Total War: Warhammer Is Being Developed By A Separate Team

Briefly: If you were worried that the announcement of Total War: Warhammer (why not Total Warhammer?) is coming at the expense of proper Total War games, Creative Assembly has told PC Gamer the Warhammer title is being developed by a "completely separate team. The historic thread goes on uninterrupted." Phew.


    Hmmm. Might be able to tear me away from DoW2:Retribution.

    For some reason i thought this was coming to console


      Because strategy games are so easy to play with a controller.

        all the other warhammer rts games were also on consoles, just saying. I need an excuse for a new gaming laptop anyway.

    might be a different team but im still concerned that its going to be a buggy mess on release. while i am interested in both total war and warhammer games ill be holding off on buying this till after release even if they add preorder only dlc, getting really sick of AAA games being released broken

    I hope this doesn't suck. The trailer is amazing! But then so was an earlier war hammer game's one (can't remember the name).

    And the Warhammer fans, after hearing this news, "... so it'll be crap"

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