Three Bloodborne Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

Three Bloodborne Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

Each enemy in Bloodborne is a jerk in its own way. But some are worse jerks than others.

I've played a ton of Bloodborne over the last several weeks. I've killed pretty much every enemy in the game, many times over. After all that, three enemies — excluding Hunters and bosses — stand out.

I hate them so much. Here they are.

Three Bloodborne Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

1. The Sack Arseholes

This one's easy, and I sense a lot of people will agree. The big jerks with the sacks, commonly known as "Snatchers," are the worst. They have been designed to fake you out and troll you. The first one turns up in Cathedral Ward just as you're starting to feel pretty good about yourself, then he'll hit you for an absurd amount of damage, kill you, and cart you off to a prison in scarytown.

Every single time I see one of these motherfuckers standing at the edge of a room, I feel a touch of panic. Even if it's a low-level Chalice Dungeon, it doesn't matter. I always know that I'm two miscalculations away from death, and that alone makes these guys way scarier than they should be.

Three Bloodborne Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

2. The Brain Suckers

Most of the more Lovecrafty "kin" enemies in this game are gross. But the Brain Sucker is the worst. There's one in Cathedral Ward that you'll run into pretty early in the game, and it's a fairly shocking encounter. You see this squid-head bro who is vaguely man-shaped, and you assume your weapon will cut him down quickly.

Nope. Turns out he's got a shitload of health, and if he gets within grasping distance, there's a good chance he'll grab you, unfurl his glistening proboscis, and suck your brains. Gross. Worse, he's also got a paralyzing ray he can shoot, which leaves you frozen, and wide open for some more brain-sucking.

Now, while those two monsters are fearsome, neither one makes me nervously check my echo-count quite like...

Three Bloodborne Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

3. The Potato Masher Dudes

I swear, this guy might be the most fearsome enemy in the entire frickin game. I'm serious! He's a trap, and a clever one.

You hear him coming, and you think you know what you're getting into. That's because that basic beast-type turns up in a lot of different areas in the game. He's usually carrying either a sort of saw-machete thing and a torch or a two-handed spear. Both of those variants are tough at first — the first spear guy you meet in Central Yharnam will probably eat you for lunch — but eventually, they're not that tough to deal with.

This third type, however, is rarer. There are only a handful in the game, just two or three that I can think of. They're carrying a huge-arse potato masher/cheese grater thing that Luke informs me looks like a variant of a real-world tool called a Broadfork. One of them is walking down that one street in Cathedral Ward, and there's also one in the Forbidden Woods, in the middle of the gauntlet where the townsman is firing a cannon at you.

I cannot deal with these guys. I don't quite know why that is. I can take down most of Bloodborne's enemies with relative ease. But when it comes time to fight one of the Potato Masher Dudes, I almost always get my arse kicked. Their attacks are so wide, their lunges so wild… they're placed in confined spaces and usually fully knock me down if they get off a hit.

And that, of course, is what makes the trap so clever. The potato masher guy seems specifically designed to encourage the player to think "Oh, it's just another one of these beasts! I know those guys, I got this." And then… nope.

Three Bloodborne Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

A lot of this is tied up in my own personal taste and play style. It's a mixture of difficulty, placement, grossness, and plain ol' bad memories. I figure those of you have been playing Bloodborne have been at it long enough to have a sense of your own most hated foes, so I hope you'll share them below.


    The Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Pursuer is the worst!

    After you defeat him as a boss, he randomly pops up and tries to kill you as a regular mob! He is one of the hardest bosses in the game!

      Nah he is one of the easiest bosses in DS2 second easiest for me. Just sidestep him to the left and dunzo.

    I don't recall encountering the brain sucking dude in Cathedral Ward. I just met my first one the other night at the start of Brygenworth.

    Didn't enjoy it :P

      He is just off the area where the guy with the flamethrower is and the 2 giant dudes with axes. You go through the place where the 2 giant dudes are and turn left through a small archway. He is on the right. You can tell he is there from his disgusting mouth noises.

      There are a couple of witch-type brain suckers in the Hypogean Gaol if you go down stairs. If they can grab you they do stupid amounts of damage and I haven't figured out how to shake them off. Someone suggested mashing L1 and R1 but this doesn't seem to help much, if at all.

        Yeah, those ones are different, though. They don't have the big tentacle thing, and I don't think they've got the ranged attack to immobilise you, either. At least I never saw them do it. Also not sure if they drain insight or just health.

    Not to mention those brain sucker ones steal your insight too! In that GIF you can see that he loses 2 insight during the attack.

      They're the worst. Them and the pricks that make you go into a frenzy when you're near them.

    I'm pretty sure the brain sucking Cthulu dudes drain insight as well if they do the proboscis attack.
    Most of the normal enemies aren't really that bad in Bloodborne, but my arch-nemeses are:
    Rom the Vacuous' minions. They have two one shot attacks and only have a 180 degree arc behind them in which they are vulnerable. If you are even slightly off, your attack will register as deflected, regardless of if it looks like it should have connected.
    The Multi-eyed frenzy AOE things... Frenzy man... Frenzy...
    Bell ringers...

    The pricks with the snake heads! My most hated.

    Kotaku is basically just the From Software Daily now.

      I wish!

        Haha, they do have a shit ton of articles about the game. Which is fine I guess, because it's an awesome game. You finished it yet?

    So the Brain Suckers are basically the Mind Flayers from Demon's Souls?

    I didn't really have an issue with the Potato Mashers - after a couple of deaths I got the counter timing down. Haven't seen the other two yet, tho. The brick trolls in Hemwick can -f- right off, tho. Countering them seems so damn inconsistent, compared to the ones in Yharnam...

    Personally I'd have to disagree with the third choice, the evil, potato mashing monster guy.

