to allow unmetered Steam access until they closed down all their gamearena servers.

    Oh, GTA5 is still a thing? I lost all my excitement for it over the year and a half that I was waiting for it to come out on PC.

      I see your point but personally I'm MUCH happier that they took their time and gave it the treatment it deserves rather than just doing a copy paste console port like usual. Now hopefully it's also optimised reasonably well so it will actually runs.

    Aw yiss. GTA V, i've no real need for it, since I have it on PS3 & PS4. But I pre-ordered it for PC anyway. Decided a retail copy was best because well fuck downloading 60gb on Steam to be quite honest, I think i'd rather deal with the 7 DVD's that come with the retail copy.

      You probably got it cheaper anyhow by going retail over steam due to US to Aus dollar exchange rate.

        $97 AUD on Steam or $79 from JB, I think I know where I want to spend my money tbh :P

        I do hope they knock $10 off the price tomorrow too.. I doubt it, but I can hope!

    By the time I've saved up enough for a 4K capable tv no-one will be playing GTA V anymore :(

      There's an LG one for under a grand.. It's only 42 inches though.

        Typo for me, I meant 4K capable PC AND a tv :'(

          Ah right :P

          Apparently a GTX 760 with 2GB vram will run GTA V in 4k according to Rockstar, however if you want max apparently GTX 980's in SLI is the way to go ha.

            I have 2 x GTX980's and a 4K screen, this will be the first game I'll get to really test my build (I pretty much only play WoW haha)

              Haha. I'm a bit that way, when I first got my current build I could basically run any game maxed out, I continued solely playing WoW heh, nothing else.

    Learned my lesson. Waiting for port reviews before jumping into GTA V. No amount of in game cash will change that.

    Also, probably have to get the 7 disc boxed copy. 1Mbit/sec download speeds would be absolute murder. It's bad enough downloading Star Citizen updates.

      I read somewhere that the PC version was being developed alongside last gen versions and the PS4/ Xbone versions were ported from the PC version given the somewhat similar architecture.


      The process of bringing GTA 5 to PC was most similar to our last PC title, Max Payne 3. Our process of bringing titles to PC has evolved over the years. We knew that we would eventually create a PC version so early development was done in parallel with the console versions. In fact, some of the early preparations we made for PC, like 64 bit & DX11 support, paid off very handsomely when the PS4 and Xbox One architectures were announced. That early work made the process of transitioning to the new consoles a lot easier and allowed us to hit the ground running.


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        Yeah, I did see that and early reports are looking good. I have high hopes. Just going to wait the extra few days to be sure there are no major issues before I give them my money.

          Oh there will be issues, there still is on the consoles and it's almost a given with R*. The initial few days will be pretty chaotic with the servers being slammed by so many and might take a little while to calm down, but it should become stable (enough) sooner than later.

      1Mbit/sec? Jealous.

      I downloaded the 60gb, running at a peak of 320Kbit/sec.

        That's not my download speed, just what I get from a speed test.

        Download speed is around 100-150Kbit/sec.

          Ah.. I do feel your pain, though not quite so badly then. Got my stepdad to download something for me on his Cable connection the other day. 60gb in 2.5 hours. Did not even know that was possible on non-NBN connections..

          1Mb(bit)/sec is about 125KB(byte)/sec, same amount, different units!
          That really sucks man :(

    Hoping the PC release of GTAV wont affect my PS4 servers.

    Rockstar aren't known for server stability on launch....

    I feel like the only one who doesn't like gta v it really sucks coz I know I'm missing alot

      That makes no sense. If you don't like it, how are you missing it?

        I dont like the characters, plot, settings, themes, jokes and parodies but I know the technical side of it like gameplay, graphics and the size and depth of the map/world is amazing therefore I'm missing out.
        I love ps1 and ps2 gta games but never liked gta iv/v.

          I'm kinda with you on this, Farpun. There's just something about the HD-GTAs that I just don't enjoy as much as I did with the 3D-GTAs. After GTA:SA, IV was a big disappointment to me. It looked amazing, but there was nothing to do and no real point to trying to make any bank, since all you could really spend it on was clothes and weapons. GTA V was a return to form and much, much more engaging compared to IV (as GTA:SA was), but there as just something about it that just never sucked me into either. I mean, I had fun with both (much more with V) but I never loved either as much as I did SA at the time. I'm hoping the much improved PC release will be different, especially since mods will be available soon enough. I want to get into MP, because it's just the natural extension for a game like this, but any time I've hopped on or watched footage online, there have been nothing but Day-Z styled douchebags on, blocking access to chop shops, staking out player homes, randomly hitting races and street fights with airstrikes, etc. I guess I should give up that pipe dream of wanting to go off-roading with mates without having to worry about being targeted for airstrikes by random players, right now, huh?

    Not so fast, they still have like 36 solid hours to delay it again.

      Don't forget the mandatory day 1 patch; And since we likely won't be able to access it until the 15th (can't get access to it before those peasants in America, oh heavens no!), the inevitable stacks-on for the patch might delay us yet... (though Steam and Rockstar generally far better organised than, say, EA and their notorious day 1 patch fiascos).

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        I find the opposite. While I've seen a few games release later here, most of the time with digital copies, I find in Australia we get it sooner, or at worst - the same time as the US. Difference being that 'the same time' is generally 2am or something stupid over here.

          I've got this week off, plus I'm mostly nocturnal right now, so I wouldn't mind so much if it was a dead of the night thing, but I'm hoping it's the 14th, local time. I mean christ, what's 12 hours or so?

          I should have looked it up. 12am GMT, meaning 9am AEST.

    MKX. Very curious about the various fighting styles each kombatant has. Will definately make each fight interesting!

      It took this long down the page for the first MKX comment!

    Will get GTA 5 some other time. But MKX, I really hope the PC version is good.

    Buying GTA V for the third and hopefully last time on PC and can't wait for MK: X also. Will probably wind up grabbing Westerado too. Heard good things.

    Not really a new release, but I picked up Guild Wars 2 on the cheap last night, so I'll mostly be giving that a go this week.

    I'm finding that as I have less disposable income to put to games, I'm being a lot more disciplined in what I get. I haven't bought a full priced game in ages. Just means that when I do play them, they're old.

    I just ordered Little Wizards from Milsims to play with my daughters who are 7 and 5 years old respectively.

    Don't jinx it! They still have 18 hrs to delay it again.

    I'm playing Ride. Reminds me of a Rugby League game. It's pretty crap, but still awesome.

    Meanwhile Mortal Kombat X has no preload option in Steam with less then 30 hours til it unlocks and with no surprise, no report from Kotaku about it. At least Rockstar gave everyone plenty of time to download the monster 60 gbs for GTAV. Netherrealm?? A big fat FU to all us digital buyers.

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