    I reckon the biggest pain in the arse of an enemy type is those weird "Motherbrain" things, those tall feminine figures who have massive, gross heads.

    First of all if they even see you, they inflict frenzy upon you. Next, if they manage to grab you with their sudden out of no where giant arms, they'll feed on you and inflict a crap load of damage. Combine that with the fact that they can still apply their frenzy on you while doing this? You're going to die.

      Oh hell yes, just encountered my first one of them last night in Nightmare Frontier. Managed to kill him, and only realised afterwards that my health bar was on about 1 pixel.

      yup def agree with the brainfucks in nightmare of mensis - frenzy is annoying as fuck.

      I thought the brain suckers were a pita as well until i started using beast roar and stabby stab attacks - makes them a joke as u can actually use beast roar to counter the paralysis bolts then two stabs and their dead (even on ng+).

      Why the hell aren't the Frenzy Mages #1 on the list?

      Frenzy by it's self is enough to get on there. The brain suckers are easy when you realise they're really weak to fire and get in close before they bind you with magic. Those mages though... the difficulty is I have yet to practise parrying and stagger them, possibly because I'm spending too much attention trying to see how far my frenzy meter has built up, only to pop a sedative, grab grabbed and then mauled by many, many teeth.

      Sure I can max out my frenzy resistance, but I've never had to specifically change my gear and runes just to get past one type of enemy.

      I agree with the Snatchers and Mashers, though. The snatchers can throw out that kick so quickly for huge damage, and the Mashers reach is deceptively long. There's also those huge magic spamming centipede things but they're so rare in the main game I guess it's not worth mentioning really.

      Last edited 17/04/15 10:40 am

    As others have said: the big eye brain frenzy women.

    Fuck them.

      You can't! I've tried. You get close to attempt it and then they go all frenzy on your ass.

    Funny thing with the brain suckers...

    I have encountered the one in Cathedral Ward plenty of time and never knew they can suck my brain. I found out it does that from an youtube video, now it manage to suck my brain almost every time...

    I haven't really had a problem with the difficulty in Bloodborne. Had trouble with the dark souls series but I think I got up to the 4th or 5th boss without dying once. Dying constantly now but I found the beginning exceptionally easy.

    Brain suckers and filthy brain headed frenzy women for me.

    Ha! yes i dodged the brain suckers lunge attack!... enemy proceeds to hit you with a paralysis spell and suck your brain anyway

    The frenzy women are bs... only appear late game when you have high insight... and the higher your insight, the lower your frenzy resistance... just great

      I've been purposefully keeping my insight between 10 and 16 because once it got higher I started encountering more difficult enemies. I just went 'nope!' and went shopping at the messenger bath.

    the rolling fat guy with the hammer and yes those singing brain things

      I hate the rolling fat guy! He's so fast and his reach is enormous!

    Some of the NPC hunters are obnoxious as hell. Like that bloke in the Grand Cathedral with the katana. It's bad enough he can kill you in one or two hits with either of his weapons and is constantly dodging, but the amount of health on him is insane.

      Haven't fought him yet but I thought Djura was pretty bad. I had to cheese him in the end by blasting away with my repeater until I staggered him off the roof.

    Anyone having trouble with snatchers should definitely check out the Rifle Spear in its two-handed mode. I upgraded it to +3 and it can murder snatchers in 4 good charged attacks. The beauty of it is that a charged attack will send you skipping forward a few steps with a lunge at the end, giving you more reach than the snatcher. You just need to learn the timing. Added to that, the first two attacks will basically be free hits, because the snatcher starts in a low-aggro state until you've hit him once, and then pauses to rage up, which lets you hit again, before quickly dodging back. You just need enough stamina to do two charged attacks and a dodge, and you'll be sweet.

    The first one turns up in Cathedral Ward just as you’re starting to feel pretty good about yourself, then he’ll hit you for an absurd amount of damage, kill you, and cart you off to a prison in scarytown.

    Wait... they do what? Is it just that one guy that one time, or is it all of them? It's just occurring to me that I may have missed out on an entire area because I never got killed by one of those fuckers.
    (Apart from in the Chalice Dungeons. I had one of them who went so insane with his move variety I couldn't be sure he wasn't about to start breakdancing.)

    Edit: The first time I remember encountering the potato-masher dude was in the Forbidden Woods near the townsman with the cannon. He got me so good that I turned and ran away. The cannon fired at me and caught the pursuing beastyman. Relief! I will never fight him again or have to learn how. Yay.

    Last edited 16/04/15 5:02 pm

      The bell maiden that keeps summoning enemies. When I first encountered them I had no idea what was going on, adopted a fugitive-esque approach to the whole area (omg why won't they stay dead!?). Finally figured out what was going on, and it's still a hassle to deal with their mobs - rush in, kill them quick and hope her friends don't pwn you, back off and pick them off one by one. Worst enemy.

      Also potato masher guy can gtfo.

      Yep but you revisit it... Its the gaol. When u revisit its got diff mobs

      Last edited 16/04/15 8:04 pm

      It's just those bag dudes. They grab you and you wake up in jail. You can go to the jail area later via a different route, however the enemies change in the area. Some items change too I think.

    The brain suckers don't have much HP.... they have very high physical resistance. Use magic or a torch.

    The pursuers are plural. In Ng+ you'll even face 2 at a time in the throne room. They're actually pretty easy once you get your gear weight low enough. It's just a matter if fast dodge and they will almost never hit you.

    the Potato Mashers can be easily beat by using the gun, just shoot them while they gonna attack and then finish them with the visceral hit, very easy after a while.

    the sack guys are always a threat, they are bastards, and the frenzy bitch is the worst, I just run past them usually

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